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Olympic Pictograms

An informative and interesting video on Olympic pictograms by designer Steven Heller for the New York Times. Heller takes us on a short journey through the good, the bad and the ugly.

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To Try: Cookie Splash!

Maybe it's because it reminds me of when I used to dunk oreo cookies into milk but I can't wait to contribute to this Flickr group! Who else is the group's admin but Siebe, the man who made the cookie splash famous? He's even given us some tips on how to capture these… Continue

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Incredible Animal Photography by Stefano Unterthiner

With a PhD in Zoology, Stefano Unterthiner isn't just any ordinary animal photographer. In fact, his passion for telling an animal's story takes him around the globe. As a skilled photojournalist, he waits for precise moments, often times spending long periods in the field in complete solitude.

You've probably seen Stefano's photos but never have…


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Emotional Winter Olympic Moments

What is it about the Olympics that keeps us glued to the screen, jumping/shouting/screaming at the tv like we've completely lost our minds? The easy answer is that we're in awe of these athletes - the ones who have trained tirelessly for years and, for some, a lifetime for their chance to show us, their country, the world and themselves that they are the best. But it's not just the physical strength or the technique we're in awe of, it's their mental focus. Because we all know that it's the… Continue

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Vintage Typewriter Keyboard Stickers

Just how cool are these vintage typewriter keyboard stickers? Probably works best if you have a black computer but I just love how a few simple stickers can instantly take you back to the old school days. You know, the time before your beloved Apple IIe.

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Nokia's Giant Arrow Points You to Good Things

Though this giant arrow is no longer up, I like the creative concept and how this video succinctly explains Nokia's idea behind it. In order to get people to think about Nokia when they think about navigation, they put up the world's biggest signpost (arrow) in London. Help up by a crane, the arrow was a digital panel where people on the street could send text messages to. Their favorite places to visit would show up, the arrow would point to that location, and also… Continue

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Banksy's Grungy-Great Pop-Up Theater

Leave it to Banksy to have the UK premiere of his film at a makeshift 150-seat cinema built under Waterloo train station. Lambeth Palace, as Banksy calls it, is an improvised film theater on Leake Street that will be holding special previews of Exit Through the Gift Shop until March 4th (in advance of the…


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Kobe for GQ March '10 (6 pics)

If you've ever been curious about the private life of Kobe Bryant, check out the latest issue of GQ magazine. Photographer Terry Richardson shoots the basketball star and writer J.R. Moehringer gives us an inside look into the man, the legend.

On how he gets to home games:

"This is how the 31-year-old co-captain of the Lakers, the eleven-time…


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Art of Recycled Skateboard Decks (11 pics)

Some of the freshest artwork we've recently seen involves taking something old and making it new again. In this case, artist Haroshi took old skateboard decks and carefully crafted them into fresh pieces of art. HARVEST by Haroshi is an exhibition at the PLSMIS Gallery in Tokyo which showcases his collective work - expect to see everything from bears to moose to Mario's head!

As he…


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Love and Marriage (10 pics)

If there was one couple who could show us the ups and downs of relationships it would be Thad and Sarah Lawrence. Using Photoshop, they've created a hilarious set of photos that include everything from Sarah vacuuming her husband to lighting him on fire. Their imaginative photos take us on a wild journey, making us remember the passionate emotions that come with…


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Creative Ads: Rock in the Woods (3 total)

What clever ads for an open-air music festival! Guess wild animals have a hard time listening to loud music. By ad agency, BBDO Berlin, Rock Im Wald translates to Rock in the Woods (or Forest). The music festival is held in Northeim, Germany.

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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung (12 total)

Dedicated artist Paul Lung spends up to 60 hours sketching these photorealistic pencil drawings. A graphic artist from Hong Kong, Paul uses a 0.5mm technical pencil to draw everything from his family and friends to cats. His highly detailed work has been written about in newspapers like… Continue

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Backstage During Fashion Week - The Big Picture

It's the season of Fashion Week, from Bryant Park in New York last week to London this week, and Milan, Los Angeles and Tokyo next month. As designers and their models gather to present their newest collections to the world, photographers are on hand to take thousands of pictures, most during the actual show - with a few photos from the backstage of each show sent… Continue

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National Geographic's New Laptop Skins

While I love all those clever decals you can stick on your computer to make it your own, I'd be proud to show off one of these new National Geographic Gelaskins on my Macbook Pro. The two companies just recently came together to offer stunning, removable stickers for your computer or phone. Check them out,… Continue

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Designing Vancouver's Winter Olympics

What was the inspiration behind the design of Vancouver's Winter Olympics? Here's a cool video that show you some behind-the-scenes footage of how they came up with their visual eye-candy. Also, if you're interested in more Olympic design details, check out this article from Fast Company and… Continue

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BAFTA's Best Film Nominees by Artist Tavis Coburn


Tavis Coburn is an illustrator and graphic designer who's created these amazing retro-modern movie illustrations for 2010 British Academy of Film & Television Arts Awards' program covers. Each one depicts a character or scene from the Best Film nominees. Obsessed with anything from the 1940s – 1960s, Coburn creates amazingly rich artwork…


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GOOD's Haiti Earthquake Infograph Contest Winner

GOOD magazine recently put on a contest where they asked their readers to design an infograph about Haiti's recent earthquake. The winner was Emily Schwartzman who created "Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake." Excellent work, Emily! Check out the rest of the… Continue

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Love Life - Gabrielle Kai (12 pics)

This morning, as I was looking through some photos, I stumbled upon the work of Gabrielle Kai. Her soft tones and beautiful imagery drew me in but what touched me to the core was how she could find the beauty in simple things. As we try and navigate through this crazy marathon called life, I'm reminded to appreciate the journey. To see the world through a kid's eyes,…


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Halloween in Harlem (15 photos)

Ever wonder what Halloween would be like if you were a kid growing up in New York City? In this series, titled Halloween in Harlem, photographer Amy Stein explores this question as shows us the many colorful kid costumes walking the urban streets.

Stein is a photographer and teacher based in New York City. Her work explores our evolving isolation…


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Everyday Objects Have a Mind of Their Own

What would happen if everyday objects had a mind of their own? Would they yearn for our attention or would they sit silently still? Julien Vallée explores the idea in this creative video.

"Each day, we are surrounded by seemingly insignificant objects, taking them from one place to the other, or leaving them on a table for weeks, without paying… Continue

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