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A little SF in Santa Monica - Cafe Luxxe on Montana

My love/hate relationship with Starbucks mostly just leaves me feeling empty inside. I want different and modern. I want a place with really good coffee but a really cool environment.

Apparently, I wanted Cafe Luxxe on Montana.

The girls and I strolled into Cafe Luxxe for our last pit stop, just some juice. Didn't have the baked goods or… Continue

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Hole-in-the-Walls Rule - Wirin, Thai Restaurant in Venice

So my dad and his wife took us to this hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant, called Wirin, last night and all I can say is that THIS IS A TRUE FIND! Thai food is usually cheap but it's rarely this good. The place is kind of a dump - I mean, you can eat there, but it ain't no Katsu-Ya. I'd probably get take-out from now on but probably wouldn't mind eating here… Continue

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Playa Vista's Concert in the Park: An Enjoyable Afternoon

A part of our Sunday afternoon was spent at Playa Vista's 2008 Summer Concert Series. Basically, once a month from June to Sept, Playa Vista gives the community a free concert in their Concert Park. My sister had told me about these but I was reluctant to know...I pictured lots of dogs,… Continue

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ideeli - hardcore shoppers out there - let me know who you are

I guess the benefit of having these sites is that sometimes you can get an inside pass into private websites. If there is one thing I am not, it is a fashionista, I am proud to admit that my sister dresses me. :)

I got this email for an invite-only shopping community called ideeli. Upon further investigation, here is what I found out on… Continue

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Happy Birthday, iPhone!

One year ago, yesterday (June 29, 2007), the Apple iPhone was introduced to the US, making it one of the most hyped and coveted pieces of technology quite possibly in our lifetime. It was touted as being revolutionary, a smart phone that was multi-touch, an advanced voicemail system, a beautiful interface. And it was.

I was one of those suckers (I like to say "early adopters" but let's get real, I was a sucker) that had to get it the first… Continue

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Street-level billboards from Inwindow Outdoor

I am trying to decide if the guy who's brining "storescapes" to us is actually really smart or if he should be burned at the stake. As if we didn't have enough places to look at for advertising, Steve Birnhak, from Inwindow Outdoor, has started to dress up store windows with advertising! Think of it as billboards at eye-level.

At first, I was a bit peeved - seriously,… Continue

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Public Blog is Debuting -

So here it is. As promised. The public blog! This was made so that you all can now show your friends what My Modern Metropolis is all about. As you can tell, it was made with the same look as 'My'.

As trusted members, you still hold the key to letting any of your friends get into the 'My' site. That means, that a new member needs to either receive an invitation from you or… Continue

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A Stroll Down Montana Part 3 of 3: Shabby Chic

Third part of our trip led us to Shabby Chic. I know this place is overpriced for mostly just white furniture but I wanted to see what else was inside. The chandelier they are selling (in the pic) is CRAZY EXPENSIVE at $3,650 but it is easily one of the most beautiful chandeliers I have ever seen.

Just wanted to share a few this beautiful white… Continue

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A Stroll Down Montana Part 2 of 3: Peek...Aren't You Curious, Cutest Kids Clothes

Right down the street from Jenny Bec's, on Montana, is one of the cutest kid's clothes store ever, Peek...Aren't You Curious. I've been seeing my sister dress her daughter, Berry, in the sweetest outfits (like the dress in the pic), and I had always wondered where she bought most of Berry's clothes. While at Americana, about a month ago, we went into a store called… Continue

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A Stroll Down Montana Part 1 of 3: Jenny Bec's, A Fun and Whimsical Children's Store

The girls went out for a few hours this afternoon to check out Montana. Grace and I had lived there before, years ago, before our Berry was born, before Pink Berry came in. We'd stroll to Starbucks on a Sunday morning, taking in the sunshine, enjoying the neighborhood.

Once Grace knew that Berry was coming we would stroll into this unique boutique children's store called… Continue

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One of the best patios: Beechwood in Venice

Sis and I headed to Beechwood last night to just hang out and have some sweet potato fries. We had a few other dishes but they aren't really worth mentioning. You don't go here for the food, you go here for the atmosphere - having a nice drink, looking around at some older eye candy (and when I mean older I mean more 30 yr olds than 20 yr olds). Hard to find spot on… Continue

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This Sunday Morning...

Snapped this shot while getting my morning coffee. Too funny.

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A Korean restaurant that will compete with Wharo: Gyenari, Culver City

So after a real nice lunch at Tokyo 7-7, Sam and I decided to stroll around Culver City, checking out some of the new places opening up. On Culver there two joints coming in the mid to end of July. The first one is called Gyenari - a Korean restaurant and lounge that looks amazing. Decor was gorgeous. The owner was kind enough to let us take some pics. They're going to be a BBQ place - so bust out the febreeze and tie back that hair (you Koreans know… Continue

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From Bucko Bucks to Cheap Eat: Tokyo 7-7, Culver City

So after spending way too much on lunch the other day, I wanted to find something cheap and delicious in LA (you know, ease the guilt). After Yelping around, we found some awesome reviews on this hole-in-the-wall cafe called Tokyo 7-7. Two words really brought us to this little find...portuguese sausage. Oh… Continue

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Restaurant: Bastide in West Hollywood, Expensive but Delightful

Easily one of the most expensive lunches, I have had - I am trying to justify this by thinking of it more as an "experience" than a meal. Tucked away on Melrose Place, next to the new Monique Lhuillier, Bastide closed down for a while and re-opened in September. I'd never been before but I was willing to try this place out for a few reasons:

1. Needed to find a restaurant in West Hollywood for a lunch meeting

2. Wanted to give French… Continue

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My Promise

You have a lot of choices out there with social network sites. So first, I want to thank everyone in here for trusting in me, my brother or a friend, for joining the site without even seeing it.

I had lunch with my friend, Todd, a few weeks ago and we talked about social media. Never has there been a time like now, when information and ideas are being exchanged, in a blink of an eye. For some, that's scary - it's an unknown. But, for… Continue

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Hambre? Hombre? Oh - Ombre!

This summer if there is one fashion trend that's probably going to whip through most of our'll probably be ombre long dresses. My sister, Grace, is the ultimate fashionista - I'm lucky enough to be able to "shop" in her closet - we've even devised our own "Netflix" where I can borrow a dress and bring it back in a week to change it out again for something else. Thank God for older sisters! :)

Ombre is made from organic fabrics,… Continue

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Life after Microsoft for Bill Gates

Bill Gates, at the age of 52, is retiring today. He will still be devoting about 20% of his time working on Microsoft issues, but will devote most of his time to philanthropic endeavors.

Say what you will about Bill - he really has changed the way we all work in this world.

Worth about $58 billion, he's pledging $45 billion of that to his foundation.

Fortune magazine has two very good articles on Bill:…


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Better than Barnes - Livraria da Vila in Sao Paolo

A unique bookstore in Sao Paolo Brazil - Livraria da Vila. The front of Livraria da Vila in the Jardins neighborhood serves as both sign and advertisement for its books. Entry is through pivoting bookshelves encased in glass.

An elliptical cutout links the ground floor with… Continue

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Palm Centro/Verizon Party & DJ AM

Last night, our good friend Vic, invited us to a Palm Centro & Verizon Wireless Launch Party at Elevate, the club in downtown LA. I've wanted to check out Elevate for a while now so I jumped at the chance to attend. Eugene, my brother, has gone there a few times and been really impressed with the place and I couldn't pass up checking out how Palm & Verizon threw a… Continue

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