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Amazing Display of Three Porsches Shooting Off Into the Sky

The flying cars of the future are here! Or so it seems with this installation entitled Porsche 2013 by artist and designer Gerry Judah. The London-based artist was commissioned by Porsche GB to develop this central display for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual motor racing event that takes place in the UK. The very theatrical installation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the…


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Imaginative Illustrations Cleverly Merge Cartoon Worlds

We've seen clever cultural comparisons before, but this one definitely has a new twist. In Cartoon Conspiracy, artist Andrew Kolb has taken fictional animated worlds and combined them into busy urban landscapes. The Ontario-based…


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Intricate Hand-Cut Leaf Designs Reflect Wonders of Nature

In this intricate work, Spain-based artist Lorenzo Durán transforms the already baffling wonder of nature into even more incredible works of hand-cut art. The self-taught artist first began carving when he saw a caterpillar eating a leaf and was inspired to use a similar dissection technique to reveal the hidden mysteries of nature. Durán uses dried leaves as his canvas…


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Funny Illustrations Feature Rapper Jay-Z's 99 Problems

Fans of rapper Jay-Z's music will get a kick out of this illustrated series, 99 Problems, by artist Ali Graham, who claims that "even world famous rappers have problems." Each day, the freelance artist produces a simple image to visually portray a new issue that the popular musician must face. One might think that such a famous guy would encounter very fabulous dilemmas, but the series…


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Explosive Paintings Reach Beyond the Traditional Frame

In these artworks by artist Valerie Hegarty, it looks like the walls have exploded with an array of fruits, foliage, and decay. At first glance, one might think they are viewing art that has been destroyed. However, Hegarty is well-known for her explosive work that reaches out, beyond a flat area and into three-dimensional space.

To produce each piece, Hegarty uses a…


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Decorative Carpet Design Made Completely With Fruit

Brussels-based event company Villa Eugénie recently developed this deliciously appealing carpet made completely out of fresh fruit. The installation was created to promote the launch of clothing line Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collection. The company used everything from lemons and limes to green apples, bananas, and strawberries to complete the extensive design filled with…


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Hot Lava Sets Adventurous Photographer's Feet on Fire

There are all kinds of daredevil photographers in the world, from those who like incredible heights to the fearless pursuers of extreme sports. And now, add…


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Rows of Reflective Boxes Illustrate Portuguese Street Party

Portugal-based project FAHR 021.3 is a creative collaboration between artists Filipa Frois Almeida and Hugo Reis. According to their website, the duo explores "new concepts of ephemeral architecture, installation and urban art." Recently, the group produced this temporary piece entitled Estrutura de S. João as part of the event Acorda! in the Design Institute of Guimarães. The…


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Hilarious Reactions to Getting Splashed in the Face

It's not everyday that a person has a bucket of water poured over their head but, when it does happen, it's generally an unexpected experience. This photo series, entitled Splash, documents the hilarious responses that people and animals have during that moment of surprise. The comical project is a collaborative between Toronto-based photographers David Wile and…


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Powerful African Wildlife Bursts Out of Lively Landscapes

When creating a portrait, painters often ask their models to sit for them in order to capture an accurate depiction. Artist Karen Laurence-Rowe, however, has a bit of an unusual situation. Her subjects are actually a wide variety of African wildlife, so she can't exactly ask them to sit still.

Laurence-Rowe is one of Kenya's leading wildlife artists, documenting everything…


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200 Organized Fluorescent Lights Produce Futuristic Space

In 2012, creative collaboration Lilienthal-Zamora—consisting of visual artists Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora—produced this futuristic installation entitled Through Hollow Lands. The large-scale piece consisted of 200 fluorescent lights arranged into a geometric pattern suspended from the ceiling. Lilienthal explained that the goal was to produce an area in which visitors…


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Dramatic Landscapes Illustrate the Radiance of Nature

Photographer Mizzy Pacheco has an incredible eye for dramatic landscapes that are rich in saturated color and detail. Based in California, Pacheco particularly spends his time tracking the patterns of the sun and the moon so that he can photograph them in all of their splendor. He says "I watch the moon like most people watch network television."

For months, the dedicated…


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Teacher Carries On Hilarious Fashion Tradition for 40 Years

On school picture day, everyone always wants to look their best. For picture day in 1973, Texas elementary school gym teacher Dale Irby donned a brown sweater and wide collared shirt to have his portrait taken and thought nothing of it until the following year when he accidentally wore the same outfit. When he realized his mistake, there was nothing he could do but chuckle at…


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Minimalist Bicycle Posters Cleverly Identify Individual Style

The next time you hop on your bicycle for a quick jaunt around town, consider this clever poster series by French illustrator Thomas Pomarelle and interactive designer Romain Bourdieux. You Are What You Ride is an illustrated collection that visually explains how the type of bicycle you choose to ride can very quickly define your character.

The two artists collaborated to…


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Complex Geometric Sculptures Mimic Molecular Motion

German sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae merges his passions for both science and art to produce all kinds of awe-inspiring work. With a background in quantum physics, Voss-Andreae sees his art as an experimental way to interpret the microscopic world around us. He says, "An 'object' is something that lives completely in the paradigm of classical physics. But, for things that exist in the…


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Innocent Disney Princesses Reveal Their Dark Sides

In this mixed media artwork by street artist Herr Nilsson, a variety of Disney princesses reveal their true gritty side. In much of Nilsson's work, he depicts cute little characters who are disturbingly comfortable with the nasty realities of the cruel world. In continuation of that theme, Nilsson illustrated three princesses—Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping…


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Incredibly Detailed Faces Formed Out of Wonder Bread


Rather than eating her sandwiches, Polish artist Milena Korolczuk has recently taken to transforming them into tiny sculptures. Using Wonder Bread as her medium, the Oakland-based artist draws from iconic pop-culture, art, literature, and historic figures to inspire each detailed face. She uses slices of classic white Wonder Bread and a…


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Playful Posters Feature Animals Around the World

UK-based illustrator Andy Ward created this Natural History poster series as a way for kids—and everyone—to learn about the animals of the world. Leo the Lion was originally developed for a children's book, but the little guy was set aside and sat on a shelf for almost ten years. Eventually, Ward pulled Leo off the shelf and, along with 15 other African…


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Incredibly Expressive Installation Merges Multiple Art Forms

Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sougwen Chung blends various mediums together to create expressive installations. By merging the traditional art form of drawing with more modern software, sound, and light manipulations, Chung produced Chiaroscuro, which is a fascinating example of the talented artist's elaborate vision. The installation is composed of monochromatic, abstract…


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Wild Animals Morph Together with Sexy Female Figure

Canada-based illustrator Jenny Liz Rome combines what seems like average fashion images with unexpected animal details. The artist produces elements like soft peacock feathers, fish bowls, and roaring lion faces that naturally emerge from flowing hair and patterned clothing and blend with female figures. As feathers float away and lions bare their teeth, viewers are…


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