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Shocking Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Installation artist Mark Jenkins recently brought his work indoors at his first solo show, Glazed Paradise, hosted by Gestalten. Most famously known for his street installations made of tape, this particular project involved life-like figures placed throughout the Gestalten space in order to provoke audience reactions through interactions with the forms.

His sense…


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Elaborate Art on an Office Whiteboard

Data manager Bill Taylor has found new ways of using everyday office supplies to reconnect with art and to jazz up his North Carolina cubicle. “Some people put up pictures and newspaper articles. Maybe calendars or stuffed animals. Perhaps I will get around to those things. For now, I just draw on the whiteboard.” He spends about 2-5 minutes a day sketching with his personal…


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Vintage Photos Remixed into Superheroes and Sci-Fi Characters

L.A.-based visual artist Alex Gross has taken cabinet cards to a whole new level. In the late 1800s, cabinet cards were a stylish, high-brow way to present portraiture. The cards were about 4 ¼" x 6 ½" and included information and advertisements on the back to promote the photographer. Due to the large size, a card could be displayed on a cabinet and easily viewed from across a…


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Monumental Sculpture Demands Attention

Levi van Veluw is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Netherlands. His work often consists of illogical “combinations of materials, patterns, colors, and forms.” His earlier work, The Origin of the Beginning, involved a large amount of material and patterns to…


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Bustling Movement of Megacities

It's quite easy to get swept up in the fast pace of today's modern world. Urban growth is rapid and, in the next twenty years, nearly 60 percent of the world will be city dwellers. Photographer Martin Roemers believes that “even with their bustle and chaos, megacities retain…


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Intricate Paper Collage Art

Based in Montreuil, France, Nathalie Boutté takes what others may see as paper garbage—tissue paper, old pages from a novel, tracing paper—and transforms it into remarkable artwork by carefully layering paper strips. From up close the images appear pixilated. But if you take a few steps back, similar to some pointillism paintings, the image becomes clear.

Her process is…


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Brilliant Jellyfish Photography

Photographer Alexander Semenov has a degree in Zoology with a specialization in invertebrate animals, particularly squid brains. Rather than fear the uncomfortable sting of jellyfish, like most of us do, Semenov seeks them out, discovering the natural beauty and magnificence of these creatures in their own environment through underwater photography.

After four…


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Massive Rhino Sculptures on the Beach

Some people go to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset, to search for dolphins, or to watch surfers riding the waves. That's why Montauk, New Yorkers could have never expected to come face-to-face with a 12' long 5' high life-sized rhino, made of mixed media resin, roaming their shores. At least not until today. Davis Murphy, a multidisciplinary artist, sculpted a variety of…


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Playing with Space: Gradient Wallpaper and Fading Mirror

Influenced by previous work with big names in the fashion and textile industry, Amsterdam-based designer Thomas Eurlings is now creating products for his very own label. Recently he made two interesting designs, gradient wallpaper and a fading mirror, that play with the basic ideas of space.

The wallpaper design gradates from dark at the bottom to…


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Amazingly Graceful Feather Sculptures

London-based artist Kate MccGwire is quite unique. She specializes in creating magnificently intricate sculptures with thousands of molted bird feathers. When asked the question, “Why feathers?" MccGwire replied, “I deliberately choose materials that possess a beauty and power when used in abundance.”

Her latest body of work includes pieces titled Guile, Lure,…


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The Girl with Seven Horses

The Girl with Seven Horses is photographer Ulrika Kestere’s story about seven imaginary horses that come to life within her photographs. The images are based on a childhood fairy tale because Kestere believes that she is “very much still a child in [her] mind” and therefore it’s “easier for [her] to stay in a fairytale.”

Within each image, the horse form is incredibly…


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Demise of Fairy Tale Princesses

Photographer Thomas Czarnecki’s series about fallen princesses (titled From Enchantment to Down) offers intriguing new possibilities for how classic fairy tales might end. The storybooks all have happy endings, but not so much for these ladies. Czarnecki uses recognizable princesses to create dark and complex narratives within a single frame. With no other images to explain the…


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Incredibly Creative Shadow Paintings

Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan is “painting” with light in ways that don’t even seem possible. He organizes found objects into formations that cast light and shadows onto walls in the most spectacular creations.

Also known as the “master of shadows,” Alakbarov plays with the ideas of concealing and revealing with his giant installations. Upon initial view, his pieces are…


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Ultimate Kitchen Tablet: Qooq

Have you ever printed out a recipe, only to ever-so-gracefully spill all over it and smudge the instructions? If you answered "yes," then this technology is for you. Designed for the kitchen, the Qooq (pronounced “cook”) tablet is basically a spill-proof, heat-proof digital cookbook with a 10.1-inch display, 1024x600 resolution, and a 1GHz Cortex A9 dual-core processor. It even…


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Surfing in the City

Talented French photographer Romain Laurent’s recent project L’Horizon is a series of surreal images that features a floating surfer who is seemingly lost on the busy streets of Manhattan, New York. Preoccupied crowds pass by without interest as the out-of-place surfer experiences calm moments before riding the next big wave.

In these moments, the displaced surfer seems to find…


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David Choe Beautifies Denver's Streets

Artist David Choe hit the streets again this past week to participate in the Terminal Kings project in Denver, CO. Working with friends DVS-1 and Joseph To, crowds watched as he created these amazingly detailed, bright, and massive 8’ tall 100’ long murals. The three murals are a part of Denver International Airport’s Art & Culture program.

Afterwards, he did what any…


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