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Super-Sized Light Paintings

You've just got to love it when a person says right off the bat, "Dozens of people told me I should patent or make a business selling Light Scythes. I'm not really into that (but it's open source, so feel free to make your own)!"

Now that we've got that out of the way, just what is a Light Scythe? It's an application for creating programmable LED strips. With what looks like a gigantic… Continue

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Gorgeous Architecture-Inspired Rings

Can jewelry be considered art? Absolutely. Fourth generation Mexican jeweler Iker Ortiz has designed some beautiful architecture-inspired rings made of stainless steel, silver, titanium, gold, Corian and precious stones. In this new collection, called The Natural Aesthetic, Ortiz wanted to create jewelry that "let the gemstones speak to us." …


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Riveting Story Behind that Striking Sculpture

Though Paige Bradley has a few "trademark" sculptures, the Internet came and fell in love with one particular one that's causing people from all over the world to see her art for the very first time. It's an incredibly beautiful sculpture of a naked woman with light bleeding out of her cracked… Continue

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Behind the Scenes of a Smartphone Music Video

If you ever thought about making a music video but stopped short because you thought you needed tons of money for all that equipment (lighting, cameras, etc), then let us show you something. More and more, we're starting to see really high-quality videos shot entirely on that little gadget we all hold near and dear to our hearts...our smartphones. (Really, how great was… Continue

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Brilliant Ads Inspired by The Birds

Now this is brilliant! What immediately comes to mind when you see these ads by France 24, the French international news channel? If you said Alfred Hitchock's thriller The Birds then you hit the nail on the head. The 1963 suspense and psychological film was based on the 1952 book of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. It's been said that in the movie, the unexplainable bird attacks… Continue

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Missing: Have You Seen This Sock

For all you men and women out there who ever wonders how one sock always goes missing, painter and illustrator Johan Potma has something for you. He's created this "Missing" sign that makes light of that often frustrating experience. Too funny.

If you like his style, make sure to drop by Potma's… Continue

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Rainbow Yarn and Stencil Street Art

Combining yarn and stencils in his latest installation, HOT + TEA takes street art to a crazy and cool new level. Mysteriously, not much is known about these pieces except that they're shot by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based photographer Thomas Dunning and that a timelapse will soon be released. Also, the one above took six hours to install.…


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Magical Engagement and Wedding Photography

Thad and Sarah Lawrence showed us that with a little help from Photoshop, one could capture the trials and tribulations of love and marriage in ways we could have never imagined. Renaissance Studio, a modern vintage photography studio based in Ontario, Canada, takes this idea one step further by… Continue

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Actors in Multiple Characters

Bill Murray

Illustrator Derek Eads must love movies. How else could you explain how this self-taught artist and freelance illustrator knows so many movie characters? Indeed, after doing a little bit of research, we found out that Eads is a self-described "movie buff" who's been a huge fan of films his whole life.

You can read an interview that… Continue

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Inside Dwell on Design

This past weekend, Dwell that modern design magazine we all know and love, put on the West Coast's largest design event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The fun three-day extravaganza, called Dwell on Design, focuses on modern living - everything from green and outdoor spaces to innovative… Continue

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Ellen DeGeneres' Creative Pet Captions

"Now THAT is a friend."

While we'll always have a place in our hearts for gorgeous animal photography by the likes of Andrew Zuckerman, Morten Koldby or…

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Designing the Life You Love

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and really thought about where your life was going? Or maybe even better, where you want it to go next? That's the idea behind Alyse Birsel's Design the Life You Love. It's a recipe with not just ingredients like paper and pencil but also things… Continue

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Ever So Subtle Gifs

It's been a few months since we first wrote about how gifs have been taken to a higher art form with Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg's Cinemagraphs. Since then we've seen others show us their own high quality work like Mike Pecci, who made us stop and stare at his… Continue

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Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

Wow, how pretty is this? Whether you're a beginner photographer or just someone who likes to reminded of the basics, we think you'll appreciate this Manual Photography Cheat Sheet by Miguel Yatco. Why did he create it?

"Well, the main reason I made this infographic was so that I could help… Continue

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Million Dollar Vintage BMW

Today, we just happened to come across this stunning image by photographer Christopher Wilson. Doesn't it just stop you in your tracks? What a beauty.

"Christopher recently photographed a 1928 BMW 328 for BMW Germany," it says on Wilson's blog. "Impeccably… Continue

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Mouse Finds Love at My Modern Met

Boy, do we love our illustrators! After we wrote the post Fred Blunt's Fantastically Funny Love Story, we received a wonderfully warm message that we just had to share (with his permission, of course).

"Thanks so much for your piece on The Crush!," Blunt wrote. "Really nice,… Continue

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Street Artist Inspired by Old Italian Painter

Mark your calendars! Starting July 7 and through July 23, 2011, street artist C215 and photographer RomanyWG (otherwise known as Jeremy Gibbs) will join forces in a new London Show based at Signal Gallery. For the past five years, RomanyWG has documented the work of C215 along with others in the street art and graffiti scene. RomanyWG will be showing photographs both from C215's…

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Noble Animals

Have you ever seen animals with this much character? After seeing the post Fantastic Portraits of Farm Animals, a man named David Boni emailed us to tell us about a similar project he had undertaken. Boni takes beautiful portraits of everyday animals, and in doing so, makes us believe in the power of… Continue

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Fictional Cape Town

All is not what it seems. That's the takeaway from this incredibly interesting series called Fictional Cape Town by Montpellier, France-born and based photographer Cecila Mella. As Africa's most popular tourist destination, Cape Town is known to be a creative hot bed which springs naturally from the city's multiethnic population. With both natural beauty and a thriving metropolitan area, Cape… Continue

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Browser Wars

Too awesome. This illustration, under the title Browser Wars, was made by Galit Weisberg (or Shoze) for a contest on Sketchoholic. There were a total of… Continue

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