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New Jersey's Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial

Empty Sky is New Jersey's 9/11 memorial, dedicated to the 746 New Jersey lives lost on that day. The memorial is located right next to the Hudson River in Liberty State Park, where many people first witnessed the tragic events. The park was used as a place to organize collaborative efforts within the community, and the placement of the memorial draws a clear line to the Manhattan skyline, right to…


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Wildly Colorful Mixed Media Illustrations

Japan-based graphic artist Marumiyan started drawing at a young age under the influence of his father. His works incorporate many different colors and patterns but all come together to form wildly beautiful illustrations. When asked about his favorite subjects to illustrate, Marumiyan answered, "I like to illustrate natural objects such as flowers and animals. They make the…


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Human Skull Carved from Books

Maskull Lasserre has brought new life, or death in this case, to old computer manuals with his amazingly intricate sculpture of a human skull. Lasserre's work explores "the unexpected potential of the everyday through allegories of value, expectation, and utility."

The emergence of the skull figure from these books is definitely unexpected, yet seems appropriate at the same time. He…


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Outside Looking In

Matthew Weatherstone's oil paintings and charcoal works in his series "The Disconnect" elegantly illustrate his theme with soft color palettes and smooth images. His work "explores ideas of human disconnectedness to the natural environment, genuine human community and relationship, faith and death."

The Sydney-based artist captures these feelings well with the contrast of industrial…


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Ultra Modern Cronos Yacht

This luxurious yacht design by Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli is stunning! The curves and elegance of the ship make it classy and breathtaking. Cronos Yacht features detailed woodwork, spacious seating areas, modern furniture, and lots of natural lighting. All of the smooth lines and textures of the body almost make it look like an animal that belongs in the sea.

The bamboo yacht also has many…


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Spectacular Paintings with Dual Personalilites

Randy Noborikawa's paintings will surely make you do a double take. If you view them from the center, you will see the overlap of two images, but from one side or the other, they appear to be separate images.

His image choices specifically work together to portray a message through their relationship. Noborikawa says that the lenticular paintings "create a wonderful abstraction that…


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Planet Earth on Fire Pit

This hand made fire pit is not only a wonderful source of heat, but also an outstanding work of art. The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit is made of made from a quarter inch thick carbon steel and has an iron oxide finish. The size of the fire pit is about 42 inches tall with a 36 inch diameter. Rick Wittrig, the…


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Breathtaking Silhouettes Taken from Afar

Josh Adamski has captured stunning images and turned them into works of fine art with his keen eye. He was born and raised in the UK and is now based in Israel. Much of Adamski's work is focused around water as he lives near the beach and draws inspiration from the sea. After a photograph is…


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Hyper-Realistic Eyeball Oil Paintings

It's almost hard to believe that these beautiful images of eyes by Marc Quinn are extremely detailed oil paintings! Quinn's work "meditates on our attempts to understand or overcome the transience of human life through scientific knowledge and artistic expression." The title of the series, titled "We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars," appears to look more like space and galaxies than people's eyes,…


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Rob Tarbell's Spectacular Smoke Circus

Rob Tarbell's unique ability to control smoke to create these striking images is amazing. He had to find a way to control the smoke while also letting it flow on its own. This balancing act of controlling the smoke while letting it act parallels a circus ring show. Tarbell describes his work, "The trainer must recognize and respect the innate nature of an animal when trying to modify its behavior to…


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Magnificent Giant Sculptures of Everyday Objects

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's collaborative creations of monumental sculptures make you look twice as they take ordinary objects and enlarge them. Oldenburg notes, "We feel free to use all the approaches that come naturally to our non-monumental works: variations in scale, similes, transformations, a wide range of materials, and, of course, our use of familiar objects." The…


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Exceptionally Lit LED Animals

"Horse with No Shadow" and "The Blue Bird" are amazing LED light installations by Makoto Tojiki. The Japanese artist is interested in the relationship between light and shadows and how they can be manipulated. He breaks down figures to capture the essence of them in a fleeting image.

Tojiki ellaborates, "Through my work, I seek to stimulate how people see objects. By extracting…


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Night Biking Gloves

These winter night biking gloves are a perfect solution for bikers since they keep hands warm and provide an easy way to signal in the dark. They're made of wool and have LED lights on the back. Just how do they work? They have conductive areas on each fingertip as well as on the palm of the hand. When a fist is formed, the LED arrow automatically lights up for easy signaling. These gloves are such a natural way to signal. Also, I love how the design is so…


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Mila Kunis Goes Around the Carousel for Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar's April 2012 photo shoot with Mila Kunis is centered around a fun carousel theme! It shows the actress in charming and creative outfits, which match the light and carefree atmosphere of the merry-go-round. The photographs are filled with rich colors, lights, and life. Both Kunis and the carousel are stunning, creating a gorgeous combination in these shots.

Kunis dons a…


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Giant Bird's Nest for Hatching New Ideas

O*GE has made this giant bird's nest as an interesting interactive space for people to be creative. The prototype is "a morph of furniture and playground" bringing fun into the work process. The human-sized nest is a little over 14 feet in diameter and is filled with giant pillows. This big version can fit up to 16 people at once as the pillows can be arranged for multiple setups.…


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Information Overload Trashcan

Aristarkh Chernyshev's info-sculpture "Urgent!" is a statement on "information overload, Web 2.0 and information aesthetics." It is shown in a trash can setting in order to convey the idea that since news coming onto the Internet is in real time, as soon as it is uploaded, something else is already there to take its place. The displays on the LED display are live RSS…


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Growing Chair Made of Trees and Vines

Growing Chair by Michel Bussien provides an interesting way of bringing the outdoors indoors. There is a willow tree growing from each leg and Russian vines are wrapped throughout. Bussien elaborates, "Growing Chair is an attempt to make trees and plants grow up into…


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1550 Chairs Stacked Between Buildings

“1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings” is an installation by Doris Salcedo at Istanbul Biennial. In 2002, Salcedo placed 280 chairs at the Palace of Justice in Bogotá "to pay homage to those killed here in a failed guerrilla coup seventeen years earlier." In 2003, she filled the Istanbul Biennial space between two buildings with 1,550 chairs "evoking the masses of…


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Adventurous Digital Art from the East

Chinese artist Qian Yi has composed these intriguing illustrations by combining elements of digital painting with more traditional styles. Many of them incorporate a sense of adventure with the traveling boy series of works. Yi is able to incorporate all kinds of color palettes and perspectives to effectively portray the message of the pieces. These illustrations would fit perfectly into a short…


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Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time (Part 2)

Dominic Wilcox has added five new pieces to his watch sculpture collection, covering topics from protests to soccer. The British designer has created mini sculptures that are centered around the theme "Moments in Time." The scenes are drawn from "everyday observations and imagined situations." Wilcox uses such an innovative approach to skillfully captures…


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