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Gorgeous New Siren Mural by Hush

UK-based artist Hush just opened up a brand new solo show at Metro Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Called Sirens, it includes this gorgeous mural of the female form. He says of this exhibition, "I'm stripping pieces down, over complicating others to show a complex body of work to educate the viewer and bring them deeper into the process of making the work." Love how…


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Preview Pandamonium: Art Show Dedicated to the Panda

Ready for an art show dedicated to the black and white bear we all know and love? Signal Gallery in London just sent us special preview images for Pandamonium, a celebration of the panda bear in art. Expect to see new works from artists you've seen right here on My Modern Met…


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Lovely Landscapes Made from Safety Cones

Now here's something you don't see every day. Artist Lana Shuttleworth creates idealized landscapes by cutting, carving and then nailing down thousands of small pieces of safety cones. Currently showing at the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles until June 16 is her intriguing…


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Sydney Opera House Transforms Into Living Canvas

Oh, to be in Sydney right now! If you happen to be "down under" from now till June 11, 2012, you're one of the lucky ones who gets to experience Vivid Sydney, the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 60 light installations are…


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Shooting the Powerful Fortune 500 Boards

Who are some of the most powerful people in business? You're looking at them. Recently, photographic duo, Floto +Warner were asked by Fortune to shoot six boards at some of America's most high-profile organizations. They traveled from coast to coast,…


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New Lord of the Rings/Calvin & Hobbes Mash-Up

Though diehard Bill Watterson fans are causing a raucous over on Threadless about this mash-up (calling it "just plain copyright"), I can't help but love it. This new t-shirt design, called “Halfling and Wizard” beautifully blends two pop culture phenomenons together, Lord of the Rings and Calvin & Hobbs. That lovable tiger Hobbes has turned into wise old…


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GIF-ITTI: Mesmerizing Street Art GIFs

You know those moments when you think, "Why haven't I seen more of this?" That's exactly how I felt when I came across GIF-ITTI, or moving images mixed with graffiti. UK-based artist and designer INSA creates these mesmerizing living street art pieces that you can't help but stare at. He does it by…


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Pic of the Day: Looking Up

Ari Bixhorn took this gorgeous photo of trees at Sintra Mountains, Portugal. The colors make it almost seem as if he's taking this shot from the bottom of an ocean floor. He calls it Looking Up. "Sometimes you've got to remember to stop and look around for the different angles on a…


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BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality Magic

To spread the word about the Blu-ray/DVD Frozen Planet release, BBC Home Entertainment partnered with digital creative agency Appshaker Ltd to create an awesome augmented reality experience. Using 4 distinctive broadcast quality 3D scenes, they delighted crowds, giving them a fun opportunity - kids and adults alike got to interact with animals from the Polar Region!

The three market…


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Yum Yum's Hilarious Vinyl Toys are Now Available

Remember those hilarious vinyl toys by Yum Yum? We're happy to announce that they're now for sale! Yes, the company we interviewed back in September 2010, is now going to release a limited number of five toys that you can pre-order. The complete set is going for 60 pounds or about $94 dollars.…


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Raining Fire Photography by Simon Roberts

In 1999 (or pre 9-11), British photographer Simon Roberts went deep into the Nevada desert to shoot some of the stunning images you see here. Called Desert Blast, the set shows incredible photos from a secret meeting of pyrotechnic enthusiasts who had gathered together to fire off high explosives, home-made bombs and c-grade fireworks. This series, along with his follow-up series…


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Fantasy Photography by Marwane Pallas

20-year-old French photographer Marwane Pallas invites you to step into his strange and surreal dream. Whether he's flipping photos around and offering us a new perspective or masterfully manipulating colors, each photo feels you've stepped out of reality and stepped into a magical and mystical world.

"I like to create fantasy using the real world, assembling…


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Ultimate Roundup of Star Wars Inspired Art

Happy Birthday, Star Wars! In case you didn't know, thirty-five years ago today marked the beginning of an era - it was the day the original Star Wars debuted on the big screen. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we've rounded up some of the best Star Wars inspired art we've come across throughout the years. From Tsuneo Sanda's masterful collage to Cédric Delsaux fantastic…


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Giant Tree Made of 80 Different Types of Fabric

Standing 18 meters (or 46 feet) tall, is an awesome new tree sculpture made of 80 different types of fabric. The Baobab Tree, created by Pirate Technics, was inspired by Africa's baobab tree, which is the oldest living specimen in Africa and has long been a symbol for community. Rings about 16 feet wide were used to build the tree before it was wrapped with fabric. It sits…


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Paper Heroes by Grégoire Guillemin

French artist Grégoire Guillemin just tipped us off to his latest work. Of course, you may remember Guillemin as the one behind these amazing retro-modern supehero illustrations. He's back with Paper Heroes 2, a follow-up to his popular Paper Heroes series where he takes famous…


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Bubblegum Installation Glows at Night

Now this is my kind of art experience! Called Bubblegum, this 2010 whimsical installation consisted of 50 colorful balloons that floated across the water in Almere, Netherlands. The best part? There were LED lights inside the balloons so that they glowed at night! Created by Merijn Hos and…


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Maurice Sendak: A Legacy Exhibition

While children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak will always be known for his classic book Where the Wild Things Are, he produced nearly 10,000 works of art and related material. In the early 1970s, Sendak chose the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be the repository for this work. They hold everything from his…


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Rainbow Colored Double Exposures

Japanese photographer Takeshi Suga has created a dreamy set of double exposures where he uses props such as color filters and a pane of glass to add warmth and haziness. He started shooting double exposures by accident two years ago when he used his lomography camera to take a picture of a cherry blossom tree and a foundation, found at two different locations. The result?…


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21 Unforgettable Examples of Land Art

Starting May 27 and continuing until September 3, 2012, the Museum of Contemporary Art (or MOCA) in Los Angeles will be presenting Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974, the first large-scale, historical-thematic exhibition to deal broadly with land art. There will be works by more than 80 artists from all around the world including Japan, Israel, Iceland and Europe.

To help…


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Jason deCaires Taylor's New Coral Winged Sculpture

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor's latest sculptures to join the hundreds of others in the magnificent underwater museum called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) around Cancun…


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