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Electric Blossom: An Ethereal Distortion of Nature

New York-based fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason is known for his ability to blur the line between fashion and art. He believes that editorial work "is a process of attrition: if the image outlives its commercial purpose (and what is fashion if not fleeting) then all that is left, for better or worse, is the art." Along with his extensive fashion portfolio, the talented photographer…


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Students Design Amazingly Creative Cardboard Costumes

There are a variety of ways to recycle cardboard, but Cardboard Couture one way that is a bit more surprising than the rest. Every year, art and design students at Strode College in the UK are instructed to design and construct costumes out of cardboard. The first assigned project is meant to kick off the year with some unconventional inspiration. In their first few…


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Gorgeous Glass Sculpture of a Wave Frozen at Mid-Crest

It seems impossible, but Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli is an artist who successfully captured the essence of an ocean wave and brought that magnificence indoors for everyone to enjoy. For more than 40 years, the Rome-based artist has produced all kinds of sculpted environmental wonders with materials like wood and glass.

The silhouetted shapes mimic the movement of the ocean, in…


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Powerful Sculptures Designed From Old Newspapers

New York-based Korean artist Yun-Woo Choi is taking the art world by storm with these massive newspaper sculptures. He uses rolled up magazine pages and newspapers, held together with wire and resin, to form shapes that swirl and spin throughout a gallery space, jutting out of walls and transforming the individually delicate pages into commanding structures.



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Vibrant Paint Patterns Brighten Up Urban Landscapes

Dihzahyners is a team of artists who strive to create a more bright and beautiful Beirut through colorful public art. Specifically, Paint Up! is an ongoing project in which teams of artists gather together and decorate the city, one step at a time. The group says, "We realized that we could add energy and vigor to our city by simply painting certain locations that needed it—and…


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Playful Sculptures Feature Chickpeas for Heads

If you aren't looking closely, you might pass by this funny series by Sadi Tekin. The Istanbul-based illustrator and industrial designer created these lighthearted photos featuring chickpeas in tiny installations. Entitled Mr. Chick Pea And Friends, the series is filled with little illustrations drawn on the surface of chickpeas, which are then placed throughout the…


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Splashes of Graffiti Colorize Classic Grey Artworks

Norway-based stencil artist Martin Whatson recently celebrated a sold out show, The Beauty of Grey, at MSA Gallery in Paris, France. The show featured a collection of large canvas paintings and a statue of an angel—a prominent display of Whatson's signature style in which he combines urban street art with classic paintings.

Using gorgeous black and white stencil art as…


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Visual Storytelling Through Intricate Paper Designs

Australian artist Emma Van Leest turns a simple sheet of paper into a magical visual story. She hand-cuts intricate patterns into large sheets, and then mounts them with glue onto foamcore. Several layers set against a vibrant, colorful backdrop form Van Leest's three-dimensional scenes, which reference children's stories, folk art, Medieval saints, and Hindu literature.

With just…


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Dried Up Paint Spills Suspended in Mid-Air

Based in LA, Malanie Rothschild is a self-taught artist who once spilled a gallon of paint all over the floor. She decided to let the paint dry and, as she peeled the dried pieces up days later, she discovered a magnificent new creation that instantly inspired her as an artist. She discovered that this simple mistake of spilling paint was, in and of itself, a painting without the…


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Celebrity Faces Emerge From Mesmerizing Mosaic Grids

Johnny Depp

Photographer Maurizio Galimberti is a master of the Polaroid picture. In his Celebrity Works, he develops unique celebrity portraits that feature grid-like arrangements of photographs. These mosaic compositions of famous faces, including George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro, and…


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Beautifully Ornate Installations by Simeon Nelson

Australian-born, London-based sculptor and installation artist Simeon Nelson is interested in exposing the significance of a location through his artistic interventions. Systems of Romance is one of his many gorgeous and complicated installations that reflects ornamental geometry placed within a contemporary setting.

The various parts of the collective installation…


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Aung San Suu Kyi Formed with 2,000 Dyed Carnations

Artist Hong Yi, aka Red, has been at it again in her usual style of painting without a paint brush. Her many fascinating methods of portrait creation have included projects like this melted wax used to form Adele's face and…


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Clever Animal Illustrations Formed Out of Letters

Melbourne-based graphic designer Dan Fleming combines typography with playful illustrations in this series, entitled Word Animals. Specializing in brand identity and logo design, the half British, half Australian artist uses the actual letters from each creature's name to build all kinds of silhouetted animals, including a crocodile, a platypus, a giraffe, a penguin, a pig, a snail, even…


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Wooden Bookshelves Emerge From a Fallen Tree

These wobbly bookshelves seem a bit out of place in the middle of the forest, but, according to artist David Harper, the project is perfectly placed as a visual reminder to be mindful of and to care for our environment. Entitled Stacks, the site-specific piece was displayed at the Cazenovia College’s Art and Design building in Cazenovia, NY, and featured rickety shelves that grew directly…


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Environmentally Friendly and Funky Wooden Turntable

This Audiowood Barky Turntable by Joel Scilley will certainly jazz up an otherwise typical record-playing experience. The rustic, modern design is a creative blend of materials that serve as a functional device. Scilley's company, Audiowood, says they "make audio gear and other furnishings that combine hi-tech function and funky form. We build and sell products…


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Amazingly Detailed Portraits Formed From Leftover Trash

American artist Zac Freeman forms unique portraits out of all kinds of small and used materials. Each of his objects comes from scraps of trash that are leftover from the things that we regularly consume. From colored buttons and plastic bottle caps to metal tabs from soda cans, Freeman puts all of the unused and unwanted objects to use in a fresh new way.

To build each portrait, Freeman…


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Foreign Currencies Combined to Form New Unique Faces

Lyon-based photographer Philippe Pétremant's series, Les Sept Mercenaires (The Magnificent Seven), is a clever spin on portraiture. For the project, the artist collages together paper money from all around the world to form the faces of different political figures, including Che Guevara. He simply folds and arranges the paper, and then secures it all…


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Stunning Portraits Mixed with Swirling Ink in Water

We are no stranger to the work of self-taught Italian artist Alberto Seveso. We just love his Stunning Ink Portraits, Beibeees and his LEGO Ink Riders, he is so incredibly…


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Lullaby Factory Plays Music for Young Hospital Patients

Lullaby Factory is a playful installation that transformed the exterior of a boring, pipe-covered building into a fantastic display of creativity and imagination. Designed by artists Maria Smith and Je Ahn of Studio Weave, Lullaby Factory is directly across from the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London and is meant to be a secret place that provides pure…


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Landscapes Compiled from 20th Century Photochroms

In the art world, landscape photography is often presented in a, well, landscape format, with a horizon in the distance of the constrained, squared-off boundaries. In this project entitled Deltiologies, artist Liz Orton both celebrates and challenges that traditional definition of landscape with a new understanding of an otherwise typical expectation.

The artist says…


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