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Surreal Scenes Reveal Artist's Innermost Personal Secrets

Canadian artist Leah Johnston has mastered the art of storytelling through her visually creative and expressive fine art photography. Each surreal scene is a self-portrait that combines performance art and post-processing to produce an intriguing narrative. The artist bravely takes us on adventures through a lively and personal world that stems from her own creative writing.…


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Perfectly Sculpted Wooden Figures Reveal Human Flaws

Conflicting messages emerge from this work by Italian artist Aron Demetz as strong human forms gaze out with sad, expressionless eyes, evoking in viewers an eerie sense of loneliness. The meticulously sculpted bodies are covered with layers of rough wooden shavings, a symbol of the flaws that we all carry with us. But, rather than concealing them, Demetz exposes them for all to see and…


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Artist Matches Pantone Swatches to Everyday Life

Recently on Instagram, photographer Paul Octavious has taken to matching Pantone swatches to the world around him in an ongoing series simply titled The Pantone Project. Drawing on the basic color matching system used in the printing industry, Octavious matches snippets of his everyday life to the solid blocks of color that have fun names like Sunshine…


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Stunning Train Images Evoke Feelings of Nostalgia

Wales-based father and son team Robin and Taliesin Coombes are dedicated to capturing the beauty of the railways in their dramatic and visually captivating photographs. Through unique perspectives and strong compositions, the photography duo show their passion for all kinds of trains through a variety of wide landscapes and up-close details.

The Coombes team…


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Artistic Dad Photoshops His Daughter Into Fun Adventures

This baby is having the time of her life in these creative adventures by Sweden-based photographer Emil Nystrom. Featuring his own daughter, Signhild, as the main subject, Nystrom has developed a series of innovative concepts that will certainly bring a smile to your face. In the photoshopped compositions, the little one is doing all sorts of bizarre things like fixing a car,…


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Quirky and Confident Parisian Twins Share an Identical Life

London-based photographer Maja Daniels focuses her work on sociology, creating visual depictions of people blending together within society. So when she first saw these adult twins passing by, she was instantly intrigued. After observing them for many years, Daniels finally decided to approach Monette and Mady to ask if she could document their lives. The Parisian twins live a shared life,…


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Intriguing Family Portraits Feature Treasured Objects

Grandma Ilva, Mario's wife

Generally when a person hears the phrase 'family portrait,' images of happy, smiling faces come to mind. However, when photographer Camilla Catrambone considered this concept, she had a different idea for how to portray her family. In her series Portraits of My Family, rather than…


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Layered Paintings Represent Transitional Phases of Life

Times of transition—a big move, a new baby, quitting a job—are often exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. These oil paintings by Michelle Jader are a visual metaphor for that inevitable tumble through everyday living. Jader says her work "explores moments when we willingly and unwillingly dive into the next phase of our lives. These critical times of life contain a…


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Nighttime Long Exposures of Rotating Helicopter Blades

In 1949, American photographer Andreas Feininger captured these incredible slinky-like images of U.S. Navy helicopters as they ascended from the ground and took off into the air in Anacostia, Maryland. As the light-tipped blades rotated rapidly, Feininger captured the movement with long exposures against the dark night sky. The repetitive pattern of light…


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Interactive Light Projections Produce Futuristic Sculptures

In 2011, Sober Industries and Studio Rewind teamed up to develop these dynamic and mesmerizing animal light displays. The installation, entitled Welcome to the Future, featured two wooden sculptures—one owl and one rhinoceros—with all kinds of futuristic patterns and shapes projected onto the surface. The changing patterns of light kept audiences…


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Powerfully Captivating Surreal Oil Paintings by Joel Rea

In his extensive collection of surreal paintings, artist Joel Rea takes us on extreme adventures. His hyperrealistic landscapes and portraits feature everything from swirls of stormy winds and water to giant dogs chasing tiny people. Using brushes as thin as just a few hairs, the Australian artist spends hour upon hour meticulously developing his oil paintings until they are…


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Creative Pop-Up Libraries Promote Literacy Across New York

Created by Stereotank, Little Free LIbrary is a public installation project providing New Yorkers with a spontaneous opportunity to read a book. Just like you might do in a library, the books can be borrowed but need to be returned or exchanged in order to keep each location active.

Located in…


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Suspended Paper Sculpture Made from a Sheet of Paper

Using just one single sheet of paper, Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima delicately hand-cut this amazing Cloud Leopard Papercut sculpture to mimic the shape of a large spotted animal, whiskers and all. Her steady hands and extreme patience were tested throughout the duration of the cutting process, which took five months to complete. Inspired by humans,…


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Hong Kong's Incredibly Dense Apartment Buildings

In Architecture of Density, German photographer Michael Wolf takes the massive, busy city of Hong Kong and narrows it down to the smaller details of its high-rise apartment buildings. By eliminating the sky and cropping in on just specific sections of the buildings, Wolf transforms the repetitive rows of mesmerizing patterns and textures throughout the city into flat…


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Hilarious Photo of a T-Rex Chasing a Wedding Party

Anyone planning a wedding anytime soon should take a look at this hilarious concept by photographer Quinn Miller. The entertaining photo features a full wedding party screaming for their lives as they run frantically away from a T-Rex. It's certainly a unique image and the final result definitely makes for a memorable wedding day photo!

Miller, a Louisiana-based…


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Steel Sculptures Project Words Through Colored Lights

All kinds of messages emerge from these six typography sculptures, a collection entitled Words of Steel. Commissioned by the city of Palo Alto, California, the pieces were designed and built by creative public art team Joe O'Connell and Blessing Hancock. Each piece features a variety of multilingual phrases that are cut out of the steel and welded together…


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Incredibly Lively Ink Illustrations Cover Unusual Surfaces

UK-based illustrator Johanna Basford transforms simple white surfaces into all kinds of captivating ink illustrations. Preferring pens and pencils to pixels, the artist says, "For me, computer generated graphics can feel cold and soulless whereas hand drawing captures a sense of energy and character which no pixel can ever replicate." Every one of her…


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Clever Paper Cut Designs Feature Animals and Their Snacks

People often say "You are what you eat." Well, Oregon-based artist Wendy Wallin Malinow thought it would be interesting to see that phrase in action and developed this series entitled Bone-A-Day. The series is a clever and colorful collection of intricate paper cut designs layered together to expose the things that the animals recently ate. Each piece features a hand-cut simple…


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Repetitive Typography Forms Incredible Illusions of Space

Modern Mantra is a series of 18 drawings where words and letters are transformed into typography objects. In each piece, Swedish artist Thomas Broomé makes great use of the English language to convey his creative interpretations of various home interiors including a basic bedroom, living room, and dining room. He uses Indian ink on stark white paper to create the simple black and…


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Large Indoor Cloud Formed with Thousands of Kites

Superabundant Atmosphere is an installation developed by New York City-based artist Jacob Hashimoto. The site-specific piece consisted of thousands of white kite-like circular parts that were built out of handmade silk fabric glued to a bamboo frame. Along with five assistants, Hasimoto created a structure at Rice Gallery in which the smaller segments were…


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