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Rolls by Sinato (6 photos)

Japanese designer Chikara Ohno of Sinato has installed coils of aluminium sheeting at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo.

The characteristic of aluminium, the material used fro the installation, is its softness and thinness, yet harder than cloth or paper.…


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Distinctive Illustrations by Joe Murtagh (9 pics)

Joe's distinctive style is influenced by music, fashion and pop culture.

He uses Adobe illustrator and photoshop to create his colourful, bold artwork.

Having been a figurative painter and sculptor, his work is still very much based on the human form and portraiture.

Joe's artwork is a combination of traditional and digital, resulting in a vibrant high energy colourfest.…


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Roadshow Audi AreA1 Barcelona 2010 (8 photos)

"To launch the marketing campaign of the new Audi A1, the Barcelona waterfront was chosen to stage the AreA1 - an intensive brand and product experience that combines a distinctive Audi brand space with a theatrical Driving Experience. The architecture projects a high value message, presenting the new Audi A1 in intricate detail as it targets the young, urban crowd. "…


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The Beta Workplace System by Pierandrei Associati for Tecno

Italian manufacturer Tecno have won a 2010 Red Dot award of high design quality, for their Beta workplace system of furniture that was designed by Pierandrei Associati.…


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A Solar Powered Metallic Cloud Museum for Xiamen China

This museum is located in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen, on an island in the middle of a resevoir that runs through the centre of the city. Such an inspiring site demands an equally inspiring response.

MAD's design concept is a floating museum, lofted up above the ground. The structure reflects the surrounding environment, but also maintains the…


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Daft Punk Helmet in 17 Months

"Daft Punk Helmet by Graphic Designer Harrison Krix based out of Atlanta.

Krix has put together a collection of photos taken over the span of 17 months showing the process of this cool helmet.

The helmet was made by sculpting, resin casting, chroming, and vacuum forming.

You can check out the whole process in more detail at his…


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Eunoia: Zero-Emission Eunoia Airship by Thomas Tzortzi

How can Design; Inform, Inspire, Provoke, social and environmental solutions?

"Provoking development is a delicate and complex affair with ethics and ideals needing heavy consideration. The Structure holds faith and worth as an opportunity to develop countries in their own direction, maintaining culture, aspiration and independence."…


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Bike Helmets Have Never Been More FUN! (7 pieces)

"The Russian advertising company “Good” has created this funny ad showing different helmet designs, like for example diamonds, a globe, different kinds of balls and even body parts. Imagine how cool it would be if someone really produced helmets like these."…


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Puffin Clouds by Paul Octavious

Hope you enjoy! More Puffin Clouds

via… Continue

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Essays in Love by Benedetta Bonichi

" These stories by Benedetta resemble theatre performances, almost on stage, almost as if the actors could fall from it because they are distracted and, mostly, they have to stay silent. But the actors' bodies are trained to make any movement, even total silence, a moment that draws the attention of who is quietly sitting in the audience. [...]

Benedetta's pictures are perfect investigations of how our lives move. How can we define her? As a…


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'Bright Woods' by Giancarlo Zema

Italian designer Giancarlo Zema has created the Bright Woods collection for the Avanzini Group.

The limited edition of 120 stools and 60 coffee tables are made from wood and resin with an integrated LED light.

The furniture in this collection is made of wood and natural resin strips, which means high quality and…


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Liquid Story by GRAFT

City Center’s Aria Pool Deck, Restaurant & Bar by GRAFT

"City Center is a mixed use, 18 million square feet, development by MGM Mirage that features buildings by several world renowned architects. The unique seventy-six acre urban resort is located in the heart of the famed Las Vegas Strip and is a collection of luxury hotels, condominiums, casinos, shopping facilities, and…


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Stage Set for Arabian Nights

Aedas' designs for a spectacular new performance venue in the UAE.

"Surrounded by the desert sands and occupying its own island in the middle of a nature reserve, APV is organically tied to both to its context and through its use. Connected via bridges for vehicles and trains, approachable by boats, the entrances all cut into the landscape to open into water filled cavity. The walls,… Continue

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MP3 Cassette Tape

"There are a million different mp3 players on the market. We know – we counted them all. It took a whole weekend and we kept losing our place. It was rubbish. Point is, there are lots of mp3 players available, and while they all have their own individual design shtick, they do the exact same thing. Until now."



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Ontario House Lights Up Vancouver

Photo credit:

"The Ontario Pavilion for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games was designed as a physical and experiential gateway to Ontario. Evocative, light, shimmering and seductive; the pavilion provided a unique impression of Ontario’s lively character. With an exterior translucent screen projecting varying degrees of…


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This is NOT America by Rétrofuturs

Happy 4th of July AMERICA!

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Beauty and Water by Andrew Brauteseth

"There’s something intractable about these two elements. Is the beauty locked in that isolated moment of total immersion?

It might be explained in a type of Jungian pre-birth stillness. Water for me is etched in memory as a long African afternoon spent in the deep-end of our garden pool. A dreamy weightlessness surrounded by color and light. The leopard-patterned sun steaks on your back, and the thirsty selfishness that begs you to stay…


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SOUL by Thierry Le Goués

"SOUL by French fashion photographer Thierry Le Goués is a striking collection of black and white nudes and portraits of some of todays most well known models of African descent including Naomi Campbell, Iman, Karen Alexander, Kiara Kabukuri, Adia Couliealy and Lauren…


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Vintage Driving with Benedict Redgrove (4 pics)

Bertone series by photographer Benedict Redgrove

Looks like a retro futuristic concept, don't you think?



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Tesla's New(-ish) Electric Roadster (4 pics)

"Tesla Motors today unveiled an update to its famous Roadster sports car, the Roadster 2.5. The changes are fairly minor, including a new front fascia, better seats, an optional touchscreen navigator, better sound in the cabin and improved wheels. But any chance to post a bunch of photos of a super-sexy car of the future is one we'll gladly take..."…


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