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New Work by Chloe Early Features Figures Suspended in Air

We love the work of talented artist Chloe Early so we were excited when she reached out to us to let us know about her upcoming solo exhibit at The Outsiders Gallery in London. Suspended will…


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Creatives Offered a Free Stay on Private "Ideas" Island

Did you ever wish that you owned your very own island? Well, here's your chance! Singapore-based Swedish author Fredrik Härén developed Ideas Island, a concept in which he offers people a free place to stay on one of his private islands so that they can work on their creative ideas.

Härén owns three islands:…


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Ghostly Feminine Forms in Haunting Long-Exposures

This eerie collection is an intriguing self-portrait series created by American photographer Janelle Pietrzak. In every large color photograph, ghostly female forms interrupt the strikingly beautiful landscapes with a lingering presence that is both mystifying…


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Spectacular Splashes Create Colorful Liquid Creatures

It would be quite shocking to come across these giant creatures emerging from the surface of a lake. In reality, though, it wouldn't be possible considering Milwaukee-based photographer Jack Long captures the beautiful liquid formations at extremely high speeds.

With technical acuity, Long…


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Charmingly Detailed Illustrations That Are Smaller than a Penny

With incredible precision, California-based artist Sam Larson produces tiny illustrations that are no larger than a penny. To prove it, he places a penny right next to the drawings and documents them on Instagram.

In the images, Larson manages to include great details, color, and shading that require close inspection to fully appreciate. His variety of scenes feature mountains,…


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Hilarious Portraits of Tiny Babies Dressed Up In Adult Clothes


Babies are already pretty adorable, but babies dressed up like adults are just hilarious! Instagrammer Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts) is behind this new trending hashtag, #babysuiting, that has mommies dressing…


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Everyday Objects Hilariously Redesigned in Ridiculous Ways

At first glance, you might not think twice about a pot with two handles or a chair with a curved seat. But if you actually imagine using any of these products, you may find yourself laughing at the impracticality of it all. Created by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani, The Uncomfortable is an ongoing series of useless and "deliberately inconvenient" everyday…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight—Cody William Smith's Reflective Landscapes

These beautifully complex landscapes by LA-based photographer Cody William Smith merge multiple perspectives into one intriguing photograph. Circular mirrors perfectly placed within the compositions reflect other elements located nearby and create a captivating depth within the natural scenes. From land to sea, Smith presents the world with a wonderfully elegant approach.

We are pleased to announce that…


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Young Intern Sets Herself Apart with LEGO Model Resume

To find a good job these days, handing over a paper resume just isn't enough. It's important to make yourself—and your resume—as memorable as possible. Taking this into account, a young woman named Leah decided to go all out and she developed this impressive presentation.

She designed a LEGO model of herself and sent out a number of internship applications to a variety of advertising…


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Beautiful Details of Tiny Insect Wings Revealed in Macro Photos

As butterflies and moths flutter past, it's difficult to see all of the beautiful details of each tiny insect. Biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill has worked hard to bring those microscopic details to plain view through his incredible macro photography.

Using magnification from 7 to 17 times life size, Gledhill captures complex, repetitive patterns and vibrant colors…


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Photo Contest Finalists Creatively Capture Light in Landscapes

Stunning rays of sunlight bursting through clouds; dramatic shadows cast along the ground of the forest; and rainbows shooting across the sky. These are all the types of light that judges look for in the Velux Lovers of Light competition.

The annual landscape photography event invites photographers to capture the beauty of natural light as it illuminates our world. This…


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Installation of 6,000 CDs Creates Colorful Light Reflections

As digital music continues to thrive, CDs are more and more a thing of the past. For the architects of Ignatov Architects, though, the little round discs were the perfect medium for this art project, entitled Mirror Culture. For the interactive installation, the team, along with 128 volunteers, invited residents and visitors of Varna in Bulgaria to help mount more than 6,000…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Shane Hawk's Stunning Landscapes

When 23-year-old photographer Shane Hawk turns his eye towards the sky, the results are these magical landscapes filled with glistening waters and vibrant skies that seem electric. By capturing reflections that blur the lines between sky and land, he redefines how we perceive the world. The powerful energy that emanates from each scene reminds viewers of the natural beauty that surrounds us every…


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"Walking Disney" Characters Survive in an Apocalyptic World

Ariel and Eric

In a world of turmoil and darkness, the classic fairytale princesses wouldn't escape into their castles and hide away. At least not according to artist Kasami-Sensei, who developed this series in which Disney characters are poised and ready for battle.

The Walking Disney features many characters, including the beautiful…


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Portraits of Identical Twins at Age 50 Reveal Similarities and Differences Over Time

According to Confucius, 50 is the age when people begin to understand their fate. In an effort to visually explore this concept, Beijing-based photographer Gao Rongguo created this contemplative series, entitled Identical Twins, in which he photographs twin brothers and sisters from the Shandong province, where the artist grew up.

The project features a portrait of each twin…


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Unexpectedly Hilarious Moments Caught on Kiss Cam

If you have ever found yourself caught on the kiss cam at a sporting event, you may be familiar with that awkward moment when you have to decide what to do. Rather than going with the typical sweet smooch that everyone expected, at least one person in each of these couples went off course by kissing multiple people, making out with the beer in their hand, and ultimately behaving in…


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Fascinating Differences Between Human and Animal Vision


Nature is incredibly mystifying. The differences in human and animal capabilities vary in many ways, particularly, how we see the world. Editor of Muse, Inkfish blogger, and cephalopod enthusiast Elizabeth Preston recently developed this article about how humans see the world compared to different kinds of creatures.



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Inventive Space-Saving Light Design Also Holds Potted Plants

Bucketlight is a multifunctional design that makes the most of unused overhead spaces in any room. Created by Dutch designer Roderick Vos, the inventive concept is both a hanging plant as well as overhead illumination. The creative lighting keeps floor and desk spaces free of clutter while also creating a comfortable environment filled with natural greenery.

Each piece consists of…


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7 Million Pound, 112-Year-Old Temple Appears to Float Effortlessly in Mid-Air

It's not every day that you see an almost 7 million pound building suspended in mid-air. But that's the case with this Tabernacle located in Provo, Utah. The Provo Tabernacle, originally constructed from 1883-1898, suffered extreme fire damage in 2010. However, the 112-year-old exterior continued to stand strong and, in 2011, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)…


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Detailed Bird Illustrations on Feathers Promote Wildlife Conservation

London-based artist Rebecca Jewell creates beautiful pieces that combine her interests in anthropology, natural history, and art. Her extensive work in Papua New Guinea and then as an artist-in-residence at the British Museum have provided great influences for her many unique works, including watercolors, detailed drawings, charcoals, and printmaking.

Inspired by the many…


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