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Revealing Portraits of Everyday Foods Sliced in Half

In this appetizing series, still life and food photographer Beth Galton gives us a fresh perspective on some basic, everyday meals. Cut Food is a series of just that—food that is cut in half, giving us a glimpse at the gooey, delicious mid-sections of a doughnut, a bowl of soup, and even a hot dog on a bun. Your stomach will growl with hunger as you flip through this…


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Modern Tribute to Artist Frida Kahlo's Powerful Self-Portraits

In this series, Bulgarian photographer Kiril Stanoev pays tribute to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. During her career, Kahlo produced quite a large number of self-portraits through which she was able to express herself and her emotions. Kahlo once said, "They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality." In honor of this renowned…


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Paintings of Young Children Bonding with Playful Animals

During her childhood, California-based artist Amberlee Rosolowich often visited her mother—a zookeeper and aquarium show diver—at work. Having grown up surrounded by animals, she uses this past as inspiration for her playful paintings which blend strong creatures interacting with young children. Rosolowich says, "I became fascinated early on with animal behavior,…


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Chandelier Produces a Forest of Wild Tree Shadows

Bring the beauty and mystery of nature right into your home with this lovely light sculpture by creative collaboration Hilden & Diaz. The two artists, Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, blend their artistic interests by starting with what they describe as "existing cultural icons and basic elements, which they transform and modify to tamper with the common perception."

Forms in…


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Faceless Young Girls Gaze Upon Developing Urban Skylines

With their backs to the camera, young schoolgirls sit and gaze out into their future in this series by photographer Weng Fen. Sitting on the Wall features faceless feminine youth who are intrigued by the city skylines of places like Hai-kou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. As the urban landscape finds itself in a continual state of change and expansion, so do these young girls…


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Creative Sticky Tape Featuring International City Skylines


London-based artist Cecily Vessey's playful collection of illustrations and prints feature city-themed skylines and landmarks from places including New York, Paris, and London. Regardless of which city you prefer, these Decorative Skyline Sticky Tape designs are a fun way to wrap packages, seal envelopes, and decorate all kinds…


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Detailed Human Sculptures Painted With Bold Stripes of Color

Italian artist Willy Verginer creates distinctly detailed wooden sculptures that are dipped into bright paints. Each piece is carved from a single piece of wood, and features young and old, male and female, and even animals. The final results are a strange mix of natural wood, stripes of bold colors and patterns, and detailed human figures that are incredibly lifelike.

Several of…


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Tiny Human Sculptures with Immensly Exaggerated Features

Born in Argentina, visual artist Gerardo Feldstein builds sculptures featuring wacky human figures with disproportionately large hands or feet. Made out of wire and wood, the pieces portray strangely intriguing moments when perspective is distorted.

Through his work, Feldstein challenges his viewers to make sense of what we see. The tiny headed figures with exaggerated features do all…


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Seven Illustrated Lessons We Can All Learn From a Dog

According to this series of illustrations by artist Patrick Moberg, life would be much easier if we all took a few quick notes from the behavior of a dog. The artist says, "My family never had a dog when I was younger, so I don't know a whole lot about them, but recently there's been a couple running around the office I work out of. Here's a couple things I've picked up…


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Incredibly Realistic 3D Illustrations of Wooden Objects

Wooden is a series by Germany-based graphic designer Antoni Tudisco. Just 21 years old, Tudisco is a talented young artist who says, "I [have been] a fan of extraordinary things ever since I was a child." Since receiving his diploma at age 18, Tudisco has been sought after by brand name companies including Reebok Woman, Coca-Cola, and MTV Philippines.

In this digital art project,…


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Historical Figures Transformed Into Modern Illustrations

William Shakespeare

A recent project commissioned by the UK's history TV channel Yesterday has artists transforming historical portraits into modern day interpretations. The series is meant to celebrate the station's new series, The Secret Life Of…, which is described as 14-part series that "lifts the lid on established and renowned superstars from…


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Revealing Backstage Requests Made by Famous Musicians

Frank Sinatra: One bottle each: Absolute, Jack Daniel’s, Chivas Regal, Courvoisier, Beefeater Gin, white wine, red wine. Twenty-four chilled jumbo shrimp, Life Savers, cough drops.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has a talent for portraying people and their personalities…


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Layers of RGB Color Reveal Fabulous Landscapes

Milan-based creative team Carnovsky is a duo consisting of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. Recently, for Milan Design Week 2013, the team created this exhibit entitled Fabulous Landscapes. The installation is a continuation of their ongoing RGB project, in which the artists experiment with layers of colors, both print and light, as they appear to the naked eye. Printing on…


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Famous Landmarks Seen Through a Tilt Shift Perspective

Machu Picchu

Richard Silver doesn't want to just document the world around him with a typical photograph. Instead, the New York-based photographer wants to share his life experiences through extensive travel and creative visual techniques like panorama, HDR and, in this case, tilt shift photography. He says, "Photography and travel may as well be one word to me.…


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Double Exposures Blur Lines Between New York and London

Photographer Daniella Zalcman recently moved from New York to London. She says, "They’re both places I adore, and (in my opinion) they’re two of the most photogenic cities in the world." As a result, she decided to produce this series of work in which the two cities visually overlap in layers of time and space. The series blurs the lines of geography,…


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Giant Space Suit Replica Worn by the First Woman in Space

Mother Earth Sister Moon is a collaborative project by Polish artists Joanna Malinowska and Christian Tomaszewski. It was originally commissioned by Performa in association with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and Open Art Projects, and has been exhibited several times across the years as an exploration of culture. According to the artist…


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Hilarious Photos of People Walking Invisible Dogs

At first glance, these photographs appear to be everyday moments of people who are out for a walk with their dogs. However, upon closer inspection, viewers will realize that all of the dogs have disappeared in these photographs by Poland-based artist Weronika Krzemieniecka. In this series entitled Invisible Dogs in Poland, the graphic design student…


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Photographer Perfectly Captures Magnificent Cresting Waves

Fascinated by the ocean, photographer Pierre Carreau is naturally drawn to the study of waves, their essence, their movement, and their shape. All of his work features the energetic life of the ocean as it crashes onto the shores, with every painterly shot more unique than the next. Carreau believes his photographs mix power with fragility and he says, "I like the fact that…


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Bold Two-Story Einstein Mural by David Flores

Recently, American artist David Flores was commissioned to create two of the four murals that will cover the walls within The Reserve L.A. Formerly a U.S. Post Office, The Reserve L.A. is a 20-acre site that will house Microsoft and TMZ offices. The project concept states, "The Reserve has all the elements required to act as a catalyst for creativity while supporting business needs and…


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Giant Tsunami Wave Made Out of Colorful Carpeting

Inspired by the dominating forces of nature, Copenhagen-based artist John Kørner created this piece, entitled Tsunami. The installation mimics the cresting of an ocean wave and symbolizes the destruction that a tsunami can have on our world. Rather than experiencing massive fear at the sight of such a large force, viewers are encouraged to explore and confront the giant wave,…


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