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Gorgeous Oil Paintings of Breaking Waves

What is it that's so mesmerizing about a breaking wave? Is is their power, their energy or the fact that no two will ever be alike? Pusan, Korea-born artist Kim Cogan explores the mystery surrounding waves in his unique set of oil paintings. When he first embarked on this series, back in 2010, he asked himself this question, "How can I capture and convey the hypnotic rhythms of the sea through…


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New Gorgeous Underwater Wave Photography by Sarah Lee

Since we last checked in with Hawaii-based photographer Sarah Lee, she's taken a relaxing vacation in Australia, shot multiple weddings, including one right here in California, and even received an award for her work. Of course, somewhere along the way, she found time to shoot…


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Australia's Surreal Red Wave

Lately, we've been fascinated with severe weather photography (see 12 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Lightning and Beautiful and Dramatic Thunderhead Clouds), and yet we were still stunned when we came across…


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The World's Most Crowded Wave Pool

Where do you go to escape the heat? In a recent series, photojournalist Michael Yamashita shared how the Japanese are keeping cool amidst a scorching heat wave. Tokyo Summerland is a popular water park that's home to the world's most crowded wave pool. During the summer, it's been said that there's so many people jammed in there that it's hard to find water inside the pool!…


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What is Google Wave?

Not since July, when Michael Jackson's memorial tickets were released to a select group, have I seen excitement like this on the web. Earlier this week, Google sent out 100,000 invitations to test out Wave. Over 1 million people applied for a preview of the communication software, which blends elements of IM, email, social networking and collaboration. But what the heck… Continue

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Google Wave - 100,000 Invites Go Out on Sept 30th

Big news is breaking over at Mashable. On September 30th, Google will start sending out about 100,000 invites for the next version of Google Wave. (Right now, only a select number of people, mostly developers, have their hands on it.) You can sign up to be part of their next wave of testing subjects,… Continue

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The Perfect Moment: HD Super Slow Motion Video of a 12 Foot Monster Barrel

This is HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel - the first shots of their kind ever recorded. From the BBC show South Pacific.

Love these kinds of moments. When you capture something so beautiful, so awe-inspiring it could only come from… Continue

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The Wave: A Beautiful, Modern Hammock

Now this is what I call a hammock! Created by Belgian company Royal Botania, the Wave is a luxury hammock that's designed to smash all our preconceived ideas about what a hammock should look like. Can't you just imagine this on the rooftop of the Standard?…


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Horie is first to sail Pacific in wave-powered boat

Kenichi Horie is a sailor, environmentalist and an adventurer, setting his first world record at age 23 when he was the first person to cross the Pacific on a sailboat. Now, at a more seasoned, retirement aged 69, he’s still out there setting records.

His most recent accomplishment - a first - is to sail from Hawaii to Japan on a wave powered boat. The trip on the 3-ton, 31-foot catamaran, Suntory Mermaid II, took 110 day and covered almost… Continue

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