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200 Organized Fluorescent Lights Produce Futuristic Space

In 2012, creative collaboration Lilienthal-Zamora—consisting of visual artists Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora—produced this futuristic installation entitled Through Hollow Lands. The large-scale piece consisted of 200 fluorescent lights arranged into a geometric pattern suspended from the ceiling. Lilienthal explained that the goal was to produce an area in which visitors…


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Dramatic Landscapes Illustrate the Radiance of Nature

Photographer Mizzy Pacheco has an incredible eye for dramatic landscapes that are rich in saturated color and detail. Based in California, Pacheco particularly spends his time tracking the patterns of the sun and the moon so that he can photograph them in all of their splendor. He says "I watch the moon like most people watch network television."

For months, the dedicated…


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Teacher Carries On Hilarious Fashion Tradition for 40 Years

On school picture day, everyone always wants to look their best. For picture day in 1973, Texas elementary school gym teacher Dale Irby donned a brown sweater and wide collared shirt to have his portrait taken and thought nothing of it until the following year when he accidentally wore the same outfit. When he realized his mistake, there was nothing he could do but chuckle at…


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Minimalist Bicycle Posters Cleverly Identify Individual Style

The next time you hop on your bicycle for a quick jaunt around town, consider this clever poster series by French illustrator Thomas Pomarelle and interactive designer Romain Bourdieux. You Are What You Ride is an illustrated collection that visually explains how the type of bicycle you choose to ride can very quickly define your character.

The two artists collaborated to…


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Complex Geometric Sculptures Mimic Molecular Motion

German sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae merges his passions for both science and art to produce all kinds of awe-inspiring work. With a background in quantum physics, Voss-Andreae sees his art as an experimental way to interpret the microscopic world around us. He says, "An 'object' is something that lives completely in the paradigm of classical physics. But, for things that exist in the…


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Innocent Disney Princesses Reveal Their Dark Sides

In this mixed media artwork by street artist Herr Nilsson, a variety of Disney princesses reveal their true gritty side. In much of Nilsson's work, he depicts cute little characters who are disturbingly comfortable with the nasty realities of the cruel world. In continuation of that theme, Nilsson illustrated three princesses—Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping…


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Incredibly Detailed Faces Formed Out of Wonder Bread


Rather than eating her sandwiches, Polish artist Milena Korolczuk has recently taken to transforming them into tiny sculptures. Using Wonder Bread as her medium, the Oakland-based artist draws from iconic pop-culture, art, literature, and historic figures to inspire each detailed face. She uses slices of classic white Wonder Bread and a…


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Playful Posters Feature Animals Around the World

UK-based illustrator Andy Ward created this Natural History poster series as a way for kids—and everyone—to learn about the animals of the world. Leo the Lion was originally developed for a children's book, but the little guy was set aside and sat on a shelf for almost ten years. Eventually, Ward pulled Leo off the shelf and, along with 15 other African…


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Incredibly Expressive Installation Merges Multiple Art Forms

Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sougwen Chung blends various mediums together to create expressive installations. By merging the traditional art form of drawing with more modern software, sound, and light manipulations, Chung produced Chiaroscuro, which is a fascinating example of the talented artist's elaborate vision. The installation is composed of monochromatic, abstract…


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Wild Animals Morph Together with Sexy Female Figure

Canada-based illustrator Jenny Liz Rome combines what seems like average fashion images with unexpected animal details. The artist produces elements like soft peacock feathers, fish bowls, and roaring lion faces that naturally emerge from flowing hair and patterned clothing and blend with female figures. As feathers float away and lions bare their teeth, viewers are…


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Fairytale Portraits Blur Lines Between Reality and Fiction

Inspired by the cinema, French photographer Victoria Audouard takes us on a little adventure in this photo series entitled Mirrors. The portraits are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, where every adventure is a confusing whirl of complex ideas. Each fairytale setting features a young girl reflecting the landscape back towards the viewer through a rounded mirror. As she…


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3D-Printing Technology Produces Modern Exoskeletal Cast

With this new 3D-printed exoskeletal cast idea, the incredibly fun and funky looking design provides a bit of leeway when it comes to scratching that itch halfway down your arm or balancing one leg outside of the shower so as not to get the cast wet. Victoria University of Wellington Architecture and Design school graduate Jake Evill recently developed this concept, called…


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Cleverly Designed Cutting Boards Feature Custom Engravings

Elysium Woodworks is a creative husband and wife shop that offers all kinds of fun, personalized and custom engravings on wood cutting boards. The California-based team creates designs which often start as sketches on paper and are eventually transformed into these gorgeous, intricate carvings. The imaginative concepts include hand drawn images, clever…


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Incredibly Lifelike Sculptures Built With Old Typewriter Parts

Using old typewriter parts, Jeremy Mayer produces these complex sculptures of anatomically correct human figures and animals. The Oakland-based sculptor and illustrator collects the unwanted and antiquated machines and happily takes them apart in order to create something incredibly unique. He doesn't solder, weld, or glue the parts together, so the entire piece involves only…


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A Person Shockingly Inside Another Person

How outrageous is this Speak Like a Native ad campaign by Hakuhodo Indonesia advertising agency! With innovation at the heart of their operations, the company's creative team concocted this eye-catching concept by following the motto of "creative alchemy," where new ideas come from unexpected combinations.

The bizarre series was developed to promote Berlitz Language…


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Swirling Lines Form Psychedelic Portraits

These Self-Portraits and Liquid Friends are energetic paintings by Nikos Gyftakis. Using vibrant colors and swirling brush strokes, the Greek artist blends curves and circular lines together to form each oil painting. From a distance, eyes and faces stare out at the viewer. Upon closer inspection, each face transforms into an abstract blur of…


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Realistically Detailed Photo Book Looks Just Like a Sandwich

You may want to grab a snack before checking out this Sandwich Book by photographer and graphic designer Pawel Piotrowski. In this day of digital and audio books, it's nice to see something that you can actually hold in your hands, but the pages of this book are not exactly what you would expect.

Piotrowski uses realistic imagery to produce a picture book that looks good…


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Amazing Illusions Formed with Perfectly Aligned Objects

At first you may think you are looking at four separate photographs placed directly next to each other in a square formation. But, look closely and you'll realize that what you see is completely real—no Photoshop used at all! New York-based photographer Béla Borsodi created this single image for band VLP's recent album,…


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Small Rainbow Room Covered with 11 Miles of Thread

For more than 35 years, the rainbow flag has stood as a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride and diversity. Last year, using the rainbow flag as inspiration, Cape Town-based designer Pierre le Riche designed Broederbond in an attempt to explore and to better understand the social issues that surround homosexuality in his home town and within Afrikaner…


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Pin-Up Portraits of Deer Girls

These oil on canvas paintings by artist Emily Burns explore contemporary concepts of female beauty. The artist's experimental portraits, a series entitled Deer Girls, feature sensual, feminine figures paired with deer heads. The pin-up girl portraits stimulate a curiosity about the natural blend between human and animal. By eliminating the face, Burns removes a viewer's natural instinct to…


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