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Explosions of Powder Echo Dancers' Powerful Movements

Powder Dance is a visually captivating series by German photographer Geraldine Lamanna. Each image features the strength and elegance of a female dancer, surrounded by explosions of white powder. As the dancers gracefully move across the frame, their motions are echoed around them in streaks of white. In the series, Lamanna is able to capture exact moments of rhythmic beauty set…


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Spectacular Underwater Acrobatics Using a Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Performance and installation artist Sue Austin has been using a wheelchair for 16 years. As an artist, she embraces the experience as a foundation for her artwork, where she challenges the stigma of the disabled as 'other' and creates opportunities for empowerment. Her website states, "Over an extended period of time her practice has operated as a vehicle to open up a thinking space…


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Adorable Baby Chicks Wearing Funny Little Hats

Chicks in Hats is one of those photo projects that will bring a huge smile to your face! There is something inherently funny about animals wearing people's clothing. Maine-based artist Julie Persons created this series simply because she says, "I like to put hats on my chicks and take photographs of them."

Each portrait features a baby chicken wearing a funny little hat. It's…


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Beautiful Blue Butterflies Swarm the City

Beautiful blue swarms of butterflies have been recently covering the streets of Indianapolis. From a distance, you may think that a new breed of monochromatic butterflies have just flown in, but upon closer inspection, you'll soon realize that this phenomenon is actually a project by Indiana-based artist Tasha Lewis.

Named the Guerilla Sculpture, Lewis creates a blur of blue wings…


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Gardening Tools Contrasted with Intricate Lace Patterns

Cal Lane is an artist who combines sturdy metal work with the delicate, fine art form of lace design. The artist says, "I like to work as a visual devil’s advocate, using contradiction as a vehicle for finding my way to an empathetic image, an image of opposition that creates a balance—as well as a clash—by comparing and contrasting ideas and…


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Inflating Foil to Create a Magnificent Rainbow Orb

Artist Tomás Saraceno has dreams of living among the clouds. Over the past decade, the Argentina-born installation artist has concentrated his efforts on creating large-scale suspended spheres that can often be entered, walked through, or sat upon. The massive cloud-like structures are a breathtaking display of life and energy, as formed by synthetic materials.

For the…


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French Photographer's Beautiful Butterfly Project

L'air frissonne des choses qui s'enfuient (The Air Shivers of Things Fleeing) is a serene series by French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson. Set on a soft palette of neutral colors, delicate butterflies float across the surface of a female form, dressed in thin, white material. I was immediately reminded of the fairytale stories, where the forest…


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New Layered Plexiglass Artworks by Yosman Botero

Bogota-based artist Yosman Botero creates three dimensional optical illusions using layers of plexiglass and a skilled painter's hand. Back in March, we saw a collection of work that Botero was preparing for the 2012 Shanghai Art Fair. Here, we feature some of his…


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Revealing Self-Portraits of Strangers on the Beach

Tourists along the beaches in Mexico strike a pose in this creative series, Tourist Stranger Self-Portraits, by photographer Benoit Paillé. Finding a great fascination in all of the strangers who pass him by, Paillé decided to travel to a leisurely and relaxed environment, and to create a photographic event through an intimate interaction with people in public…


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Massive Jumbo Jets Intersect with Delicate Flowers

Argentina-based photographer Pablo A. Ferrari created this series, entitled Aeroplanes and Flowers, as an exploration of manufactured, steel commercial airplanes interacting with the natural beauty of a simple flower.

From a worm's eye view, Ferrari points his camera skyward and waits for each airplane to pass. From this perspective, the spatial relationship between…


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Headless Self-Portraits Offer a Unique Stylish Perspective

Photographer Heidi Lender spent the first part of her career as an editor, writing about style and appearances in a world of high-end fashion. In a pursuit of a different kind of life, the artist left that world to move to India and to study yoga, before finding her voice behind the lens of a camera. She now splits her time between Amagansett, New York and Garzon, Uruguay, focusing all of her…


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Hilarious Small Dogs with a Napoleon Complex

This puppy project is hilarious! Minneapolis-based company Carmichael Lynch regularly maintains an ongoing online project, Carmichael Collective, that boasts a variety of clever artwork for what they say is "creativity for creativity's sake." With art direction by Phil Jones, the company recently created this project, Dogs With a Napoleon Complex, in honor of…


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Fantastical Insect Women by Laurent Seroussi

Photographer and graphic designer Laurent Seroussi combined the beauty of the human female form with fascinating, symmetrical, and leggy bug bodies in this project entitled Insectes. The fantasy creations incorporate sleek female figures blending with the bodies of insects in extremely realistic and well-photoshopped depictions. According to his bio, "Laurent Seroussi’s…


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Dynamic Patterns Form Complex Geometric Paper Sculptures

By folding paper into these rhythmic and repetitive sculptures, artist Matthew Shlian gives patterns of life and motion to an otherwise flat form. Describing himself as a paper engineer, Shlian says, "I begin with a system of folding and at a particular moment the material takes over. Guided by wonder, my work is made because I cannot visualize its final realization; in this way I…


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Surreal Ladders Stand Along the San Francisco Shore

Artist Joy Umali has a portfolio of all kinds of surreal, swirling, and slightly rickety-looking furniture. Describing herself as a "Thingtician," she takes found objects and transforms them into custom-made, but sometimes unbelievable, household furnishings. In this project entitled Ladders, the artist installed several wobbly ladders in the sands of Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands in San…


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Exploding Water Balloons Create Hilarious Wigs

LA-based Tim Tadder knows how to capture a lively and active moment in just one click of the shutter. The artist, best known for his award-winning campaign work for popular brands, created this project entitled Water Wigs as what Tadder describes as "a further exploration into water weirdness."

Using bald men as the focus of each scene, Tadder and his team threw water balloons at the…


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Intricate Origami Designs Made Out of Money

Hide your dollar bills when Korean artist Won Park is around or they may be transformed into tiny origami butterflies! Although after looking at all of these amazing designs, you may start handing over your dollar bills instead. This master of Origami can turn a single sheet of paper currency into all kinds of things, from living creatures like pigs, fish, and bulldogs, to tiny race cars and…


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Abstract Portraits Formed Out of Everyday Materials

Using a variety of everyday materials, artist Jean-Pierre Seguin creates portraits by combining Pointillist techniques with collage. He uses everything from buttons and thread to plastic toy soldiers glued to the canvas to develop the series, entitled Assemblages. Through the use of unique materials, Seguin says he wants to "disturb viewers’ perceptions" and encourage his viewers…


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Blurring the Lines Between What's Real and Ideal

Photographers Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer worked together to produce these stunning images, a project entitled I Knew Some of You Better Than Others, but I Miss You All. The collection of black and white self-portraits is a stunning body of work that was developed as a commentary on contemporary advertising trends. In the performance photographs, Keller and Wittwer…


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Massive Waves of Old Magazines Consume Everyday Objects

Scottish sculptor David Mach thrives on the concept of taking everyday materials and collectively transforming them into extraordinary objects. From wire hangers to…


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