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Capturing a Unique Portrayal of Famous Celebrities

Mike Tyson

This unique series of celebrity portraits was created by famous portrait photographer Paul Mobley, in collaboration with digital artist Mike Campau. The captivating images feature famous individuals and groups like Mike Tyson, Emeril, Gilbert Gottfried, and the Blue Man Group in behind-the-scenes, offbeat scenarios.



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Hilarious Non-Photoshopped Upside-Down Self Portraits

In his photography work, UK-based artist Caulton Morris spins the world in all kinds of directions. In particular, Upside is a series in which the artist precariously balances on his head in the most unexpected places. From city streets to fields to even submerged inside a toilet, his series of self-portraits feature a headstand with a body wobbling through the air.

Everything about…


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Layers of Cedar Wood Chips Form Realistic Siberian Wildlife

Walking into artist Sergey Bobkov's studio must be like walking into a jungle! The Russian sculptor creates all kinds of life-like creatures out of Siberian cedar wood chips and a very skillful hand. He says, “It’s not too interesting to do what others can. To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring.”

To start, Bobkov first chips off…


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Small Mirrored House Reflects the Surrounding Landscape

German sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger finds great inspiration in architecture and the environment. He uses heavy materials like steel and stone in his pieces and says he "seeks to explore and encapsulate the physical balance of the built environment as well as the sculptural volumes of these physical materials."

This piece, Mirror House, was a temporary installation on the…


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6,000 Miniature People Form the World Map

Multidisciplinary artist Clinton De Menezes created a fascinating landscape in this World Map installation. The artist used oil paint, emulsion, acrylic, plaster, and hand painted model figures to create the captivating piece, in which migrating crowds of miniature individuals form a larger land mass that is displayed from an aerial view. With extreme attention to detail, De Menezes…


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Colorful Backdrops Formed with Pastel Watercolors

Croatia-based artist Alexander Pieri is a trained graphic designer who specializes in web design, corporate identity, and illustrations. In his series, Days with Colors, the artist has taken on a more personal endeavor by blending palettes of watercolors together to form these abstract scenes. Each image is grounded with one or two human figures, suggesting that the swirls of…


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260 Artists Featured at 8th Annual Post-It Show

Audrey Kawasaki

Coming in December, Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles, California, will host the Eigth Annual Post-It Show. As you can guess, the show features a variety of different artists who have created incredible works on colorful Post-It notes. More than 260 participating artists will showcase more than 2,000 Post-Its for visitors to admire and even…


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Futuristic Wine Cellar Illuminated by LED Lights

Why have a simple wine cellar design that includes boring old wood when you can store your bottles of vino in a glowing, electric blue futuristic room instead? Designer Jamie Beckwith, founder of Beckwith Interiors, designs interior spaces with great flair. The artist's bio states, "Beckwith draws inspiration from exotic travels, photography, fashion, luxurious textiles, and life…


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Massive Floats Made with Thousands of Colorful Dahlias

The annual Bloemencorso Zundert event is the largest flower parade in the world. It is an annual parade that takes place on the first Sunday of September in Zundert, a town located in Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. It is the social event of the city and brings all ages together in a year long endeavor to create the finest, most impressive float around town, using only one single…


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Incredibly Realistic & Shocking Cardboard Scenes

Box is a project by Belgium photographers Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux, in which they utilized cardboard and miniature dollhouse furniture to create these dramatic scenes. The elaborate portraits portray the imperfections of life through very surreal and cinematic moments. Each character seems incredibly downtrodden and unresponsive to the life around them. For example, a car crashes…


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Fantastical Photos of an Imaginative World

In these graphically pleasing images, Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco has a great talent for capturing extremely passionate and emotional portraits. In one shot, a single, stunning subject draws the viewer in with her disinterested gaze, while another shot features a surreal moment that captivates the viewer and leaves us longing to know more about the moment—What's going on? What is the…


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Complex Patterns of Stones Created with Algorithms

Italian artist Giuseppe Randazzo takes a childhood game of playing with rocks to a whole new level. Using computer algorithms, the artist never actually touches a single stone in this series entitled Stone Fields. Rather, he creates computer code that mixes and arranges the realistic, geometric designs into these logical patterns. To create the equations, the artist is able to see…


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Stunning Photos Taken in a Hut Atop Mount Fuji

For five months a year across four years, Japanese artist Yu Yamauchi lived 10,000 feet above sea level in a hut located at the top of Mount Fuji. Considered one of the most sacred mountains in the country, Mount Fuji has a great influence on Japanese history and culture. In a process that he considered a spiritual account of the morning sunshine, every day, the self-taught photographer would rise and…


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Modern Spherical Tent Floats Among the Trees

Animals nestle among the trees so why shouldn't we? This Cocoon Tree Tent is an alternative to the boring camping setup or awkward hammocks to which you may be accustomed. The sphere structure is made out of aluminum and covered with a resistant tarpaulin, with a small door for entry. With the attached rope system, it is designed for many versions of set-up, including suspended from any group of…


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70 Foot Giant Sculpture Breaks Free from the Ground

If you have ever visited Washington, D.C., you may have had the privilege of checking out this incredibly emotional sculpture by artist J. Seward Johnson, entitled The Awakening. After spending much of his early career as a painter, Johnson turned to sculpture and is now best known for his life-sized work that portrays ordinary people communicating very realistic human…


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Mesmerized by a Neon Blue Futuristic Landscape

The Erudition is a futuristic landscape installation created by Canada-born artist Kelly Richardson. Combining aesthetics from both cinema and science fiction, the piece is a series of three high-definition screens on which neon blue, holographic trees blow in a fake wind. An eerie silence is occasionally interrupted by the electronic flicker of the trees popping on and off of the…


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Shouting Out Random Words to Capture Surprised Expressions

Fried egg!

In these modern times, we're distracted by the internet world that's easily accessible on our smartphones. It's interesting to observe people walking along city streets or commuting home from work on a subway train. More often than not, people keep their heads down, consumed by the tiny electronic universe in their hands.



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Interactive Patterns of Light React to Movement

For more than 15 years, Jen Lewin Studio has created large interactive pieces for the public and, this time, Lewin utilized technology to bring groups of people together with light. The Pool is a giant, durable circular installation filled with small round pads that encourage group participation and fun. The studio explains, "By entering the pool, you enter a world where play and…


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Shattered Glass Sculptures Stand in Solitude

Artist Daniel Arsham puts pieces back together in these broken glass sculptures. He combines bits of glass with resin to form the great detail and shape of the molded human figures. The New York-based artist is interested in challenging perceptions of space, architecture, and objects that are natural versus manufactured. He creates many inconceivable pieces in which he reworks…


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Amazing Owl Illustrations Feature Captivating Gazes

Owls, with their large yellow eyes, solitary behavior, and nocturnal habits, are incredibly fascinating creatures. Artist John Pusateri has captured the captivating gaze of these feathery friends in these life-like and colorful owl illustrations.

After moving to New Zealand to pursue a Master's degree in Fine Arts, Pusateri grew to appreciate the country's culture and…


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