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The Modern Makeover Your Laundry Room Deserves

This post is brought to you by Electrolux, helping your kids look their best for life’s best moments.

You’ve worked hard to give your humble abode a modern flair by adding bright colors that pop, well-designed furnishings, and clean, crisp room decor. Then there’s your laundry room that looks like it’s stuck in the 1980s. If you’ve…


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My Modern Met is Searching for Interns!

It's been an extremely eventful start of 2012 for My Modern Met and I'm happy to report that we've continued to expand our team! In an effort to keep growing, giving our viewers the richest experience possible, we're hiring again! We're looking for web-savvy interns who have a knack for writing and a passion for sharing creative ideas to join us.



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How to Create Your Own Food Blog Using Squarespace

This post is sponsored by Squarespace. A better web starts with your website.

Here at the My Modern Met, we've always been impressed by food photographers. Many of them are…


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Top 10 Gifts for the Bibliophile

In our next post for Intel's My Life Scoop series, we shift our focus on the bibliophile - a person who just can't get enough of books. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we've created a list of 10 gifts that was made for that certain…


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New Rainbow Hotel in Palm Springs

Check in to the new Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs and see if it doesn't banish your blues! Architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat used 12 vibrant tones found in wildflowers indigenous to the area all around the hotel. From balconies and patios to the lobby and guestrooms, no space has been spared! The color set follows the light spectrum, so it's as close as you'll get to…


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Melting Disco Balls

Try as I may but I just can't get these images out of my head! Currently floating around the web are these melting disco balls by Rotganzen, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based artist collective made up of Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Mark van Wijk. Is it just me or do these disco balls look like they've had enough? Maybe they're just in a "resting" state...being the life of the party must be…


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Swarm of Locusts Made of Money

Sipho Mabona, the talented origami artist we've featured here and here, just tipped us off to his newest installation. Now showing at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles until…


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Beautiful Floating Wire Figures

One can only imagine the time it would take to create such beautifully delicate sculptures such as this. Korean artist Keysook Geum blends, twists and cuts iron wire until invisible female forms look as if they're donning gorgeous garments. Her recent show at Callan Contemporary was called Moving in Colors and it was where she explored "the curves and…


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Damien Hirst's Spot Paintings Recreated With M&Ms

By now you've probably heard about contemporary artist Damien Hirst's exhibition called The Complete Spot Paintings, which opened in January 2012 at all 11 Gagosian galleries across the world including locations in New York, London, Los Angeles and Rome. (You can read about it over at…


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Singing Ceramic Vases

Poland-based Diploo Studio just reached out to us to share their fun ceramic works. Personally, I'd love to grab a set of their handmade vases, called Singing Brownies, for my desk. Imagine being greeted every day by a bunch of these hilarious leaf or flower headed friends. Of course, this begs the question - what song would they be…


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Creative Links of the Week #34

Hello, all! Just to let you know, this will be my last Creative Links of the Week post for a little while. I'm now in my last week of pregnancy, which means that I'll be taking a brief hiatus from these posts (and possibly My Modern Met). Of course, you're in capable hands. We have a fantastic team of writers that are going to continually keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest…


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Wonderfully Weird Sculptures by Ron Ulicny

Welcome to the weird but wonderfully wacky world of Ron Ulicny. This Portland, Oregon-based artist and craftsman creates strange sculptures that you can't help but want to stare at. Now showing at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco are Ulicny's new works that include everything from a 1930's Harmony…


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Celebrating Life with Giant Dessert Sculptures

Who's not getting just a little bit hungry while looking at these images? Peter Anton creates large scale sculptures of some of our favorite desserts like ice cream and chocolate, using plaster, wood, metal, resin, clay and acrylic. His artworks look so incredibly realistic, they'll almost make you salivate right on the spot. Personally, I love the box of donuts with gooey bits of jelly and cream…


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New Star Wars Identities Portraits are Awesome!

It's not often that we come right out and call something "awesome" but really there's just no other way to describe these new posters for Star Wars Identities. The interactive museum exhibit, which is scheduled to open in Montreal, Canada on April 19, has just released this new set that shows six…


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Sweetest Mash-Up: Star Wars x Norman Rockwell

Artist James Hance is on a tear! First he showed us the cutest mash-up with his Star Wars x Up print, and now he's back with an awesome tribute to Norman Rockwell. Taking one of Rockwell's classic and most recognizable paintings called…


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New Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings (+ More)

When we first came across Shintaro Ohata's sculptures popping out of paintings, we immediately fell in love. This Hiroshima, Japan-born artist not only has a unique style, placing his sculptures in front of his paintings, he also has the ability to create beautiful and…


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Forest Blending Acrylic Glass Statues

Imagine walking through a forest and seeing just a glimpse of these invisible figures! They're the creative work of artist Rob Mulholland, who makes these sculptures out of mirrored Perspex (or acrylic glass). It has been called the Predator effect after the 1987 film where an alien life form seamlessly blends into its background. Mulholland has previously installed these…


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Quirky Bow Ties


How cute and quirky are these? Nicholas Tee Ruiz started making these creative bow ties while working for The Museum Modern Art (MoMA) in the Special Programming & Events department. The 24-year-old wanted to "look dapper" for museum events and so decided to re-purpose everyday materials into wearable art. In January 2011, he challenged himself to…


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Incredible Dream-Like Models of Faraway Lands

After we wrote about Japanese artist Takanori Aiba's amazing bonsai tree houses, we planned on, one day, following up with another post that not only showed his other incredible sculptures, but also included an interview with him. I'm happy to announce that that day has come.…


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Extreme Wingsuit Flying by Jokke Sommer

A new highlights video from one of the best wingsuit flyers in the world, Jokke Sommer, has just been released. It's called Dream Lines Part III. Watch as the Red Bull sponsored daredevil flies over the beautiful landscapes of South Africa, China and Norway during the 2011 season. (According to Sommer, this video received "50,000 hits in less than 20 hours." Music is a…


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