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Sweetly Surreal Paintings by Robert Dowling Jr.

Maine-based Robert Dowling Jr. creates wonderfully whimsical stories with a slightly surreal touch. The self-taught artist, who works primarily in acrylics and oils, often paints characters with their faces covered or turned away. Love art like this that both children and adults can enjoy in their own…


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Famous Artists are Dissected

They're instantly recognizable artists - Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso - and now their likeness is the inspiration for a new ad campaign for MASP Art School. Like that unfortunate frog you dissected in high school Biology class, these dead artists have been pinned down and are ready for inspection. Look closely and you'll see their insides, only their organs are different than the average person's.…


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Man With Axe Destroys His Past

While many of us see small figurines as children's toys, artist Liliana Porter sees stories in the making. She finds her "cast of characters" at flea markets, antique stores and other odd places and gives them a new lease on life. "On the one hand they are mere appearance, insubstantial ornaments, but, at the same time, have a gaze that can be animated by the viewer, who, through it, can…


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The 10,000 Swarovski Crystal Cloud

A sparkling new art installation involving 10,000 Swarovski ELEMENT crystals and chicken wire was just set up in Georgetown, Washington DC. Cloud Terrace, by landscape artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot in collaboration with J.P. Paull of Bodega Architecture, made its debut at Dumbarton Oaks, a Harvard University institute that supports garden design and landscape architecture,…


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Paige Bradley's Stretching Sculptures

You may remember Paige Bradley as the talented artist who completely blew us away with Expansion, an incredibly beautiful sculpture of a naked woman with light bleeding out of her cracked body. Her recent set of works are just as amazing but involve a different type of material, silver nitrate. What's most intriguing is how these figures appear to be stretching out of…


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Zaha Hadid's Gorgeous Water Table

Famed architect Zaha Hadid recently debuted a new table that stopped us in our tracks. Called Liquid Glacial, it's a clear acrylic table that looks like it's transitioning from ice to water. Ripples start at the center and descend downwards, toward the legs. Quite gorgeous, isn't it?

via […


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Beautifully Haunting Graffiti at Chernobyl

Photographer Jan Smith reached out to us to tell us about a beautifully haunting photo series he shot at Chernobyl (here's the first). It's been exactly 26 years since the catastrophic nuclear accident occurred in the Ukrainian city. In 1986, the city was evacuated and today it is mostly…


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You Look at Me Like an Emergency

I've been a fan of photographer Cig Harvey's storytelling portraits for quite some time so it brings me great pleasure to announce that she's recently created a book. You Look at Me Like an Emergency is a visual autobiography exploring the photographer's central…


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10,000 Cupcake Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic

What's better than art you can eat? This past weekend, London-based Crumbs and Dollies Cupcakes debuted a stunning mosaic made of over 10,000 cupcakes! The cherry blossom tree was a project for a Japanese television show ITTEQ. It was unveiled at Highcross Shopping Centre in…


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Inspiring Quotes on Beautiful Oregon Landscapes

Friend, graphic designer and photographer Julian Bialowas just sent word about his latest project which launched yesterday. Of course, you may remember Julian as the one behind those beautiful and uplifting photos that thousands of you shared with your family and friends. He's back with…


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Most Spectacular Breaking Bad Fan Art

Ask anyone who's watched Breaking Bad and they'll tell you that it's, hands down, the best show on television. The critically acclaimed drama stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned meth "cook." AMC is splitting the fifth and final season into two parts which will air later this year (in July) and in 2013.

Today we…


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Adorable Kids Transform Into Very French Gangsters

Adorable kids taking mugshots? How can you not get behind an idea like this? Very French Gangsters is not only a great name for a company, it's also a license to create imaginative sets like this. Selling eyewear for kids has never been this much fun.

As it says on their website, "Our collection consists of three styles offering a hot and contemporary look, creating a universe of nice…


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Behind the Life-Size Lego Room Illusion

After we wrote about Valentino Fiadini's mini Lego rooms that look like life-size locations, we saw his work spread around the web on sites we love like…


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Peeking Owl Lamp

How wonderfully whimsical! Quarch Atelier, a group of young designers in Milan, Italy, has designed a lamp for all ages. Inspired by fairy tales, the two-part lamp, made of white porcelain, comes with an owl that sits inside. Called "C'est Chouette," the shape is suppose to be reminiscent of a bird cage or a very modern one at that.…


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Retro Up Poster

As you may know, lately I've been on a minimalist kick. As a huge fan of the movie Up, however, I just had to share this fantastic poster by Marcus from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Poster Inspired. Has that…


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Top 10 Tips: How to Take the Best Instagram Photos

This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The first ever ELR: where electricity meets luxury. Check it out here.

With 200 million active users who collectively share 60 million photos a day, Instagram has become not just a must-have photo application but a gigantic social network.…


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Find My Modern Met on Flipboard

We've been big fans of the social magazine app Flipboard since near its inception. In addition to Zite and Pulse, it's a must have on our list. My Modern Met was selected, early on, as one of its publishers they wanted to work with to share incredible art and creative content.

If you haven't checked it out, make sure you do. You…


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How We Helped The Force of Typography Go Viral

Matteo Civaschi, Executive Creative Director and Senior Designer at H-57, just sent this very kind message. "I’m been very excited to send you this sweet end report of 'The Force of Typography.' In our video, you'll recognize your website. In effect, all was born from your kind article. We just wanted to tell you one more time: 'THANK YOU!'"

You can… Continue

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Beautiful Black Space

France based Sherif Elhage just wrote to us to tell us about a series he's created that's simply called Black. Shot during the last few years in different locations around Europe and the Middle East, these photos all have one thing in common - the predominant color is black. I love how he makes us hone in on certain subjects and how he gives us a new appreciation for the color…


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Complex Philosophical Theories Explained in Basic Shapes

If you enjoy seeing a complicated theory or idea boiled down to its essence, you'll appreciate this new set of posters by London based designer Genis Carreras. In fact, it should come as no surprise that Carreras claims to love "minimalism and Swiss style" especially after seeing this. Here he takes complex philosophical theories, like existentialism and utilitarianism, and…


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