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Ordinary Objects Are Actually Single Woodblock Sculptures

Sculptor Randall Rosenthal specializes in turning single blocks of wood into intricately detailed sculptures of ordinary objects. Each piece is carefully and painstakingly whittled down from a solitary woodblock and meticulously painted to give the illusion of anything from a cardboard box full of money to a disheveled stack of comic books.

The artist's collection…


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Incredible Hand-Carved Wood Sculptures of Surreal Figures

Sculptor Morgan Herrin takes his time to perfect each of his hand-carved wooden sculptures. Each piece in the dedicated craftsman's collection takes over a year to complete, resulting in intricately detailed works of art. Using otherwise cheap and disposable materials like construction grade 2x4's, Herrin transforms the recycled lumber into stunning life-size figures infused with…


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Lifelike Wooden Sculpture of a Young Boy and His Teddy

Austria-born, Germany-based sculptor Mario Dilitz creates realistic figurative sculptures out of wood that evoke an intense sense of vulnerability. The latest piece in the artist's body of work, known as Best Friend, depicts a tender character—a young boy holding onto his teddy bear. Standing atop a short pedestal made of laminated wood in the same likeness as the boy's…


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Lifelike Wood Sculptures of Pensive Men and Women

Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people with wood. The rings and knots in each piece of wood that the sculptor works with adds an artistic element to the completed figure. All at once, they mimic the textured imperfections of humans and give a figurative spirit to the trees from which it came.

Having grown up with a lineage of…


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Meticulously Carved Wooden Sculpture of Man and Nature

A Matter of Time is an incredible wood sculpture by artist Paul Baliker that features a variety of creatures from the animal kingdom. The massive and intricately detailed piece, which took 6 months to complete, presents itself like a three-dimensional mandala exhibiting the diverse species of life on Earth. The list of animals featured in the sculpture includes…


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Haunting Figure of a Woman Made with Wood and Bamboo

Cleveland-based sculptor Olga Ziemska works with natural materials like wood and bamboo to create mysteriously figurative installations for her series titled Stillness in motion: The Matka Series. "Matka" means "mother" in Polish and essentially defines the figure that Ziemska recreates. Through this mold of a maternally inclined female, the artist…


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Incredible Wood-Carved Cityscapes by James McNabb

The City Series is a collection of wooden sculptures by designer James McNabb that mimics the skyscrapers that make up the New York City skyline. The Philadelphia-based artist uses a band saw to skillfully "sketch" his model metropolises, carving into separate scraps of wood and assembling them together to represent an eclectic mix of buildings.

Initially, the intent behind…


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Tremendous Wood Sculptures Alter Their Environments

Yesterday, we got to see 21 examples of land art that are simply unforgettable. Today, we can expand on that ever-growing list with the works of land artist Jaakko Pernu. The Finnish artist's body of work presents large-scale sculptures produced from elements that originate in natural…


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Nature-Infused Wood Portraits

Artist Cil Laurens combines the old and the new in her graphic illustrations. Though her subjects depict a contemporary style, she chooses to etch the characters into blocks of wood, which add an antique-like element to the collection. The modern character stylings coupled with the nature-infused imagery on wood make for an interesting visual. The Amsterdam-based artist's…


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