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Mystical Illustrations Made with Metallic Gel Pens

Dream Weaver

Using just metallic gel pens on the black, reverse side of an illustration board, Filipino artist John Paul "Lakan" Olivares creates incredibly detailed drawings that have a spiritual undertone. While in his earlier works, his pieces were based on the traditional, indigenous cultures of the Philippines, his later work focused more on the… Continue

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Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

If you're looking for some art to challenge everything you believed was true, then make sure to drop by the Museum of Art and Design, New York, New York for a show opening tomorrow called Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities. The exhibition features recent work and site-specific installations by contemporary artists around the… Continue

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Self-Portraits with My (Blank)

Self-portrait with my mother

Italy-based Anna Di Prospero is a photographer who first grabbed our attention with the unique way she interacted with city scenes. Dramatic and beautiful, it was almost as if she was trying to convey inanimate objects' feelings.

The… Continue

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Creative Self-Portraits Using Tape


We've been writing about Aakash Nihalani's incredibly clever tape art for quite some time now (see here and here) but it wasn't until just recently that we got in touch with… Continue

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San Francisco International Film Festival: Opening Night

This post is brought to you by Saab. At Saab, we believe in independent thinking. It’s in everything we do. Learn more here.

What a whirlwind… Continue

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President Obama Meets with Tech Execs (2 photos)

President Obama attended a private dinner Thursday night in Silicon Valley with some of the biggest names in tech which included the heads of Apple, Facebook and Google. The dinner, which was held at the home of venture capitalist John Doerr, was arranged so that Obama could find new ways the government and private sector can work together to lift the weak economy, which includes promoting growth and creating jobs in the United States.…


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Met Exclusive: Interview with Rodney Smith (Part 2 of 2)

Last week, we gave you an inside look at New York-based photographer Rodney Smith's life, as he discussed everything from the importance of order and composition to finding the right location. Today we bring you Part II of our exclusive interview with him. Continue on our journey, as we learn… Continue

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Fun with Flipbooks!

This fun video was made for Kraak & Smaak's song Squeeze Me. Amsterdam-based creative production agency Wearewill first shot the video with no flipbooks. Then, they printed frames and made flipbooks that they would later integrate into the film. Creative and cool!

Wearewill's… Continue

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Met Exclusive: Interview with Rodney Smith (Part 1 of 2)

Today, it is with great pleasure that I bring you a Met Exclusive - a rare, one-on-one interview with photographer Rodney Smith. Smith isn't your typical photographer. Though he graduated from the University of Virginia, he earned a Masters in Theology from Yale and later taught at that prestigious university. He's worked with editorial and corporate clients that include New… Continue

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Win Cool Prizes!: Hyundai Elantra's "Snap Out" Sweepstakes

This content is brought to you by the new Hyundai Elantra which helps you "Snap Out" of your routine to live your best life.

Hello, Metropolites! Are you ready for an awesome sweepstakes? This time, we're teaming up with… Continue

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LEGO's Back with The Brick Thief!

LEGO is back with a follow-up to their Cl!ck video they released about a year ago today. Here's the synopsis to this one titled The Brick Thief: "One brick, two bricks, three bricks, four...What can you do with these few on the floor? Five bricks, six bricks, seven, eight... Don't think that's enough? Well just you wait. It only takes a few bricks to make something CL!CK"

Weird? Yes. Wonderful.… Continue

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Interview with Artist, Stella Im Hultberg (12 pieces)

Lucky for us, Seoul, South Korea-born artist Stella Im Hultberg serendipitously fell into the art world. After studying Industrial Design at Cal State, she worked as a product designer but felt that the "computerization of everything and mass production made the process less hands on."

Always knowing that she wanted to do something creative, she turned to… Continue

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Kevin Bacon is Obsessed with Kevin Bacon

Though Jason Schwartzman's viral ad for The New Yorker iPad App will always hold a special place in my heart, this Google TV-powered Logitech Revue ad starring Kevin Bacon is just as charming (in a quirky sort of way). Kevin Bacon stars as his biggest fan. Watch it till the end. Brilliant.

via [The Daily… Continue

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Playing with the Elements (8 total)

You may remember France-based graphic designer and illustrator Stéphane Massa-Bidal (aka Rétrofuturs or Hulk4598) as the one who cleverly turned some of our favorite websites turned vintage book covers. Looking through his large body of work, you'll find even more… Continue

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Interview with the Moon Man

If you want to get lost in some celestial photography, look no further than TWAN or The World At Night. As their website states, "The World At Night (TWAN) is a program to create and exhibit a collection of stunning photographs and time-lapse videos of the world’s most beautiful and historic sites… Continue

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Interview: Mysterious Post-it Note Artist (15 pieces)

When we first laid eyes on John Kenn's amazing post-it note art, we instantly fell in love. Not only are each of his pieces extremely creative, Kenn's art shows that it doesn't necessarily matter what medium you use; it ultimately comes down to the message.

Try and look for… Continue

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10 Inspiring Interviews with Creatives

My sister once told me that I have one of the best jobs in the world because, on a daily basis, I get to converse with creative people. They're the artists, designers, and photographers that can stretch our imagination, not only showing us our world in incredible ways, but providing us a portal into worlds we never knew existed. In this post, I'd like to highlight ten… Continue

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Toys with Fragile Feelings (6 total)

London-based multimedia artist Nigel Grimmer makes toys come alive in this creepy cool series titled Be Careful of Things Left Behind. It's an ominous title that works perfectly with his creative scenes.

"This is a series of work I created in Tokyo in 2005," he says. "The images were constructed using toys and models from around the city. 'Be Careful… Continue

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Interview with Rukes, a Top DJ Photographer

If you've ever dreamed about living the rock star life, you'll get pretty close to it by being a concert photographer. I wrote about Rukes' incredible Deadmau5 concert photos last week and since then have gotten in touch with him. Here, he shares with us what led him into the… Continue

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Kid Portraits with Character (15 photos)

After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from Jason Lee's creative kids photography, I decided to look for other parent photographers. My search led me halfway across the world to Australia where I found Michelle Dupont. With six stunningly beautiful kids, Dupont is not only… Continue

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