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Twitter Woes

After graphic designer and illustrator Patrik Svensson popped up on our radar yesterday for his clever book titles, we checked out his Tumblr and found a whole collection of wonderful illustrations he's made…


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Designed Sneaker Collection by Daniel Reese

Using regular Nike sneakers, Daniel Reese, sneaker designer, created this fabulous collection. He was inspired by video games, movies, musicians, Google and even Twitter!

Check out the rest here.…


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Twitter Notepad

Template available for download.


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Free Phone Calls On Twitter, It's Here (In Beta)

Creepy or cool? Twitter users on Thursday will, for the first time, be able to make voice calls directly to each other through the microblogging service.

A new third-party offering from Jajah known as Jajah@call went into beta Thursday morning that will allow Twitter users to initiate a two-way voice chat with other users by typing "@call @username"--where… Continue

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Twitter and Facebook Humor (25 Total)

If it weren't for the invention of Twitter and Facebook this blog post would make about as much sense as Megan Fox wearing a nun outfit for the rest of her life. In these modern times, we've seen the rise of two huge social networking sites. (Notice I didn't mention MySpace. RIP, brother.) Here, I've compiled some of the best comic strips and videos that show us just… Continue

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Contrary to Tweets, Jeff Goldblum Lives! (Colbert Report Video)

If you were on Twitter when news broke out over Michael Jackson's death, you may have also seen tweets about Jeff Goldblum's sudden demise in New Zealand. Though pal Kevin Spacey dispelled these lies over his own tweet, leave it to Steven Colbert to take this as a great opportunity to make fun… Continue

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If Pac-Man Were to Tweet

Proof that you can take an old school video game and make it relevant again. Love it. Via Mashable

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@HyattConcierge Launches: The First Global, 24/7 Concierge Service on Twitter

Hyatt Hotels CEO Mark Hoplamazian's just announced HyattConceirge, the very first global 24/7 concierge service by a hotel.

Through HyattConcierge, Hyatt's skilled guest service professionals will respond to guests’ questions, needs and concerns, any time, any place, through Twitter - before, during and after their stay.

As Hoplamazian states,… Continue

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Spreadtweet: Twitter Disguised as a Spreadsheet

Next time you're at work, tweeting Oprah letting her know that you have a WAY BETTER idea than Baconnaise or Bacon Salt, think about hiding it from your boss.

Or use Spreadtweet by Elliot… Continue

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Let's Be Twitter Friends! @mymodernmet

Hey there! Want to get the latest and greatest Met links tweeted out to you? Then let's connect over at Twitter. @mymodernmet
See you on the other side!

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Twestival LA: Tonight!

Who's down for a geektastic party? (Not bagging on geeks...I want to be one.) All around the world, Twitterers are gathering tonight for a par-tay! In LA head downtown to catch some so-so funny comedians and so-so awesome DJs gather all in the name of Twitter and water. Charity:Water is an organization committed to drilling wells and bringing clean water to countries that… Continue

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"How Tweet It Is" By NY Mag

An article by NY Mag about the inner workings of Twitter. This micro blogging platform has become such a phenomenon lately, I thought it would be an interesting read for you all.

Some excerpts:

The Background

"If you’re the last person in the world to not know what Twitter is, here’s a simple explanation: It allows you to post text… Continue

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5 Reasons to Now Be on Twitter. And 1 Reason You Won't Wanna Be.

So you're probably thinking...Alice, really, why would I want to be on Twitter? I check out theMET, I'm on Facebook, heck, I even check out restaurant reviews on Yelp. Simplify my life...please!

Well, good friend, I am going to try and pitch you Twitter because in the last four months or so, since I've been using it, Twitter has changed my life.… Continue

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This Goes Out To All You Twitterers: The Four Phases of Twitter

My friend Duc and I always talk about Twitter - a microblogging service.

I love this from

I’ve seen the pattern repeated over and over again when… Continue

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Ad Age Madison+Vine: A Short Recap

So yesterday, I played with my new TypePad app on my iPhone and was able to upload pictures and text updates right from the conference (that went to my Facebook status, Twitter and blog). It was so much fun! I felt like a pseudo-reporter with my handy dandy iPhone! When YouTube and Google broke the news about the new content deal with Lions Gate I typed as quick as I could to get the news out, even beating… Continue

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