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Stunning Landscapes Illuminated by Faraway Galaxies

In these photographs, by Aaron Groen, it's very easy to get lost in each of his starry wonderlands. A Series of Dark Places is a collection of work in which the South Dakota-based artist juxtaposes the beauty of the universe against the many familiar natural and man-made forms here on Earth. Using long exposures, he captures magical landscapes filled with dreamy atmospheres,…


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Desaturated Couple Appear to Be Stuck in Black and White

Believe it or not, these pictures have not been digitally manipulated. Recently, Redditor royally_eft and her friend desaturated themselves without having to rely on a computer. The duo covered their bodies from head to toe in monochromatic make-up and 1920's costumes and hit the town. This creative guy and…


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Shades of Red Form Stunning Monochromatic Landscapes

London-based artist Sea Hyun Lee created a series of oil paintings using just one single color. The series, entitled Between Red, features detailed, mountainous landscapes in which shades of red form the composition of North and South Korea mountains blended into one composition. Between the hills and peaks, a white canvas peeks through to produce the shapes in between.

From a…


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Incredibly Creative Food Art Crocheted with Yarn

Kate Jenkins' Crocheted Food Art will have your stomach growling with hunger. The talented UK-based artist owns her own label, Cardigan, where she sells many fashionable crochet designs like wraps, scarves, hats, and toys. But, the handmade creations that we love best are all of these deliciously appealing meals…


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Flocks of Animals Travel Across the Globe

Born in the Republic of Tajikistan, Faridun Zoda has been an artist since he was 12 years old. The talented painter has collections all over the world, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Israel, and China.

Recently, Zoda took his acrylic paintings off of flat paper and started combining them with paper mâche, wood,…


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Photographer Captures Personality of Birds Through Portraits

Leila Jeffreys is a photographer and a bird-lover. The Sydney-based photographer has always had an affinity for wildlife, which started at a young age when she used to rescue animals and nurse them back to health. She says, "As I've grown, I've watched the human population explode worldwide so I wanted to remind us all about the 'little people' that also share…


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Dynamic Cityscapes Painted with Extreme Energy

Born in Laos and now currently based in France, artist Van Tame is a painter inspired by dynamic and energetic city streets like New York and London. Using animated strokes, the artist creates cityscapes that are full of life. Viewers will instantly feel the movement and fast pace of a city dweller, without ever having to step onto a city block.

Van Tame paints on a very…


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Two-Tier Chandelier Formed Out of 8,000 Clear LEGO Blocks

We have seen all kinds of creative LEGO sculptures in the past - the children's toy is inspiration for so many exciting things. But, we haven't seen anything quite like this transparent LEGO chandelier by Copenhagen-based industrial designer Tobias Tøstesen. The artist says, "I enjoy when design through a simple story, form, and material is sensuous, and because of those facts…


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"Doorways to Potential" Raises Awareness for Homeless

A few months ago, artist Andrew Baines produced this project, entitled Doorways to Potential, along Henley Beach in Australia. The performance installation and local fundraiser was developed to raise awareness for non-profit charity Common Ground Adelaide, which provides assistance and aid to homeless people in the area.

For the surreal installation, Baines placed a…


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Old Fashioned Cameras Fly Around Like Birds

Photographer Paul Octavious has taken the saying "birds of a feather flock together," and turned it into a visual pun. In his project, entitled Birds of Aperture, all kinds of different cameras have sprouted wings and appear to have taken flight. Just as a bird-watcher might document individual birds, Octavious portrays each camera as its own unique species flying around in…


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Buildings and Skies Transformed Into Playful Line Drawings

It's always fun to look up in a big city and to observe the towering buildings overhead. While most of us are in awe of the architecture and blue skies, French artist Thomas Lamadieu sees a fresh, blank canvas for his illustrations. In his SkyArt, Lamadieu transforms the shapes of cascading buildings into funny creations that interact with the space.

His simple line drawings, which…


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Amazingly Futuristic Examples of 3D Printed Food

Design and research company Freedom Of Creation specializes in 3D printing technologies. Developed by Janne Kyttanen in art school, the company has, since 2000, developed many innovative and successful products. One of those products is this prototype of 3D printed foods, including pasta, burgers, and even cereal.

The artist believes that the developed technology will eventually…


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Thousands of Pin-Sized Holes Form Old Family Photos

With a great eye and extreme patience, Michal Taharlev develops these handmade images, a series entitled Holes in the Memory. For each piece, the Tel Aviv-based artist recreates old family photographs with just a single needle, poking thousands of tiny holes in the canvas to produce the faces and forms.

Through the use of positive and negative space,…


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Surreal Long Exposures Taken with Glow Sticks in Waterfalls

Photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard have created some really amazing and original waterfall landscapes. The series, entitled Neon Luminance, features ethereal streaks of colored light set against the natural waterfalls of Northern California.

To capture the surreal images, the photographers illuminated the water with glow sticks, road flares,…


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The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens

Mad Men fans will just love this graphic series created by the designers at Shutterstock. Entitled Mod Men: The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens, the series features a visual time warp in which the designers took the habits of the 1960s characters and translated them into modern trends. The project description explains,…


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Artist Covers Himself With Stamps and Asks to Be Mailed

Last year, performance and installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV conducted a series of three public performances, collectively entitled Henry Box Brown: Forever, along the streets of Washington, DC. For each performance, the artist covered his entire body with a single value of postage stamps, with increasing values for every journey. He then walked a planned distance across the…


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Curious Man Appears to Hunt Prey Like a Dog

Just as a dog might proudly present a squirrel to its owner, Scotland-based photographer Rowan Corkill created a series of images in which he presents a collection of dead animals to his viewers. Corkill has always been interested in old antiques and taxidermy objects, taking what most people consider junk and transforming it into photographs like this unique series, entitled…


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Giant Flower Tree Symbolizes Everlasting Nature

As the spring weather turns warmer and warmer, it's exciting to see colorful flowers popping up in gardens and barren tree branches gradually filling with tiny green buds. Inspired by this spring fever, Seoul-based artist Choi Jeong Hwa developed this giant, plastic Flower Tree, which, since 2004, has been installed in various locations across the years, including Shanghai, Singapore,…


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Dramatic Collages Depict People in Imaginary Towns

We don't know much about Francesco Romoli, but we do know that the talented Italian artist creates all kinds of fictitious worlds through his digital art. Romoli, who seems to enjoy keeping a low profile, says "I am nobody, I don't exist. I love using my imagination and my Canon 1000D."

This series, entitled Imaginary Towns, features a single, lonely person set next to…


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LED Lights Illuminate Layers of Organic Forms on Glass

In these Illuminated Paintings by New York-based artist Peter Bynum, the traditional expectations of a standard painting are questioned and then broken. Bynum creates each work by splattering, dribbling, and dropping acrylic paint onto glass and allowing it to take on its own natural structure. He then mounts the panes of glass together to form layers of shapes that create a…


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