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Motion Photographer Captures Liquids Flying in Mid-Air

Rather than delicately sipping her red wine, photographer Manon Wethly decided to toss a full glass in the air and document it. Originally a graphic designer and illustrator, the Belgium-based artist has recently turned her full attention to photography. And, she doesn't just toss red wine in the air. She throws all kinds of liquids up, clicking at just the right moment to capture…


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Incredibly Enchanting Surreal Worlds by Vincent Bourilhon

With just four years of experience, Normandy-based student photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates surreal worlds that are incredibly enchanting. Viewers will find themselves swiftly escaping into many of his inventive stories where top hats rapidly multiply and hot air balloons emerge from the steam of a coffee cup.

Bourilhon juxtaposes real-life environments with detailed…


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World's Best Dad Draws on Over 1,000 Sandwich Bags for Kids

Artist David LaFerriere's kids must be constantly thrilled to open up their lunch boxes. After making the kids' sandwiches, LaFerriere uses sharpie pens to draw a quick illustration on the outside of the plastic bag. He photographs his work, and the kids don't see the artwork until they sit down at school to have their meal.

The graphic designer dad started out with…


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Surreal Oversized Furniture Exudes a Lifelike Energy

EVNI is a collection of giant furniture developed by Italian designer Umberto Dattola. The artist creates all kinds of woodwork that blends carpentry and design. For this project, he took old pieces of furniture and transformed them into these unique, lively pieces. The oversized furniture was first revealed at Milan Design Week and is reminiscent of a fantasy scene, like…


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Colorful Layers of Paper Strips Stunningly Bound Together

Using simple strips of paper, artist Hadieh Shafie builds these magnificent geometric sculptures filled with intriguing patterns of color. She binds the strips together into scrolls that blend together into interesting and unexpected combinations. Throughout the creation process, Shafie makes purposeful choices about her limited color palette and the placement of scrolls, but she…


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3D Straw Art Produces Beautiful Multi-Colored Layers

Italian artist Francesca Pasquali uses everyday drinking straws to create amazing three-dimensional art installations. The colorful plastic materials are cut to varying lengths and arranged in patterns that viewers will want to reach out and touch. Collectively, the single little straws form a massive synthetic landscape filled with peaks and valleys.

Pasquali translates…


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Vertical Perspective of Hong Kong's Immense Skyscrapers

This collection by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze will have your head spinning in a dizzy state of confusion. The French photographer and graphic artist created Vertical Horizon as a visual exploration of Hong Kong and it's rapid growth towards the sky. Using a unique perspective, Jacquet-Lagreze presents the ever-growing city in a repetitively graphic expression of its…


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Magnificent Underwater Photos of the Humpback Whale

It's not often that we get to see the magnificence of a humpback whale in up-close detail. In fact, the world below the surface of the sea is often quite a mystery. Photographer Tony Wu spends much of his time traveling around, seeking out adventures, and documenting incredible underwater displays of what Wu describes as many "charismatic marine mammals."



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Tiny People Living in a Giant Adventurous World

Coffee Anyone?

Germany-based photographer Bettina Güber creates a small world of adventures with her tiny people and life-sized props. Using toy figures, Güber arranges scenes into her "just for fun" project, entitled Small People, and then photographs the scene as a documentation of the event. She dubs each piece with humorous titles that…


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Unique Butterfly Species Created with Typography

25-year-old illustrator and graphic designer Guusan recently developed a unique set of butterflies that won't flutter away when you approach them. The project is actually a typography series in which each winged bug is formed out of select typefaces including Bodoni, Times New Roman, and Univers.

Various letters are arranged to form the colorful body, wings, and antennae…


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Artist Reveals Meaning Behind the Faces of Our Neighbors

When artist Bohyun Yoon arrived in the United States in 2001, he immediately became interested in the cultural diversity throughout the country. In response to his exposure to this variety, he began to explore cultural differences through his art. Yoon pushed beyond his pre-formulated expectations and stereotypes, and became greatly inspired by the beautiful people that he met along the way. He…


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Monochromatic Paintings Feature Layers of Raw Emotion

The girls in these paintings have a haunting beauty that seamlessly blends youthful innocence with eerie suggestions of death. In his work, Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu makes artwork that explores the emotional aspects of Japanese society. He says, "My art deals with a fictional form of death…a metaphor for people losing their soul and place in society."

To create…


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Insightful Startup Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs

Starting up a new business can be a great endeavor. When doing so, it takes great motivation, dedication, and determination. Success requires a lot of smart plans, successful drive, and tons of hard work. In light of this, Startup Quote began a site that provides daily wisdom and inspiration from some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs around. The insight…


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Whimsical Designs Blend Cute Illustrations with Food

All that Colombian artist Juana Medina needs to make these whimsical designs are a pen and a snack. The talented artist, who has received awards for her many wonderfully simple illustrations, likes to tell stories with her drawings. And, she certainly has a fun time with it. The artist says, "Most of my illustration work relies on very simple traces and economic—but expressive—use…


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Mesmerizing Mandalas Represent the Spiritual Universe

The word mandala, which can be loosely translated to mean "circle," comes from the Indian language of Sanskrit. It is a geometric design that holds spiritual symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist religions. The basic form of each pattern is a circle contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point.

Miami-based artist…


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Fashionable Cuff Bracelets Embossed With Subway Maps

These fashionable cut off bracelets are not only trendy, but they are functional, too. The silver cuffs are part of the Metro Cuff Series designed by Tiffany Burnette, owner of product design company Designhype. The bracelets are made out of stainless steel, and the lines and text of each map are actually embossed into the metal with various colors like red, black, blue, and even…


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Amazingly Detailed Macro Portraits of Bugs

These macro photographs by Israel-based 26-year-old Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein are so close, you can actually count the little tiny hairs and whiskers on each bug's body (if you wanted to!). There is a sharp clarity to the extremely detailed portraits, providing viewers with an intimate window into the personality of each little creature.

The artist says all of the bugs are…


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Incredible Mixed Media Collages Blend Science and Art

At first glance, it looks like New York-based artist Michael Mapes actually chopped up body parts to produce his recent mixed media art. According to his bio, the artist likes to "mask the artistic with a scientific veneer by referencing entomological and forensic science." Through the use of many real scientific materials like insect pins, gelatin capsules, test tubes, specimen bags, and…


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Stunning Landscapes Illuminated by Faraway Galaxies

In these photographs, by Aaron Groen, it's very easy to get lost in each of his starry wonderlands. A Series of Dark Places is a collection of work in which the South Dakota-based artist juxtaposes the beauty of the universe against the many familiar natural and man-made forms here on Earth. Using long exposures, he captures magical landscapes filled with dreamy atmospheres,…


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Desaturated Couple Appear to Be Stuck in Black and White

Believe it or not, these pictures have not been digitally manipulated. Recently, Redditor royally_eft and her friend desaturated themselves without having to rely on a computer. The duo covered their bodies from head to toe in monochromatic make-up and 1920's costumes and hit the town. This creative guy and…


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