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Storytelling Illustrations Show the Beauty of Childhood

Durban, South-Africa based illustrator Colwyn Thomas creates some of the most beautiful illustrations of childhood we've ever seen. He begins each design as a pencil drawing and then converts it into vector lines. Then, he adds colors in Photoshop, using scanned in textures such as coffee stains or various papers until he achieves his desired result.

The first illustration in this…


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LEGO's New Pop Culture Riddles

To celebrate its 55th anniversary, LEGO worked with agency Brad in Montreal to create these clever illustrations that will test your pop culture knowledge. Similar to the minimalist poster trend, these new ones, which were just released on Monday, show simple scenes with a limited amount of images. Appropriately, they've incorporated different colored LEGO bricks into each illustration. With a…


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Elliott Erwitt's Hilarious and Heartwarming Photos

With a career that spans over sixty years, Elliott Erwitt has become one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. Famous for taking candid photographs, he has a style that is instantly recognizable. Though he's shot iconic portraits of everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Kennedy, it's his ability to capture the whimsy of everyday life that sets him apart from the rest. While…


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New London Art Show Dazzles with Light

Happen to be in London? An exciting new exhibition opens to the public today, January 30, and runs through April 28 at London's Hayward Gallery. Light Show features 25 illuminated installations and sculptures that date back from the 1960s to the present day. Many of the artworks have not been seen in public in decades and have been recreated specifically for this Hayward…


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New Paris Travel Posters Focus on Moments Over Monuments

Evan Robertson, the New York-based graphic designer behind those clever book quote illustrations, just wrote to us to tell us about a fantastic new series he's just made with his wife and fellow creative Nichole (…


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Breathtaking Rainbows Over the World's Largest Waterfall

At 5,600 feet (or one mile) wide, as high as 354 feet, and with 23 million gallons of water pouring over its edge every minute, Victoria Falls holds the prestigious title as the largest waterfall in the world. Located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa, the waterfall has also been called the Greatest Falling Curtain of Water on the Planet and is listed as…


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Navid Baraty's Stunning NYC Rooftop Photos Shot at Night

Over the last few years, we've seen Navid Baraty take on some incredibly amazing projects, like his dizzying Intersection | NYC series. Towards the end of last year, the series got even more…


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Top 10 Tech Tools Perfect for the Modern Office

In this day and age, we’re all looking for tech tools that not only increase our productivity but also speak to our design sensibility. That’s why, today, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 tech tools that are perfect for the modern office.

See the list over at…


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Holographic Cubes Reflect Dazzling Spectrum of Colors

Have you ever found photos of an art installation that made you wish you could travel back in time? For us, this is one of them. Quantum Field X3 was an installation, by Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata, that was created for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain back in 2004. It consisted of two huge cube-like structures that were covered in holographic panels. Laser beams…


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New Minimalist Movie Posters with Iconic Quotes

A fresh new set of minimalist movie posters has just come out by Dope Prints that pairs clever illustrations with iconic quotes. Shown in screenplay-style, as if each letter was typed, the quotes are those few words that somehow "make" the movie, the ones repeated over and over in trivia games or just on a Saturday afternoon among friends.

Each poster is printed on high-quality…


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The Bay Lights: World’s Largest Light Sculpture

San Francisco, come March 5, 2013, you're in for an incredible treat. Designed by world famous light artist Leo Villareal, The Bay Lights is an epic light project that will span 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high on the Bay Bridge. Using 25,000 individually programmed white LEDs, Villareal will create complex light patterns in a dazzling display across the bridge’s west span.

To give you an…


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20 More Crazy Perspective Photos Taken With a GoPro Camera

Warning. Viewing these photos may make you want to A) Leave your desk job to pursue a career in extreme sports B) Jump in a kayak and plummet down a waterfall or C) Buy a fearless-looking, jet-skiing labradoodle (see last photo). As long as that's out of the way, may we now present you with another amazing set of crazy perspective photos taken with a GoPro…


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Sweetly Surreal Photo Manipulations by Ceslovas Cesnakevicius

Lithuania-based artist Ceslovas Cesnakevicius has created a whimsical set of photo manipulations that ride that fine line between art and photography. It may be hard to believe but all of his images start with photos. The 35-year-old began taking pictures over ten years ago and he claims that he…


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Marsel van Oosten's Fascinating Photos of Bears

Dutch-born photographer Marsel van Oosten has won numerous awards for his nature photos including Nature Photographer of the Year in the International Photography Awards, First Prize in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and Third Prize in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. Look through his 500px…


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12,0000 Melodic Bells Hang Beautifully from a Single Tree

Last year, New Zealand-based artist Tiffany Singh, who you may remember from her rainbow ribbon installation at the 18th Biennale of Sydney, put out some other wonderfully interactive work.

For the Next Wave, a Melbourne-based art festival, she was commissioned…


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Animals Burst Through Gallery Walls and Glass Containers

Artist Tasha Lewis, who you may remember from these blue butterfly swarms, is currently showing a "moving" body of work at The Harrison Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Using hidden magnets within her mixed media sculptures, she creates the illusion that a variety of animals and plants are bursting…


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Photo of the Day: The Patiently Waiting Snowman

As we here in Southern California complain about how chilly it is at 69 degrees, folks all over the Midwest and Northeast are suffering from extremely bone chilling weather. As we all know, London is a major metropolitan city that's used to freezing winters, so it comes as no surprise that someone there decided to "play" in the snow. On Tuesday, this snowman was spotted sitting on a bench at Hampstead…


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Majestic Mountain Photos Taken by a Backcountry Skier

You could say that photographer Scott Rinckenberger was training for his job long before he ever picked up a camera. He's been skiing his whole life but it was just a few years ago that he decided to leave ski resorts behind to concentrate on what he calls "the wilderness."

"It's the place that I've been able to get to on my skis since then that has inspired this project,"…


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The Everyday Life of an Aging Superhero

What is about superheroes that make them the topic of so many of our posts? (See here, here and…


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Stunning Baroque Painting-Inspired Photography

Welcome to the rich and dark world of Helen Sobiralski. Just last year, the Berlin, Germany-based photographer won several awards for her original series about opulence and abundance titled Cockaignesque. Inspired by Baroque still-life paintings, she constructed highly dramatic scenes like the one above, which shows a perfectly coiffed woman with candle…


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