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180 Portraits Represent the Faces of a Small Town

Portrait of Maquoketa—The Dimensional View is a community project, by artist Rose Frantzen, that celebrates the artist's hometown of Maquoketa, Iowa. Across the span of one year, Frantzen painted a collection of 180 12x12" portraits of anyone who wanted to pose for her, including many of her friends and neighbors. She was not exclusive in the process, and says, "I wanted to…


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Staring Down at the Sparkling City from Skyscraper Rooftops

Aurelie Curie is a photographer who explores the world, high and low, to shoot rare, urban vantage points filled with mystery and wonder. In her series, Above, Curie climbed to to the top of buildings and bridges to capture the many quiet moments that occur in a city. In each photograph, she combines a broad urban composition with the close details of buildings and bridge architecture to form…


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Collecting Golden Spider Silk for 3 Years to Create Cape

Textile expert Simon Peers and fashion designer Nicholas Godley collaborated to create this stunning embroidered cape out of golden spider silk. Both residing in Madagascar, the two paired up to achieve a process that hadn't been attempted for more than 100 years—they wanted to successfully harvest golden orb spider silk for weaving, and they were quite…


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The Ever-Changing Window of an Alaskan Log Cabin

Photographer Mark Meyer lives in a 100-year old log cabin in Alaska. Every morning when he wakes up, he first sees a single-paned window at the foot of his bed. As the weather outside changes with the seasons, the surface of the window becomes a work of art, frosting over with ice, dripping wet with rainwater, and occasionally fogging up with steam during the summer.

An Alaska…


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500 Santa Clauses Grow Out from the Sand in India

Since childhood, Indian sculpture artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has always enjoyed playing in the sand. As he grew older, he realized that this interest could translate into an artistic career. Now, the artist has developed the Sudarsan Sand Art Institute in order to develop his trade and to pass along his knowledge of sand sculpture, sand animation, and sand painting to…


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Two Separate Photographers Combine their Random Shots

People vs. Places is a blog featuring the collaborative efforts of Chicago-based photographers Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart. Going old school with 35mm film, the duo rely on each other to create interesting art. First, Bassos exposes a roll of film by focusing her attention only on people as her main subjects. Next, she passes the camera along to…


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Amazing Darth Vader Bust Created with Upcycled Junk

Indiana artist Gabriel Dishaw is a junk artist who repurposes all kinds of used goods in order to create these amazing sculptures. He takes parts from old adding machines, typewriters, and computers and builds unique mechanical creatures, including this piece entitled Darth Vader Upcycled. By disassembling otherwise useless objects, the artist gives new life and…


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Swirling Liquids Form Spectacular Macro Artwork

Using a macro lens, UK-based photographer Janet Waters gets up close and personal with all kinds of liquids, bubbles, food dye, and soapy water. Where many artists like to have control of their final product, Waters actually counts on the unpredictable nature of liquids to create her captivating abstract designs.

Waters has an intense talent for finding the perfect angles of…


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The Beautiful Life and Death of 10,000 Roses

Using all kinds of materials, including trees, flowers, candles, sand, and ice, London-based artist Anya Gallaccio creates site-specific artworks that explore the ephemerality of nature. In particular, Red on Green is a stunning display of 10,000 fresh roses that were arranged within a gallery space. Gallaccio pulled the heads off of the roses and arranged them into a tightly packed…


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Thick Paint Strokes Form Gorgeous Butterfly Wings

British contemporary artist Victoria Horkan's colorful Butterflies paintings are gorgeous bursts of color that streak across the canvas. Viewers will immediately feel life and energy emerge from the artwork in what the artist describes as "raw, organic color palettes depicting elements of movement." Much of Horkan's work focuses on the simplicity of form presented in a contemporary…


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Powerful Women's Rights Portrait Seen Only from Above

If you are traveling by foot, you could very easily and unknowingly walk right past this portrait by Cuban American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada. The massive face is not meant to be seen from the ground, but rather, he has created an incredibly powerful piece of art meant to be viewed from overhead.

Together with 80 volunteers from the Netherlands, Rodríguez-Gerada…


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Imagining Gorgeous Starry Skies Over Darkened Cityscapes

This digital project by Paris-based photographer Thierry Cohen is an imaginative tale about how urban landscapes might appear if we turned out all of the lights. In a big city glowing with street lamps, store signs, car headlights, and rows of illuminated apartment buildings, it's almost impossible to see the stars in the sky. One project review says, "Atmospheric and light pollution combine…


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Amazing Illustrations Etched Into Mushrooms

Boston-based artist Corey Corcoran is inspired by quite the unusual canvas. Using Artist Conk mushrooms (also called Ganoderma applanatum) he carves intricate designs and stories onto the surface of this soft fungi. Much of his work draws inspiration from nature and organic forms, and this project is no exception.

Each little canvas ranges in size from 6 to…


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2.1 Million Dot Portrait Aims to Help Amnesiac Man

Benjamin Kyle is a pseudonym for a 64-year-old man who has been enduring dissociative amnesia for the past 8 years. In 2004, he was found unconscious behind a fast food restaurant in Georgia, suffering from severe sunburn, nearly blind from cataracts, and with no personal belongings to be found.

His ongoing plight has involved months of evaluation, DNA tests,…


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Thousands of Matchsticks Layered Into Geometric Sculptures

Apparently, Ryan and Trevor Oakes both received equal doses of the creative gene in their family. The twin brothers collaborate on all kinds of artwork and exhibitions, from acrylic paintings to cardboard installations. In particular, they have found an interesting new way to use matchsticks to build a variety of geometric forms. They transform these everyday,…


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Modern Backyard Office Shaped Like a Cresting Wave

Shoffice (Shed + Office) is a design developed by London-based firm Platform 5 Architects. The structure, shaped like a cresting wave, is located in the backyard of a 1950's terraced house in St. John's Wood. The timber shape was designed as a reflection of a wood shaving, which fits well into the natural surroundings, and it curls around to form a small terrace in front of the…


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Ballpoint Pen Portraits of Dreamy Actors

Ryan Gosling

Creative use of the ballpoint pen as a medium has taken many directions in the art world. For example, Samuel Silva uses a variety of colors and drawing techniques to create his hyperrealistic illustrations while artists Sergei…


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Mind-Blowing High Speed Liquid Splash Photography

German photographer Markus Reugel began photographing when his son was born, and his talents quickly developed into a passion. Specifically, he is drawn to high speed liquid photography because of the unpredictable nature of the process. Drop by drop, Reugel experiments with all kinds of liquids, lighting, and color to capture these magnificent, abstract creations.

Rather than…


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Comparing Grandma's Delicious Cooking Around the World

Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy - Marisa Batini, 80 – Swiss chard and ricotta Ravioli

The term Grandma is most often associated with lots of love, big hugs, and delicious home cooking. Now whether or not your grandma really was a good cook doesn't matter, it's the memories of being at grandma's house that really stick. Italian…


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Intricately Designed Cut Leaf Typography

Malaysia-based graphic designer Mei Linn Chan is still a student, but you wouldn't know it based on her amazing work including this project entitled Leaf Type. Using an exacto knife, Chan delicately hand-carved block letters into the central area of found leaves. She then paired the solid designs with intricate patterns that mimic the leaf's shape and followed the path of its…


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