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Gorgeous Wisteria Installation Gives Illusion of Wedding Under the Trees

Doesn't it look like this beautiful wedding took place outdoors, under a wisteria tree? For a New York-based couple's wedding, design studio White Lilac and event planning company Details Details pulled off an amazing feat. On the patio of SLS, a Beverly Hills hotel, thirty people worked over 18 hours to create a magical installation that consisted of greenery,…


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12 Touching First Look Photos That Show Grooms Crying

In wedding photography, the first look is that beautifully authentic moment when a groom first lays eyes on his bride. Usually occurring before the ceremony, it's a quiet moment filled with anticipation and emotion. Dressed in white and with her hair and makeup done to perfection, the bride is a vision. While the first look can be scheduled for a number of different reasons, for instance to calm pre-wedding jitters or so that the couple can save time by taking…


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Cosplaying Couple Has a World of Warcraft Themed Wedding

Many weddings have themes, but it's not everyday that you see one with a bride and groom fully decked out in cosplay like characters from World of Warcraft (WoW). With one wearing an impressively imposing suit of armor and the other outfitted in a draping gown adorned with intricate, fantasy-driven embellishments, Craig and Zoe really committed to the unique theme as they recently…


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Hot Trend: Hilarious Wedding Party Attack Photos

AT-AT and Snowspeeder Attack

It's a trend that's sweeping the nation and one we just can't get enough of (yet!). Wedding party attack photos are the hottest new trend, thanks to photographer Quinn Miller who started it all with her fantastic T-Rex creation. Since then we've seen some terrific variations including the one above,…


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Creative Bride Fulfills Her Dream of Flying

New York-based wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer always wanted to organize a creative and unconventional bridal shoot, but didn't get the chance to fulfill his dream until this year. While in Europe for a few workshops, Brenizer resolved to work on something very special with professional bridal model Claudia Nallely Agres who was now living in Germany with…


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Spectacular Out of this World Wedding Photo

We've all seen beautiful wedding photos before, but this one by Lakshal Perera is simply out of this world. Using a 71-second exposure, Perera not only gives us a wonderful snapshot of the newlyweds, he shows us an incredible sky filled with millions of stars, along with our Milky Way galaxy.

"As a young child, all I dreamed about was being an astronaut," says Perera.…


Added by Eugene on August 14, 2012 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Romantic Movie-Style Wedding Photo

Photographer Tram Tran just sent us this great photo of couple Daniel and Irene on their wedding day.

Tran worked with fellow photographer Linhberg to set up this dreamy shot that features the kissing couple, an empty parking structure and a…


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Winter Wedding Light Painting

Now that's a wedding picture! Winter Wedding Light Painting was taken by Danny Turcotte Jr., a freelance and wedding photographer based out of North Bay Ontario and owner of Catch-Light Photography. It's of couple Kory and Matt, who bared the shivering cold for this magnificent shot.

Update: We got in touch with the photographer to ask him the story behind this shot.…


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Fabulous Up-Themed Wedding!

Like many of us, Kelley and Edmund fell in love with the Disney Pixar movie Up. In fact, they were so in taken with the movie (and with each other) that they decided to have an Up-inspired wedding. Taking on many themes from the movie including the bright, cheery colors to the bowties and argyle socks, they made it all about the details. They even replicated the…


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Cade Martin's Fairy Tale Wedding

Washington, D.C.-based photographer Cade Martin dazzles us once again with this gorgeous editorial for the summer/fall issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom. You might recall that we featured Martin's dreamy photography… Continue

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Embroidered Wedding Portraits

Traditional wedding portraits have been given a much needed artistic twist by Michelle Rigg. The Virginia native creates them in a simplistic and classically beautiful style. Every portrait is hand embroidered and is completely customizable. " I hand stitch on hand stretched, unprimed canvas and everything is designed free hand. I'm absolutely in love with the entire process of this artform,"… Continue

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Kate Moss' Wedding of a Lifetime

Talk about a fairy tale wedding! When a supermodel marries, we've all come to expect lavish weddings complete with celebrity guests. Kate Moss did not let us down when she married The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. The September issue of Vogue US features the stylish and chic July wedding. Moss is absolutely radiant in ensembles from… Continue

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Trash the Dress

While Matilde Berk has only been a wedding photographer for the past two years, she's already on top of a growing trend. For years, the Lisbon, Portugal-based photographer shot landscapes. It was only after she realized just how much she enjoyed photographing people that she dove into commercial portraiture.

One day, out of the blue, Berk started a creative series about "trashing" wedding… Continue

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Pixar's UP Inspired Engagement Shoot

This is a gorgeous collection of images inspired by Disney Pixar's 'UP' by Wildflowers Photography. These were shot as part of an engagement shoot for a couple who had been childhood sweethearts who loved the magic of UP...…


Added by Jellybean Coffee on May 18, 2010 at 7:25am — 5 Comments

This Love is Timeless, Part 2 (17 pics)

As Kevin mentioned, I am a person who is inspired by beautiful engagement and wedding photography. My favorite sets are the ones where the styling is so unique and different, you can almost feel the couple's personality shine through. Simply Bloom Photography has captured that magic…


Added by alice on March 25, 2010 at 4:30pm — 3 Comments

Modern Love Moments (5 pics)

Now here's a cute photo shoot of a lovely couple who decided to let their fun personalities shine through. It was shot by Galaxie Andrews, a photographer based in Arizona.

Galaxie explaining her creative process. "Working with a couple who puts their trust in me and just goes with the flow makes for the ideal creative shoot. Nicole and Jon are amazing people. they put their guards…


Added by alice on January 29, 2010 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Artistic Wedding Photography (15 photos)

One of the greatest trends to come about in these modern times is artistic wedding photography. Rather than flip through countless photos of stiff people with fake smiles, couples are choosing to change it up. Whether they're utilizing personalized props or are posing in front of meaningful backgrounds, couples are giving us a rare glimpse into their lives. These…


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10 Questions with Max Wanger, One of My Favorite Wedding Photographers

For quite some time now, I've been in love with the style and simplicity of Max Wanger's photos. A wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, Wanger has that ability to bring out something most photographers can't, the wonderful personalities of his couples. Never forced, the photos effortlessly capture amazing modern love moments but in a classic, almost timeless,… Continue

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15 Beautiful Modern Love Moments (Part II)

Jennifer & Matt by Zoom Photography - Lauri Levenfeld

In compiling this list second list of 15 beautiful modern love moments I got to thinking about what modern love really means. What's new and fresh about these photos that set them apart from the rest? Perhaps it's like what…


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Great details for a bridal shower

Two of my dear friends will be getting married next year and I'm in love with these customizable notes from Mika78. These are a great takeaway for the bride and a nice way for everyone to leave a special note.

The best part is that they have made these available for download in four colors to fit your shower theme. Download the template… Continue

Added by Cori Mozilo on August 20, 2009 at 8:54pm — 3 Comments

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