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Italian Cuisine with a New England Twist? Yes! Rialto Rocks Our World

This is easily one of the best hotel restaurants we've ever eaten at - Rialto, in the Charles Hotel. You must be saying to yourself...damn, that girl has a lot of "bests." Best this, best that. No joke, this whole dining experience was almost pure perfection from start to finish.

We take the elevator to Rialto on the 2nd floor and immediately when we walk out I… Continue

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The best damn clam chowder ain't in a Chunky's can, it's at Legal Sea Foods.

Since 1981, this famed New England chowder has been served at every presidential inauguration. What makes it so good? You are about to find out.

So Sam and I had dinner reservations at Rialto for dinner but having such huge stomachs as ours means you we need to eat every few hours. Thank God we have pretty decent metabolisms or we'd be houses by now. We headed up to the third floor of Charles Hotel crossed a path and got to… Continue

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A Delightful New England Experience: The Charles Hotel, Cambridge MA

Forgive me for being away for a day. Sam and I made it safely to Boston yesterday afternoon and then zipped on over to Cambridge as a pit stop to visit Daddy Bob and Mom Judy in Maine. (You are probably thinking - a city girl like you in the woods?! Yeah, you and me both.) Daddy Bob and and Mom Judy are my sister Grace's husband's parents - they've built an awesome eco-friendly house in the woods. (I'm talking solar panels, people!)

We flew… Continue

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I am a Sucker for Inspirational Movies: "Flash of Genius" 10/17/08 Release

The true story of a college professor and part-time inventor Robert Kearns' (Greg Kinnear) long battle with the US automobile industry.

Not sure if the movie will be good but I love inspirational… Continue

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One Determined Young Man: Gnarls Barley's Music Video "Going On"

A determined man and his friends dance through a Jamaican town on their way to a secret multidimensional poral. He is determined to "go it alone" while dancers get tired in the sun and fall behind. One equally determined girl goes with this man to this sacred destination. Should she follow him?

The song has been added to the front page music… Continue

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This Goes Out To All You Twitterers: The Four Phases of Twitter

My friend Duc and I always talk about Twitter - a microblogging service.

I love this from

I’ve seen the pattern repeated over and over again when… Continue

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John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar at USC: On the Future of Learning

I'm still working with Susan Crawford on putting together an OneWebDay event in LA.

She mentioned John Seely Brown as a possible speaker.

Here is a part of his bio:

John Seely Brown is currently a visiting scholar at USC and prior to that he… Continue

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Duffy Interview

RoRo introduced me to Duffy a little while ago right here at the Met.

I'm not only a fan of hers bc I like the soulfulness in her voice, after reading various articles and watching videos about her, I appreciate Duffy, who's open and honest about, more than anything, herself - her experiences and her journey.

Spin magazine has her as their August cover - it's a… Continue

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My Next Coffee Table Book - Studio Olafur Eliasson: An Encyclopedia

Sam and I saw his exhibit last October at the SF Moma - Eliasson's work is amazing bc he uses natural elements like light and water to create art that elicits an emotional response in people. Amazon…


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Stacey Lee Webber: CHANGE 8/1-8/31 San Francisco at Velvet da Vinci

And I thought loose change was a nuisance...

"Three Kings"

Stacy Lee Webber on the Change exhibit:

Coins are more than currency, They are metal objects that hold historical tales as they are passed through the hands of millions of people on a daily basis. In my artwork I have highlighted the personal history of coins by using them as a material to make art objects. I have chosen to construct objects out of pennies, quarters,… Continue

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Placemats Were Never So Pretty - Popmat by Publique Living

Perforated pop-ups on disposable paper placemats. So awesome!

Publique Living.

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Yo Vic! Hilary Duff Just Got a Little Bit Cooler - The Prada Fairy Bag

Hilary is sportin one of the coolest bags I've seen in a while. Nice to see Prada steppin it up and playing with the big boys in appealing to a younger generation. (Though Murakami + Louis Vuitton got there first and was a pretty genius combo.)

More on this bag on the… Continue

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Slightly dark but interesting...She & Him Video "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"

Annie, this one goes out to you..I know you like Zoeey… Continue

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Amy Tan, Author of the Joy Luck Club, One of the best TED speeches "Where does creativity hide?"

One of my most favorite speeches.

Novelist Amy Tan digs deep into the creative process, journeying through her childhood and family history and into the worlds of physics and chance, looking for hints of where her own creativity comes from. It's a wild ride with a surprise… Continue

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Gyu-Kaku Part II: Why This is One of the Best Restaurants on the Westside

So you know I really believe in a place when I take my dad and his wife to it.

Grace (sis) had been dying to go to this place so when my dad asked us to dinner last night what did Sam and I shout out in unison but "Gyu-Kaku"! (Not really but that would have been cool....or really… Continue

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The Little Italian Restaurant That Couldn't: Terroni in West Hollywood


I went in with an open mind and a hungry stomach.

Tara and I went out last night to dinner and tried out this Italian restaurant in West Hollywood called Terroni. Now, I am not a tough food critique - in fact, I'm pretty open to it all. I don't like my food too sheesh or my portions too small (that I am… Continue

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Filipino Food in Chinatown? Great! Lunch with the Ibanez Family at Noi.

After a very enjoyable afternoon watching Brian's group, happyfunsmile, at the Buddhist temple, we mosied our way to Chinatown to have some traditional Filipino food. Filipino food in Chinatown? Sure, why not!?

Apparently our foodie friend Vic told Arlene about this…


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happyfunsmile - name says it all.

Sam and I were lucky to catch the last show of happyfunsmile's U.S. tour and boy are we glad we did. Brian, one of the main singers in this dancing and singing troupe was spectacular to watch. He is my husband's brother's girlfriend's sister's husband. They invited to see his show sometime this weekend and though we didn't catch it at the Obon festival, we saw it this… Continue

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A Modern Korean Restaurant in Culver City: Gyenari Opens Its Doors

I've been really excited about this Korean restaurant opening up on the Westside since it is now up against Wharo in Marina del Rey. It's always good to see a little competition, keeps everyone on their toes. Also, I'm always interested in seeing how ethnic restaurants update their look to appeal to a wider audience.

Does a restaurant… Continue

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