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Scuba Diver Takes Breathtaking Photos of Underwater World

Climbing on board a boat, putting on scuba gear, and splashing into the water to go diving is not an activity for everyone. But for some, like Flickr photographer lar3, diving is the perfect opportunity for discovery. In these surreal landscapes, the adventurous photographer transports us to another world. From an underwater perspective, he captures natural gradients of color and interesting…


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Gorgeous Starry Night Engagement Photos

Photographer team Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong have recently developed a new trend for engagement photo shoots. The married duo combine nature with portraits, using long exposures to produce these romantic moments underneath the stars.

The idea was sparked when one couple requested an engagement session in Joshua Tree, California in the middle of 100-degree…


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Gold Dinosaur Skeletons Adorn Louis Vuitton Display

The many store window displays in New York City often serve as both an incredible art exhibit as well as product advertisement. In this display by Louis Vuitton, fashionistas and history buffs alike will enjoy the trendy spectacle of gold dinosaur bones paired with the iconic new Pre-Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection.

Inspired by the display at the Natural History Museum in…


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Clever Food Art Plays Off Everyday Expressions

Easy as pie

Many of us have heard the expressions "cool as a cucumber" or "easy as pie." In this playful collection of food art, London-based designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan took those phrases to the next level, creating a series in which each food idiom comes to life right before our eyes. The artist created compositions that naturally…


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Kinetic Sculptures Flow Organically with the Wind

Artist Anthony Howe creates kinetic sculptures that are suspended or stand glistening against their outdoor settings. The many windmill-like structures respond to their surrounding natural environments by reflecting sunlight and producing motion in response to wind. Using mainly stainless steel and fiberglass, Howe produces all kinds of interesting symmetrically balanced forms…


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Artist Encourages Viewers to Destroy Her Delicate Sculptures

Usually during an art show, visitors are asked to not touch the artwork. However, during artist Courtney McCracken's installation entitled For Your Pleasure, she actually encouraged people to destroy everything that they saw. In the one night interactive installation, McCracken set up all kinds of destructible objects like inflated red balloons, a complex but delicate tower…


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Festival of Dazzling Fireworks Explode Around Spectators

For anyone who loves fireworks, the National Pyrotechnic Festival is a dream come true. Every year, the nine day festival is hosted by the city of Tultepec, Mexico. Along with the rides, food, and music, the event features amazing fireworks displays. Recently, New York-based photographer Thomas Prior was able to document the many visually striking light displays…


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Reflective Moments of People Overlooking New York City

People in New York can't always appreciate the splendor of the city from down among the crowded sidewalks and streets. To capture the truly magical essence of the immense urban space, photographer Sean Ryan Pierce climbed to the rooftops and photographed people as they looked over The Big Apple from high above, documenting reflective moments that serve as…


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Modern Day Cave Painting Symbolizes Transcendence

Street artist David De La Mano recently created this amazingly captivating mural, entitled Transciende (Transcends), along the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay. In his signature monochromatic style, the artist explores paintings that elegantly transform simple shapes into complex images. The basic forms and limited colors mimic the style of cave paintings, which closely…


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3,500 Pounds of Cascading Chains Hang 120 Feet High

Ball-Nogues Studio, a collaboration between artists Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues, recently decorated the Music City Center in Nashville Tennessee with this colorful, free-flowing interior sculpture. Entitled Euphony, the piece is part of the studio's ongoing work that intersects architecture with art. The cascading 28 miles of material, hanging nearly 120 feet high and…


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Complex Geometric Lamp Designs Produced with 3D Printing

Artist Bathsheba Grossman has a great eye for beautifully symmetrical geometry. For more than twenty years, she has produced all kinds of complex, mathematical designs that she transforms into tangible objects through the technologically advanced process of 3D printing. In collaboration with .MGX—pioneers in 3D-printed…


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Giant Wooden Fish Formed With Two Recycled Boats

In the mind of British artist David Kemp, what seem like piles of junk to the average person are actually the makings for many of his impressive sculptures. Based on the far western coast of Cornwall in the UK, Kemp collects all kinds of scraps and bits and recycles them into things that only a talented artist can imagine. Through his work, he finds ways to redefine what others see as…


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Haunting Dog Portraits Filled with Emotional Isolation

In the series, entitled Nice to Meet You, London-based photographer Martin Usborne has created a haunting collection of dog portraits filled with emotional solitude. Each lonely guy is isolated behind different kinds of substances—things like a wet pane of glass, faint smoke, and dense material—creating a literal divide between the animal and the viewer. Usborne pairs each…


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Extremely Detailed Large Scale Paintings of Bugs

These bugs are painted with an extraordinary detail that is often only associated with photographs. In the Bugs series, New York-based fine artist Suzanne Berry intricately paints everything from ladybugs to caterpillars to wasps. Mostly self-taught, she uses intense highlights and deep shadows to capture the essence of life in each still painting.

Generally, Berry paints the…


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Clever Dog Collar Gadget Monitors Pet's Daily Activities

This new product by San Francisco-based company Whistle is just like a pedometer, but it isn't meant for people. The pet-friendly device, simply called Whistle, attaches to a dog's collar and monitors all kinds of data based on the animal's weight, age, and breed. It collects information about how much the dog walks, plays, and rests throughout a day, plus it registers any…


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Collaborative Origami Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice has hit the streets again, brightening up select urban areas with her thought-provoking colorful creations. Most recently, she introduced the city of Angers, France to the art of folding, covering staircases, walkways, schools, leisure centers, the side of buildings, and even a prison, with her signature rainbows of colorful…


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One Hour Exposures Capture Active Motion in Museums

La Joconde—Salle des Etats, Le Louvre

As visitors zip in and out of museums and exhibits around the world, the consistent presence of the artwork is all that remains still. Photographer Matthew Pillsbury documents this active motion using his signature style which features long exposures and natural light. In his series, entitled Time Frame, the…


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Constantly Changing Majestic Beauty of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is already a spectacular natural phenomenon so it's hard to imagine capturing all of its splendor in one still photograph. However, photographer Yukio Ohyama has found ways to present the powerfully captivating landscape in incredibly unique and awe-inspiring ways.

As the seasons change, every day presents Ohyama with a mountain that is…


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Pilot Documents His Journeys From 35,000 Feet High

With all of the security precautions these days, it's rare that anyone other than the pilot gets to check out the cockpit of an airplane. However, Dubai-based photographer and major airline pilot Karim Nafatni has both the skill and the access to take us on a journey more than 35,000 feet above sea level and into the mechanical mecca of many different jets.

Flying high above…


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World's Most Elaborate LEGO Display Comes to New York

After seeing these photos, LEGO fans everywhere will be completely inspired to 1) Start playing with LEGOs and 2) Head to the Discovery Times Square New York Museum as soon as possible. Opening tomorrow, Thursday June 13, 2013, The Art of the Brick is an…


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