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The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens

Mad Men fans will just love this graphic series created by the designers at Shutterstock. Entitled Mod Men: The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens, the series features a visual time warp in which the designers took the habits of the 1960s characters and translated them into modern trends. The project description explains,…


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Artist Covers Himself With Stamps and Asks to Be Mailed

Last year, performance and installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV conducted a series of three public performances, collectively entitled Henry Box Brown: Forever, along the streets of Washington, DC. For each performance, the artist covered his entire body with a single value of postage stamps, with increasing values for every journey. He then walked a planned distance across the…


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Curious Man Appears to Hunt Prey Like a Dog

Just as a dog might proudly present a squirrel to its owner, Scotland-based photographer Rowan Corkill created a series of images in which he presents a collection of dead animals to his viewers. Corkill has always been interested in old antiques and taxidermy objects, taking what most people consider junk and transforming it into photographs like this unique series, entitled…


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Giant Flower Tree Symbolizes Everlasting Nature

As the spring weather turns warmer and warmer, it's exciting to see colorful flowers popping up in gardens and barren tree branches gradually filling with tiny green buds. Inspired by this spring fever, Seoul-based artist Choi Jeong Hwa developed this giant, plastic Flower Tree, which, since 2004, has been installed in various locations across the years, including Shanghai, Singapore,…


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Dramatic Collages Depict People in Imaginary Towns

We don't know much about Francesco Romoli, but we do know that the talented Italian artist creates all kinds of fictitious worlds through his digital art. Romoli, who seems to enjoy keeping a low profile, says "I am nobody, I don't exist. I love using my imagination and my Canon 1000D."

This series, entitled Imaginary Towns, features a single, lonely person set next to…


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LED Lights Illuminate Layers of Organic Forms on Glass

In these Illuminated Paintings by New York-based artist Peter Bynum, the traditional expectations of a standard painting are questioned and then broken. Bynum creates each work by splattering, dribbling, and dropping acrylic paint onto glass and allowing it to take on its own natural structure. He then mounts the panes of glass together to form layers of shapes that create a…


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Comfy Sofa Design Mimics an Electronic Keyboard

If you like computers, then you will definitely enjoy this fun QWERTY Sofa by Italian architecture and product design firm ZO_loft. Using your basic keyboard as inspiration, the unique piece of furniture is composed of square cushions arranged in the same order as the rows of letters that we use to type out our thoughts.

The company explains, "Arms folded and cheek pressed on the keys.…


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500 Climb Over Each Other to Form Giant Human Towers

Every two years in Tarragona, Spain, this amazing display takes place in which people compete to create complex human towers. Called Concurs de Castells, the event occurs across two days in front of an audience of thousands. In 2012, each of 32 teams had five chances to build their most difficult and complex human towers for the judges, who tallied the scores and declared the winners at…


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Amazingly Detailed Paintings on Tiny Canvases

The smaller, the better, in the eyes of Hasan Kale. The Turkey-based artist creates micro paintings on very unusual canvases, including the wings of butterflies, snail shells, lemon peels, and coffee beans. Since the 1980's, Kale has produced these tiny little masterpieces, all of which feature his hometown, the landscape of Istanbul.

Kale uses his finger as a palette to blend paints and…


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Single Dollar Bills Transformed Into Amazing Collages

Mark Wagner certainly appreciates the value of a dollar, especially in terms of creativity. The American artist produces all kinds of Currency Collages, cutting up dollar bills and transforming them into works of art. The artist is quite interested in the symbolic power that money holds, and so he transforms what is, ultimately, just a piece of paper into these intricate…


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Dazzling Streaks of Light Show Airplane Flight Paths

This series of photographs, entitled Nachtfluge, features the light trails of airplanes as they take off and land across the evening skies. To create each shot, Brooklyn-based photographer Kevin Cooley traveled to various major airports in the United States, including JFK, LAX, and Newark, New Jersey's EWR. Using a large format camera and long exposures of anywhere from four to five…


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Haunting Blend of Major Historical Events with the Present

History buffs will just love this visual blend of past and present by self-taught American photographer Seth Taras. It's easy to forget that, where we now stand, many have stood before us. This project, entitled Know Where You Stand, was created as a reminder of major historical events, including the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the invasion of Normandy in 1944, and the…


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Amazing Illusions of Single Flowers Defying Gravity

Don't be fooled, these flowers aren't actually floating in water! Japanese product design firm, Oodesign, developed these clever little vases as a fun way to show off your favorite buds. Shaped like a ripple of water, the clear PET formed resin plates give the illusion that the blooms have figured out how to defy gravity.

The lightweight vases have a small slit in the center, in…


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Simple Razor Blades Form Mesmerizing Patterns

In this mesmerizing artwork, Virginia-based artist Susan Noyes transforms single, sharp razor blades into exciting collections of geometric patterns and designs. With great patience and precision, the artist meticulously places each blade to fill her canvases with variations of black and white triangles, diamonds, and squares.

To create one of these unique pieces, Noyes sets herself up…


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3D Mural Shows Opposite Reactions to Colorful Rain

CMYK is a three-dimensional mural created by the Norway-based design collective, Skurktur. Using spray paints, stencils, and a variety of mixed media, the artists produced this playful scene in which a young child and a grown man react very differently to the colorful "rain" dripping down the side of the building. The flat stenciled shapes interact seamlessly with the drips of water and the…


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Clever Designs Built With Repurposed Egg Shells

Rather than tossing out old egg shells, design firm Nosigner figured out a way to transform the fragile, cracked containers into beautiful products. The Japan-based company believes that all natural forms have the potential to function in unexpected ways, and, with that in mind, they developed this recycled planter, entitled Hatch, and an eggshell lamp, entitled…


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Stunning Charcoal Drawings Mimic Ominous Skies

American artist Hilary Brace creates dramatic black and white charcoal drawings that seem immense and immeasurable. Created on small, postcard-sized canvases, the images have a photographic quality to them which allows viewers to instantly associate the places with realistic images of cloud-filled skies. However, Brace also complements that familiarity with a touch of the unexpected, as the…


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Faces Emerge from Colorful Rows of Dots

New York-based artist Nathan Manire approaches his Dot Portraits with an abstract, graphic process. He uses large dots and a broad color palette to build his subjects' faces with watercolors. Up close, viewers see colorful circles, neatly arranged in organized rows. To more fully appreciate Manire's pointillist techniques, viewers need to squint their eyes or step back from the image…


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Cast Paper Sculptures Celebrate Native American Culture

Husband and wife team Patty and Allen Eckman share a passion for art and design. Since 1988, the duo have perfected the process of cast paper sculpture, in which they create intricate three-dimensional casts. Based in South Dakota, Patty and Allen say they find inspiration for their art in the landscape, the wildlife, and the history of their surroundings. In particular, many…


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Split-Second Burst of Paint Captured from Spinning Drill

Fabian Oefner captures all kinds of incredible color and motion in just the blink of an eye. His awesome skills at experimentation have once again led to this captivating series, entitled Black Hole. For each image, Oefner drips acrylic paint onto a metallic rod that is attached to a drill. When he turns the drill on, the paint instantly flies away from the center of the rod and, in that…


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