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Transportation Vehicles Made of 3D Wire

When I first looked at these pieces by Chinese artist Shi Jindian, they reminded me of really amazing line drawings. I was completely taken aback when I discovered that each form is actually a delicate and intricate 3D wire sculpture!

Shi Jindian says, “I don’t like hard, heavy materials…I prefer fine and delicate things.” So the steel wire is a perfect medium for creating these almost…


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Two Tons of Glass Blasted Into a German Abbey

Paris-based artist Baptiste Debombourg continues to amaze us with yet another awe-inspiring installation. His newest work, Aerial, is the shattering of two tons of glass flooding into the room of a former Benedictine monastery called Brauweiler Abbey in…


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Rotating Bike Pedals Form Colorful Circles

I loved my spirograph toy when I was a kid, and this Drawing Machine by Australian visual artist Joseph Griffiths looks like even more fun! Griffiths says, “I make drawings and installations which explore my interests in nature, urbanism, folklore, technology, craft, and the relationship between creativity and survival.”

The mixed media installation requires a user to…


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Shifting Energy Into Layers of Color

When you see these paintings by artist Tobias Tovera, you may find yourself getting lost in the shifting, swirling sea of lines and shapes. The strokes of vibrant color evoke a sense of energy and the layers of pigment undulate across the panels in these complex scenes. Some of his pieces are reminiscent of distant nature landscapes. In the abstract shapes, I can almost see the ghostly…


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An Interview with Robby Cavanaugh

After a recent post about photographer Robby Cavanaugh, we had the opportunity to catch up with him for a follow-up interview. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, so we’ve included several more of his expressive photographs along with that interview…


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Recording Moments Along the Streets of Lisbon

Photographer Rui Palha’s black and white portfolio of Street Moments takes you on a journey into an inspirational new world. Palha believes that photography is the practice of being in the streets, of learning and capturing, giving flow to what the heart feels. He says, “Why black and white? Because if you are photographing in color you show the color of the clothes. If you use black and white you will show the color of the soul.”

In his book called Street…


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Twinkling Hope and Dream Light Sculpture

We have come across Makoto Tojiki’s impressive LED light sculptures before and, now, the Japanese artist and designer once again inspires us with his new piece, Hope and Dream. The artist created this piece for luxury beauty…


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Inflatable Bouncy Stonehenge Installation

I’m sure that anywhere between 3,000 BC and 2,000 BC, the constructors of Stonehenge definitely didn’t envision it as a bouncy playground for adults and kids alike! This inflatable version of Stonehenge, entitled Sacrilege, is the vision of British artist Jeremy Deller. "It's something for people to interact with, it's a big public sculpture," says Deller. "It is also a way of interacting…


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Amazing Illustrations that Swirl Into a Fantasy World

I was always quite envious of the kids in school who would cover their notebooks with fantastic, detailed sketches. My terrible bubble letters were pale in comparison. So I was excited and inspired when I came across these illustrations by Madrid-based artist Gabriel Moreno.

When speaking about his work, Moreno says, “I always liked to paint and draw, and when I found out that I could…


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Living Dream Created Through Long Exposures

Visual artist Kalliope Amorphous works with conceptual and experimental photography to create this series entitled In Dreams. She uses what is called a stroboscopic approach, where a collection of multiple actions is frozen within one single frame, using long exposures and flashes of light.

The succession of images passing through each frame is like a living dream. As the…


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Digital Cobwebs Magnificently Beautify Nature

Russian graphic designer and illustrator Tatiana Plakhova enjoys combining art and science. We were blown away by her futuristic vector illustrations here, and this time she charms us with her series entitled Biosphere. In the collection of…


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Spectacular Outdoor Murals Made with Sugar Icing

Just like any cake decorator would, Montreal-based artist Shelley Miller uses sugar icing to create delicate patterns of lines, shapes, and flowers. The one main difference with Miller, though, is that she’s not baking cakes. Miller is an installation artist who creates many of her intricate artworks outside. She uses edible blue paint on white sugar tiles, and then affixes the tiles on to the…


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100 Photos Merge to Form Swirling 360-Degree Landscapes

In his Alternative Perspectives series, photographer and filmmaker Randy Scott Slavin creates surreal images of the world around him. He has figured out ways to distort a normal landscape into a magnificent swirl of circular patterns. The foundation of the landscape is always visible but he takes up to one hundred pictures to build the final, distorted scenes.



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Explosions Create Split-Second Illusions of Light

In these photographs by Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr, the artistic team captures a single, exciting moment in a mundane, domestic surrounding. For this series Explosion, the team synchronized a camera with a custom-built detonator to snap a photo at the exact moment of explosion. The results are these mysterious blobs of light within domestic settings—a cloud…


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Trashcans Converted Into Working Pinhole Cameras

These German garbagemen, also photography enthusiasts, decided to make their jobs a little more interesting by turning their garbage cans into pinhole cameras. Calling it the Trashcam Project, the men are creating some amazing black and white photography around the city of Hamburg. According to the project website, Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz &…


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3D Portrait Constructed from 250 Layers of Carpet

Danish carpet manufacturer Ege Carpets and young designer Brian Frandsen were recently teamed up to create the project Face to Face. Ege Carpets is traditionally known for their innovative designs, environmental considerations, and uncompromising quality. Frandsen is a recent industrial and fashion design graduate. The collaboration brought standard 2D carpet designs to new,…


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Smoke Signals Paint Mexico's Desert Sky

Spanish photographer Lola Guerrera ventured out into the desert of Mexico to explore nature, and to see what happens when you intervene with it. Nebula Humilis is a collection of photographs featuring artificially colored clouds drifting against a natural backdrop.

Guerrera tosses smoke-signal containers of household materials into the landscape to create the poofs of color…


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Adorable Dog Over the Shoulder Fashion Shots


How cute are these puppies! Photographer Emily Shur created this spring story for the current issue of Paper Magazine. Hilarious! Without ever showing a model’s face, Shur constructs a powerful fashion series with her use of a consistently stark background, simple lighting, and of course, cute animals.

Viewers are…


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Incredibly Captivating and Expressive Portraits

At first, I thought these images by 22-year-old photographer Robby Cavanaugh were completely fabricated interpretations of life. From the flying fish to the woman standing on top of water, his work portrays intense technical strength as a digital artist. At the same time, though, it turns out that he is also quite the creative energetic, who isn’t afraid to haul a giant door to the beach…


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Layers of Time from an Aerial View

When we last wrote about her, Amsterdam-based photographer Katrin Korfmann was showing us the world from a fresh perspective. Today, she continues to do so in her large-scale, painterly images that focus on the concepts of people and time from an aerial view.



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