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Amazingly Unique Giant Crossword Puzzle Building

Iranian architect Ali Karbaschi designed the new Gooyesh Language Institute in Isfahan, Iran, using the building to reflect the very basics of language—letters. The towering structure is a spectacular monument of alphabetical characters that seems to twinkle in the night. Like an enormous crossword puzzle, each letter fits…


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Clever Mad Men Quotes Reflect Character Words of Wisdom

If you ever wondered which Mad Men character you were most like, it's probably best to take a better look at each of their ideologies. Luckily, there's a Mad Men Motto gallery on the hit TV show's Facebook that lays out some of the best lines delivered by the tumultuous cast, revealing their outlook on "life, love, and libido."

The clean, minimalist style of each panel reflects the show's…


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Typographic Installations are Solar Powered Poetry

London-based artist and poet Robert Montgomery uses the power of language to reflect his thoughts on a myriad of topics in public areas. His sculptural messages, known as Recycled Sunlight Pieces, are candidly poetic typographic installations that are powered by sunlight. Using solar panels, the Scottish wordsmith is able to illuminate his lyrical thoughts…


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Clever Typographic Designs of Famous Scientists' Names

Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat creatively presents the names of some of the world's most famous scientists, honoring their pioneering line of work in the process for National Science Day in India. His typographical creations playfully hint at each respective genius's breakthrough discovery. From Darwin's theory of evolution to Pythagoras' theorem and Archimedes'…


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Awesome GIFs Reveal Words Through Mimicking Motion

Hidden Typography is a series of animated GIFs by Japanese 3D illustrator MountStar that realizes movement associated with words. The typographical project presents a creative interpretation of natural elements like water and wind as well as visually stimulating occurrences like lightning and light beams. Each word is revealed through a cleverly animated series of white…


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Famous Movie Quotes Form Iconic Film Characters

English designer Pete Ware has got the perfect set of typographical prints for cinephiles who love to quote their favorite movies. His Drive-In Prints series features some popular characters like Star Wars' Yoda and Darth Vader, as well as film cult favorites Léon and Mathilda from Léon: The Professional. The prints are inspired by their respective movies,…


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The Inspiring Failures of Legendary Icons

Focusing on the negative can only foster more negativity; however, this informative graphic, revealing the failures of some of the most well-known and renowned individuals in history, is somehow uplifting and motivating. The graphic, aptly labeled Famous Failures, features the unsuccessful endeavors of some of history's greatest talents, minds, and icons.

From Oprah Winfrey's…


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Three-Dimensional Font Sculptures

Heterosis is a kinetic typeface created by Toronto-based designer Brian Banton. The unconventional, three-dimensional fonts are built using elastic bands that run between two parallel plexiglass windows. The sculptural works offer a new way of looking at typography that transcends the standard two-dimensional plane. Rather than simply outlining each letter on a…


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Playful Stop Sign Project

We come across traffic signs everyday that dictate demands, "STOP" being the most aggressive. Instead of feeling antagonized, the STOP Project by Changing Lines seeks to embrace visual and typographic creativity, all while putting a smile on your face with their redesigns of stop signs. By adding a few words, they redefine the text in a humorous, lighthearted fashion with…


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Eye-Opening Knife Typography

We're familiar with the saying that "life is beautiful" but what lies behind that beauty may surprise you. In artist Farhad Moshiri's installation, aptly titled Life is Beautiful, we see the saying displayed against a blank white wall in a charming cursive typeface. Taking a closer look, we notice there's more artistry to this piece than simply decorative typography. The title is…


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