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Beautiful Blue Pond in Japan Turns Spectacularly Green

Simply known as the "Blue Pond," the beautiful body of water in the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan seems to change colors right before visitors' eyes. Depending on how the light falls, or in Japanese photographer Kent Shiraishi's opinion, "because of the weather," the picturesque…


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Breathtaking Aqua Lagoons Amid Brazil Sand Dunes

What a surreal sight! If you ever travel to Brazil make sure to visit Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, especially between the months of January and May. The rainy season, it's during that time that Brazil's white sand dunes, which are spread across 570-square-miles, transform into an amazing natural phenomenon. Fresh water collects in the valleys between the sand dunes, creating…


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8 Most Beautiful Water Landscapes in the World

This post is brought to you by Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring…


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Sydney Unveils Dazzling New Water Show: Vivid Aquatique

In what can only be described as a cross between Bellagio's dancing fountains and Disneyland's Fantasmic, last night, Sydney gave us a sneak peek into their very first water show. Called Vivid Aquatique, it runs from May 24 to June 10, on the hour, every hour from 6pm to midnight. Visitors can stop by Sydney's famous Darling Harbour to see this free show that brings together all of the three…


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New Gorgeous Underwater Wave Photography by Sarah Lee

Since we last checked in with Hawaii-based photographer Sarah Lee, she's taken a relaxing vacation in Australia, shot multiple weddings, including one right here in California, and even received an award for her work. Of course, somewhere along the way, she found time to shoot…


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20 Fantastic Photo Manipulations of Water

Disclosure: This post is coming to you from MiO. Change your water. Change your day. What do you want to change?

It covers over 70% of our Earth's surface and it's the most essential element to life. Water is so important…


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Homemade Art Using Oil and Water

Think you're looking at digital artwork created in Photoshop or Illustrator? Think again. What you're actually looking at are drops of cooking oil floating in a bowl filled with water. The concentric circles are sherbet colored because of (who would have guessed it?) construction paper.

Two years ago, Michael Krutzenbichler came across…


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Transparent Watch Inspired by Water

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Issey Miyake watch project, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has created one strikingly beautiful timepiece. Simply called 'O' or pronounced eau (which means water), this transparent watch is suppose to look as if it's been sculpted of water or from a block of ice. …


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The Art of Paint in Water

Breathtaking abstract imagery taken by Sydney based photographer Mark Mawson. “Aqueous II – The Sequel” is part of the “Aqueous” water series which is created by dropping paint in water and capturing it.…


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Passion Expressed

Passion captured on film. The great thing about photography is the emotions we can express, perhaps unknowingly but still it's cool when a picture speaks louder than words.

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Dong Min Park’s rain drums combines five taut wax cloth shades of varying sizes to form a music-making umbrella.

More pics here.…


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Amazing Water Display Delivers Ominous Message

Chances are that if you saw this water display on the street, you'd stand there mesmerized. This commercial for Water Solidarites uses AquaScript technology to deliver an ominous message. AquaScript works by utilizing magnet-valves which expel single drops of water on demand; proprietary software syncs the valves into a "freely definable bitmap-muster" which produces blocks of images with the falling liquid. Amazing! (Skip to :41 to start the… Continue

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Evian: Live Young (5 pics)

Truth be told, I'm a huge fan of Evian's rollerskating babies. Unexpected, hilarious and inspiring, the commercial was a runaway hit and to date has been played over 20 million times on YouTube. Carrying on with the baby-themed campaign, Evian and their Paris agency, BETC Euro RSCG, had fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg shoot "real people" (in other words,…


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Jetpacks and Flying Hovercrafts! (9 pics + 2 videos)

Well here's that jetpack you asked for Kevin!

These babies developed by Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand go on sale for $75,000 each, and can reach 60mph, with an altitude of 8,000 feet! Check out the video below for demonstration.

What? Not impressed? How bout this homemade Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman, also another New Zealander?…


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Y Water

Y water is bottled water. Simple? No. Other than looking really cool, every colour bottle contains a different kind of mineral. It'll give your body some help with your brain function (hehe), the immune system, the muscles and the bones.

The bottles are also toys.

"Y knots are thingys that make Y bottles stick together. They fit on the ends of the bottles so you can connect and… Continue

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15 Examples of Water Art That's Simply Splashing!

Pardon me but lately I've been slightly obsessed with water art. Maybe it's because I'm fascinated by the way artists can create or manipulate water and turn it into everything from clothes to dragons. Or perhaps it's because some of these photos were not manipulated in any sense, rather, they were just taken at precisely the right moment. So, I hope you enjoy this… Continue

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Water Fairy by Vitaly S. Alexius

Water fairy by Vitaly S. Alexius (alexiuss)

Title: Water fairy

Photograph by: Vitaly S. Alexius (alexiuss)

Notes from the Photographer: Highly experimental, fluid, high speed: 1/10'000th of a second photography.

The shot is taken in compete darkness, flash is what takes the…


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A Stunning Structure at Serpentine Gallery

Not only is the artwork of Jeff Koons currently showing at the Serpentine Gallery in London, if you happen to take a stroll right outside, through Kensington Garden, you'll also see a temporary structure created by…


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Coming Attraction: World of Color Water Show at Disney’s California Adventure

While looking through Alice in Wonderland's new promo shoots, we stumbled upon an interesting bit of information. LA Times is… Continue

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Alice in Waterland - Dariusz Palarczyk

Just a beautiful picture I wanted to share with you on this Monday. Have a great week!

Dariusz Palarczyk

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