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Dark and Moody Zoo Animal Portraits by Alex Teuscher

Geneva-based photographer Alex Teuscher shows us the fine art of zoo animals with these dark and moody portraits. He originally came up with the idea when he was going through his old files of animal photos and felt like something was missing. "I decided to experiment and see what kind of results I could get," he tells us. "What I ended up with I found quite unique and gave me quite a…


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Heartwarming Photos of a New Baby Gorilla and Her Doting Grandmother

Recently, the San Francisco Zoo welcomed a new member to their family and she's as cute as can be. Though her mother Nneka is doing fine, the adorable 5-month-old gorilla named Kabibe (or "little lady" in Swahili) is being carefully cared for by her grandmother named Bawang who has assumed the role of adoptive mother for the infant. The 33-year-old matriarch of the family did the…


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Heartbreaking Photos of Animals Stuck in Zoos

While zoos are a great place to see a large number of animals all in one place, there's a dark side to these family attractions that doesn't often get discussed. On, the question, "Should we keep animals in zoos?" splits poll takers down the middle with 42% saying yes,…


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When Zoo Advertising Gets Creative (12 examples)

You may think that zoos have an advantage over regular advertisers. Sure they've got adorable animals to work with but how do they compete with theme parks for our time? Just ask the creative minds behind these advertisements. Whether they're shocking us with wrapped buses or making us laugh with car stickers, they all serve to remind us that our friendly neighbors are just waiting for a…


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Endangered Leopard Cubs Born Against the Odds (7 Photos)

Two newborn clouded leopard cubs made it safely into the world at the National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Va. Immediately taken from their mom, so she could do them no harm, they were placed in an incubator and fed salt water from baby bottles. It's the zoo's first leopard birth in 16 years and a rare sight for everyone to… Continue

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No Panda Love for You. Kung Fu Panda Attacks Overly Affectionate College Student

This story cracks me up. Read the entire article if you have the time. It just gets better and better.

A college student in southern China was bitten by a panda after he broke into the bear's enclosure hoping to get a hug, state media and a park employee said Saturday.

The student was visiting Qixing Park with classmates on Friday when he jumped the 6.5-foot (2-meter) -high fence around the panda's habitat.

The park in Guilin, a popular… Continue

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San Francisco Zoo - Connects with their audience

I just love this idea! The SF Zoo is connecting with their audience by putting up signs around bus stations or the zoo where people can take pictures and then post them online. Check out their site to see more pictures or find a location around SF.…


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