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Unbelievable Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Another photo of a pretty swimsuit model? Think again. In fact, gaze down at her cut-off legs and you might realize that what you're actually looking at is a hyperrealistic sculpture.

Like Ron Mueck, Carole Feuerman is a hyperrealist sculptor who creates mindblowing pieces of art. Having…


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Stuff No One Told Me (15 total)

Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway) is a hilarious cartoon blog by Barcelona-based illustrator Alex Noriega. Dispensing valuable advice for an adult crowd, Noriega's art will make you laugh out loud and nod your head in approval. His art is the kind you can easily share amongst your friends or co-workers because they center around topics that touch upon… Continue

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The New Old Spice Commercial is Awesome!

I didn't think they could do it but ad agency Wieden + Kennedy hit another home run with their new Old Spice commercial. Similar to the first one we all fell in love with but with a new twist, the ad brings back Isaiah Mustafah as the man our man could smell like.

On a side note - Did you know that the original "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ad scooped up this year's Cannes Film Lions Grand Prix? (For those of you who don't know, The Cannes Lions are the… Continue

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10 Superheroes and Their Secret Identities

Coran "Kizer" Stone is a very talented illustrator from California. His Ego series gives us a side by side comparison of our favorite superheroes and their secret identities. We love his own, playful interpretations - like how how purposely makes Peter Parker look like he's from the "early 60's more then the modern cool ass Petey of today." Because to Stone, "the Geek…


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Photorealistic iPad Finger Painting

Now this is how to embrace the iPad! When American realist David Jon Kassan started thinking of creative ways to use the iPad, he decided that a fingerpainting demo would be in order. On Monday, June 21st, he streamed the demo live from his Brooklyn studio. As onlookers watched, he painted his model for three hours and then proceeded to answer questions on how he used the iPad and the Brushes app.



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LIFE: Famous Figures That Shaped the 20th Century (32 photos)

More than any textbook, LIFE magazine captured the 20th Century in a way we'll never forget. Their images of iconic figures inspired us to see greatness within ourselves, and their inside look at great events throughout history made us feel closer and more connected to the world around us.

Until July 9, LIFE, in conjunction with, is auctioning… Continue

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Japanese Pop Surrealism by Yosuke Ueno

If you dare to enter the world of Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno, get ready for a strange and surreal adventure. Ueno will take you on a magical ride, introducing you to everyone from a giant baby swan to what looks like Rainbow Bright's black sheep cousin. Weird, creepy but in a beautiful kind of way, Ueno's art stands out for its interesting juxtapositions and hidden…


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Clever Poster Design: Inception

Here's a great new poster by fellow metropolite and talented illustrator Matt Needle. For the upcoming movie Inception, Needle created a stunning poster that illustrates the words, "Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime."

In case you don't remember, Matt's the one behind the brilliant… Continue

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Forever21 Augmented Reality Billboard at Times Square

Anytime we see some new technology being used by advertisers to actively engage their consumers we're all over it. That's why this new Times Square plasma-screen billboard has caught our attention. Designed by interactive agency Space150 for Forever 21, the billboard features a lovely looking model walking in front of the crowd. The model leans over, plucks a lucky… Continue

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Pic of the Day: My Road. My Music.

Beautiful composition and great perspective. This photo just fills me with sweet emotion. By Prabhu.

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Fashion Fierce Jessica Alba (7 photos)

29-year old actress Jessica Alba looks absolutely stunning in the June edition of Korean Elle. The proud mom makes us believe that motherhood should be no excuse for frumpy frocks as she dons fashion fierce outfits by Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Balmain among others. Photography was done by Lee Do Kyu and styling by Choi Soon Young.…


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Creative Art Project: Grass Roots Square (4 pics)

Recently, Korean contemporary artist Do-Ho Suh won the international competition to create a public, outdoor art project for the Norwegian Government Building Complex. A simple, planted tree will stand in the area, called Grass Roots Square. Between, and partly replacing the paving stones, Suh will place hundreds if not thousands of 8-10 cm high human figures in…


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An iPhone 4 Shot and Edited Film

Called Apple of My Eye, this short film by Majek Pictures was amazingly all shot and edited on the new iPhone 4. It was directed by Michael Koerbel and produced by Eric Edmonds and Rebekah Koerbel. A nice, short story that should inspire many to create their own movie masterpiece.

(My only complaint? That young actress needs some lessons on how to lick ice… Continue

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Thousands of Dog Tags Make a Symbolic Robe

At first glance this may look just like a robe but look a little closer and you'll find that this enormous suit of armor is actually thousands of polished military dog tags all put together. Titled Some/One, the art piece, created by contemporary Korean artist Do-Ho Suh, asks the viewer to both understand and appreciate how a solider has his own identity yet…


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Breathtaking Beauty: Mélanie Laurent (8 photos)

Though you may know Mélanie Laurent for her magnificent portrayal of a vengeful woman in Quentin Tarantino's hit film Inglourious Basterds, you may not know that this stunning beauty is also a director and a writer. She's also an accomplished French actress, having already appeared in over twenty films. (You may also be surprised to find out that Laurent had to…


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Hotel Tomo Review: A Japanese Pop-Culture Hotel

Last weekend, Eugene and I went up to San Francisco to attend StumbleUpon's 10 million Stumblers party. As I often times like to do when I go on trips, I booked reservations at a hotel I've always wanted to check out. (In fact, here's when I first found out about Tomo.) I'm sure you'd agree…


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Fruit Infused Water Pitcher

If you're trying to cut out soda, what healthy drinking alternatives do you really have? Well, if you get one of these cool pitchers, you can have naturally fruit infused water right at your fingertips. How does it work? There's a special container suspended inside the clear acrylic pitcher that has open holes which allow liquid and fruit to mix together. Best part? Since it's two separate containers you can either keep refiling the outer container or… Continue

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Creative Marketing: Axe Calendar

This creative came out last year but since we didn't cover it here and because it's such an awesome idea, I just had to write about it. Axe wrapped a giant calendar over a female students' dormitory for the month. Look closely and you'll see make-believe ladies hanging out by the windows.

Axe's message? Wear their…


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Cutest Puppy Portraits (12 photos)

Truth be told, we all think that our dogs are the cutest living creatures in the world. By just how do we capture their effervescent personalities, show the world just how charismatic and caring they can be? Well, if you live in Toronto, near professional pet photographer Piotr Organa, you may want to ask him to take their portrait. Capturing man's best friend in a…


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Clever Packaging for Earphones

Now here's a simple but clever way to package earphones! These were created by Corinne Pant, a student at UQAM in Montreal.

"Noté is an extremely simple and ecological solution for packaging headphones. The headphones are wrapped around a single piece of cardboard, requiring neither glue nor plastic."

Note: The packaging may be an offshoot of… Continue

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