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Amazing DIY Fish Tank Combined with Gardening Eco-System

Artist Mathieu Lehanneur has created a DIY fish and gardening eco-system that can sit right in the middle of your living room. The Paris-based artist's studio produces industrial design and interior architecture that blends interactions between people and living systems within the environment. Local River is an in-home unit that houses freshwater fish and a mini vegetable patch. The…


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3D Book Sculptures Symbolize Struggles with OCD

UK-based graphic designer Thomas Wightman has created a series of sculptures that visually convey personal emotion through symbolic form. Specifically, he researched the thoughts and feelings of those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because he says, "I want to create a voice for the sufferers [of OCD] and the emotions felt by them."

Each of the three…


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Acrobatic Performers Travel Within a Circular Mobile Home

The Wheel House is a live performance in which two acrobatic performers entertain audiences with the slow-paced rolling travel of their mobile home. The interior space of the circular home is designed to look just like a normal house, with doors, windows, curtains, pots and pans, and even a bed. The project is produced by Acrojou Circus Theatre, a group formed in 2006 by…


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Camouflaged Boxes Blend Into a Room's Background

Using photography as her medium, Toronto-based visual artist Elise Victoria Windsor produces all kinds of visual illusions. To produce this series, entitled Trompe L’Oeil: Petite Maison, Windsor first documents a selected scene, generally an everyday place like a bathroom or a set of stairs. Next, she builds a 3D structure and mounts a section of the…


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A Powerful Display of Rare White Tigers at Feeding Time

I would NOT want to be in the way of these Bengal white tigers when they are hungry! Australia-based photographer Birte Person wasn't quite as afraid. With the safety of distance, she was brave enough to capture these stunning shots of the rare animals during feeding time at the Singapore Zoo.

The almost extinct white tiger is caused by a rare genetic recessive gene…


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2,186 Sugar Cubes Form a Beautiful London Skyline

If you love sweets then you will definitely like seeing this recreation of the London skyline. Created by Chris Naylor, the piece is composed of 2,186 sugar cubes and weighs almost 30 pounds. It was developed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands.

Actually 210 years old, the Museum of London Docklands building was one of several built by London sugar…


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An Artist's Creative Interpretation of Well-Balanced Meals

These playful sculptures are a visual reminder to keep a healthy diet. Each image features the ingredients for a delicious meal, with all of the parts organized into precariously balanced structures. Italian stylist Elena Mora collaborated with photographer Karsten Wegenerto to produce this series, entitled Ricettario: A Balanced…


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Captivating Portraits of Luminous Underwater Creatures

These underwater portraits of creatures who inhabit the sea are filled with such character and life. Hawaii-based photographer Joshua Lambus documents the amazing detail of many aquatic species, stating that he hopes to show people things they haven't seen before or to entice people to see something familiar in a new way.

In his collection entitled…


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Saudi Arabia's Dazzling Art of Reflections

In 2011, collaborative duo Shadia and Raja Alem were selected to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with The Black Arch installation at La Biennale di Venezia. Between the two contemporary artists, also sisters, Shadia is the visual artist while Raja is the writer. According to the siblings, they experience an incomparable, spiritual bond that allows them to excel at their…


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Fantasizing About the Perfect Elegant Death

Landscape with a Corpse is a series of images in which Japanese photographer Izima Kaoru merges violence with delicate, feminine beauty. For each spectacle, Kaoru asks his model to reveal their fantasy about a perfect death. He then asks them which designer clothing they imagine wearing when people discover their dead body. Using that information, Kaoru combines…


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Octagonal Fragments Unite to Form One Whole Image

This mixed media installation by artist MoE Thomas, entitled Manifest Destiny, is like a giant, colorful puzzle. When viewers observe the piece from straight on, the many octagonal shapes appear to blend into one combined image. However, from a side perspective, one can see that the sections are actually scattered at various distances from the wall.…


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Mystifying Illusions of People Walking Sideways on Walls

These black and white figures are so realistic, pedestrians might be mystified when they pass by this wall mural by Norwegian stencil artist Anders Gjennestad. Also known as Strøk, the artist utilizes all kinds of visual tricks, including distorted perspective and strong shadows, to produce illusions of people walking sideways on walls.

Strøk's canvas is often rusty metal,…


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Amazing Landscapes Featuring Rows of Symmetrical Trees

These spectacular photographs by Oliver Delgado are no trick, the images are actual real-world scenes. Captured directly in camera, the stunning optical illusions do not involve any digital manipulation. When asked about the photographs, Delgado said, "All images are real. I only adjusted levels in Lightroom.” If you don't believe it, you can even check out a…


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Oversized Flamingo Skull Mural Features Incredible Detail

Artistic duo Telmo Miel create incredibly realistic and surrealistic artwork using spray paint techniques to produce their street art. The muralists and image-makers, Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann, recently developed this piece, entitled Flamin'go. Set up on a large canvas in the middle of Artifex Gallery and Wijnegem Shopping Center in Antwerp, Belgium, visitors to the space had the…


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Amazingly Detailed Illustrations Drawn on Foam Coffee Cups

Cheeming Boey, generally known as just Boey, was at a coffee shop and needed something on which to write down his ideas. He didn't have any paper, so he found the next best thing—his coffee cup. After seeing some incredibly awesome results, the Malaysian animator and artist continued sketching on the creative surface and has since produced a wide range of awesome foam coffee cup…


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Adventurous Photographer Captures Thrilling Thunderstorms

These intense weather scenes seem to be taken right out of an apocalyptic movie. It's not everyday that we get to witness such dark skies and giant, swirling clouds looming in the distance. In his collection, entitled Sky, Clouds, and the World Above, photographer and storm chaser Sean R. Heavey captures these wondrous moments for all to…


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Funny Posters Feature Objects with Surprising Personality

These playful graphic prints by graphic designer, filmmaker and artist Safwat Saleem are quite entertaining. Coupled is a series that features relationships between two inanimate objects or cartoons that are interacting with each other in very unexpected ways. The two-color designs incorporate simple silhouettes paired with clever captions that give surprising meaning to each…


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Contemporary Figurative Paintings Evoke Strong Emotion

Looking at these paintings is like staring through a foggy window on a rainy day. Soft emotion in blurry form pours out of these feminine portraits by artist Mark Demsteader. The Manchester-based contemporary figurative artist is a self-taught master of the human form. His oil on canvas pieces feature pale figures set against a dark background. The dramatic contrast produces an…


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Rolls of Masking Tape Form a Kaleidoscope of Colors

These ribbon-like objects are actually rolls of colorful tape, carefully and strategically placed throughout a warehouse in Sendai, Japan. Art director and graphic designer Koji Iyama has been working his way across the country, producing these playful installations as a way to promote mt masking tape. By utilizing the material in unexpected ways, Iyama shows his…


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Half-Submerged Men Caught Between Dreams and Reality

Limbo is a collection of portraits featuring men who are trapped in a symbolic struggle between two choices. Based in El Salvador, artist Rodrigo Dada produced this series to illustrate the concept of transition. In the photographs, each person can choose to go one of two ways, continuing the descent underwater or moving forward and emerging above the surface.



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