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Clever Illustration: Slick Dude!

Here's a clever piece by London-based stencil artist Agent Provocateur. Titled Slick Dude!, the illustration shows a surfer riding some oil and surrounded by BP's now infamous logo. This is an entry for a t-shirt design contest where the winner gets $100 and where all profits go to the… Continue

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Explosion of Color - Elias Wessel (5 pics)

Just how can you not love all of this craziness? Photographer Elias Wessel shoots model Lydia Hearst in this very colorful spread for the Spring 2010 issue of Vixen Magazine. Make sure to check out that last picture with the poor black cat!…


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In Honor of the Fallen

Today we celebrate Memorial Day, a time to remember our fallen heroes. You've made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and we will never forget freedom is not free.

Photo by Wayne… Continue

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Museum Of Bad Art

Just what is art and who defines what is good versus bad? In this great video, Louise Sacco, cofounder of The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA), displays some of her favorite works and describes the interesting stories behind them. This woman is hilarious!

MOBA’s mission is to collect, exhibit, and celebrate bad… Continue

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Bicycle by The Small Stakes

Not sure if this poster, called Bicycle by Jason Munn (aka The Small Stakes) inspires me to want to get a bike or two cute cats. Either way, love everything about this.

Poster… Continue

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Beautiful Branding: Ace Hotel (12 pics)

Just who is behind Ace Hotel's beautiful branding? Who makes sure that every element, from the letterhead to the message on the bathroom mirror, looks consistently cool? That would be the talented trio, Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink & Jeremy Pelley, from The Official Manufacturing Company.

If you've ever visited an Ace, you'll immediately feel that…


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Please complete the sentence: I Am...

Just how would you complete the sentence..I am? A simple question? Think again. Because how you answer it shows us what you appreciate, how you define yourself or what your story is. In this short video, Steven Nicholas Smith asked strangers in Philadelphia to finish that sentence. "I Am ___."

Through these responses, the film-maker was able to create a montage of answers and then delve deeper into a select few and allow them to explore their answers even… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Miss You

Just a sweet/sexy shot from fashion photographer Pamela Hanson.

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Kia's Hamsters are Badass

How can you not call this new Kia commercial entertaining? Just goes to show you can't go wrong with badass hamsters singing Black Sheep's The Choice is Yours. Titled A New Way To Roll, this commercial campaign will not only have you bumping your base but laughing on the floor. As the lucky Soul-driving hamsters rap to, “You can go with this, or you can go with that," they hilariously compare their phat ride to toasters, cardboard boxes and washing… Continue

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The Haunted Household by Christoph Niemann

No Room

For a little wit and whimsy this morning, check out Christoph Niemann's latest illustrations for the New York Times. The series, title The Haunted Household, will make you wonder just what kind of creatures are lurking around your house!

For more of Niemann's clever…


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The Live-Work-Play House

I don't think I'd ever leave my house if I lived in something like this! The Beaver Street Reprise in San Francisco, California is a modern home consisting of four stories that all have their own distinct roles - park-live-work-play. Love the rooftop deck with fireplace...after a hard day's work, wouldn't it be nice to go right upstairs and enjoy a glass of wine or beer up… Continue

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Congrats to Giveaway #4 Winner, Mark!

Congrats to Mark Huckabee for winning the big grand prize! Your answer to "Tell us who your favorite artist is and why" made us remember why we love art so much and why a place like theMET exists. Also, most importantly, your answer inspires us to explore our own creative side, to find the artist within… Continue

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iPad + Velcro

Here's a well-shot video of a person using the iPad and velcro together. Now this might just be a match made in heaven!

"Two of mankind's greatest inventions, together at last. Note: this is an exploration of what is possible, not necessarily what is practical. Tweet from the street at your own risk!" - Jesse… Continue

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Young Love (12 photos)

Wow, now this is just about the cutest photoshoot I've ever seen! Called Young Love, it stars the sweet, young couple Gracie (age 3) and Zeke (age 4). Photos were taken by Joy of Wildflowers Photography, or Gracie's mom.

Check out all of the charming details that make this photoshoot so special like…


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Life's Sweetest Moments - Pascal Campion (10 pieces)

In the Shade

Pascal Campion is an illustrator and animator who's work will remind you to enjoy life's simple pleasures. He tends to focus on common themes like love and family, seeing beauty in the peaceful moments life has to offer. Born in New Jersey, growing up in the south of France and now currently living in San Francisco, Pascual believes his style is influenced "a lot…


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StreetMuseum: Looking into the Past With an IPhone App!

The Museum of London has just launched an iPhone app that makes use of its extensive art and photographic collections as well as geo tagging and Google Maps to guide users around London where, via the iPhone screen, you can look into the past! By overlaying old photos, The Museum of London gives you a unique experience, making you want to explore the hidden history…


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Cool 3D Projection Mapping by Samsung

Though we've now seen our fair share of projection mapping, it's one trend that I still can't get enough of. Samsung just recently threw up this installation on an old Amsterdam building. For three nights, they gave those who passed by a free show to promote their new range of 3D LED TVs. Love how they really made use of the building and how they neatly tied up the story with their 3D TV in the end.

via [… Continue

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Clever Packaging: Babees Honey (2 pics)

Though I like the familiarity of the honey bear bottle, I'm smitten over this new packaging idea from Babees Honey. With just a few simple black stripes, the design company, Ah&Oh Studio, was able to turn a plain looking container into a sweet beehive.

"A simple and little idea of packing for honey. We tried to treat jar as a playground for a character… Continue

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Ron English's BADvertisements (2 pics)

Ron English takes some of our most recognizable brand logos and turns them into controversial pieces of art. These fake ads are a part of the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, New York. Though provoking, to say the very least.



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Behind Tony Stark's Hi-Tech World

If you're one of those people who enjoys the art or design elements that are involved in a movie, you'll want to go over to Perception's website and read about their role in Iron Man 2.

In June 2009, Marvel Studios asked Perception to assist in delivering a simple graphics package to be used as…


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