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15 Massive Street Art Murals Around the World

Is it just us or is street art getting bigger and bigger these days? Lately, we've been noticing that massive murals are taking over whole sides of buildings! These multi-story works are best viewed and appreciated from a distance. Case in point, Brazilian twins Os Gemeos are…


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Giant Book Maze is Author's Unique Fingerprint

This recently completed installation, by Brazilian artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, gives the phrase "getting lost in a good book" a whole new meaning. A few weeks ago, we told you about a huge maze being made with 250,000 books. From today until August 26, aMAZEme is now being…


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Whimsical Installations Introduce Korean Pop Art to London

For the 2012 summer festival "All Eyes On Korea" at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, some of the best Korean art is being showcased at various venues across London. Artist Choi Jeong Hwa has created two larger than life outdoor installations called Time After Time and Life-Life where he asked volunteers to help him cover up 16, dull gray pillars…


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Albert Einstein Statue Gets Yarn-Bombed

Olek strikes again! The famous yarn-bomber, who's also one of the artists chosen in the Smithsonian's current 40 under 40 exhibit, has been taking advantage of her time in DC. She recently surprised those strolling through the grounds of the National Academy of…


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Colorful Geometric Illustrations of London 2012 Olympics

Athens, Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis has just released some of his most fantastic work to date. Created for Yahoo!'s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games, they're six illustrations that show "once-in-a-lifetime moments that happen every four years." Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra…


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LEGO Olympic Stadium Made From 100,000 Bricks

Though the Lego Colosseum still stands as the most impressive Lego creation we've ever seen, this Lego Olympic Stadium is right up there. Made entirely out of Lego bricks and minifigures, this London Olympic Stadium-inspired creation took four people two…


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Surreal Outdoor Art in France

While England has the Olympics, walk along certain streets in France right now and you might just come across some of the strangest, most surreal art you've ever seen. Two contemporary art events are concurrently happening, "Estuaire" (estuary of the Loire river) and "Le Voyage a Nantes" (A journey to Nantes). Where else could you happen to come across what remains of…


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Awesome New Illustrations for Nike

Speed Trap

Chow Hon Lam just wrote to us to tell us about his recently released commission. Back in 2010, Nike contacted the Malaysian artist to see if he would, exclusively, make them some funny t-shirt designs. In essence, they wanted something "different."…


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Incredibly Beautiful 4-Tiered Waterfall in Australia

Whenever we come across shots like this, we rub our eyes and ask ourselves, "Do places like this actually exist?" Indeed, they do. Recently, amateur astronomer and photographer Mike Salway took this gorgeous photo of Mitchell Falls in Australia.

"A sleepless night on a cold rock ledge overlooking the beautiful, powerful, noisy Mitchell Falls all came down to this," he…


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Mind-Boggling Overly Aggressive Anamorphic Robot

TSF Crew recently created this incredible anamorphic painting of a huge robot that looks like it's marching towards you! The talented French street art duo that was behind the amazing floor-to-ceiling tree and the…


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Colorful Umbrellas Magically Float in Mid-Air

Flickr photographer Patrícia Almeida recently shot these great photos of a wonderfully whimsical umbrella art installation in Portugal. Like something out of a fairy tale, the umbrellas look almost like they're magically floating in mid-air. As she writes, "In July, in Águeda (a Portuguese town), some…


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Mood Wall Designed to Improve Mental Health

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like you're in a funk? You just can't shake those heavy, sinking feelings? Maybe you're feeling stressed, empty, scared or stuck. In essence, you just don't feel like yourself.

As a way to improve mental health in Canada, Blok Design worked with Partners for Mental Health to come up with a way to draw people into a conversation, encouraging an open dialogue. Using bright colors that represented a spectrum of moods, they…


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Embroidered Graffiti by Sarah Greaves

While one wouldn't normally associate the delicate craft of embroidery with the grittier art form of graffiti, there's really no other way to describe the unique works of Sarah Greaves. This mixed media artist takes the traditional craft of embroidery and turns it on its head by working in unexpected places. The Manchester-based artist sews her thread into…


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The World's Most Crowded Wave Pool

Where do you go to escape the heat? In a recent series, photojournalist Michael Yamashita shared how the Japanese are keeping cool amidst a scorching heat wave. Tokyo Summerland is a popular water park that's home to the world's most crowded wave pool. During the summer, it's been said that there's so many people jammed in there that it's hard to find water inside the pool!…


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Pixar's Golden Storytelling Rules Illustrated in Legos

Last year, over the course of a month and a half, Pixar story artist Emma Coats grabbed the Internet's attention when she shared some of Pixar's golden rules of storytelling, via Twitter. They were guidelines that she had learned, that she wanted to pass along to others. There were 22 in all; you can read them…


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New Blossoming Book Sculptures by Cara Barer

Fine art photographer Cara Barer has created two new beautiful book sculptures. Dream Tree started off as a novel titled "Enigma" while Blue Butterfly was, in its previous life, an ordinary yellow pages. They, along with Barer's other works, are currently being shown in an exhibition titled Bound & Unbound at…


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Breathtaking Shots of Millions of Flamingos

Where do you go to see the greatest bird spectacle on earth? The Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley. Come at the right time and you'll see the shoreline of Kenya's lakes turn bright pink as they're filled with millions of flamingos. The lesser flamingos (the smallest species of them) gather at these lakes to feed on the abundant blue-green algae which thrive…


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Artist Creates Maple Tree Library for Studious Birds

Have you ever wondered what a library for birds would actually look like? Would it be incredibly well-organized or unbelievably messy? To Mark Dion it must look something like this. He created "Library for the Birds of Massachusetts" a thought-provoking installation for MASS MoCA back in 2005. He surrounded one maple tree with a smattering of books on subjects like…


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Incredibly Massive Woven Stone Sculptures

While most of us would pick up a smooth stone and quietly appreciate it for its simple beauty, artist Chris Booth sees it for its incredible potential. This famous New Zealand sculptor weaves together stones until he creates impressive, large-scale sculptures that look like tunnels and blankets.

To Booth, this isn't just about neatly stacking stones. It's about giving…


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Artist Dabs Thousands of White Dots on Vinyl Portraits

Phoenix, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen is one incredibly talented (and patient) artist. Using just white acrylic paint, he sits and dabs thousands of tiny dots on old vinyl records until a famous musician's face emerges. Depending on the amount of detail, one vinyl painting can take up to a whole month to complete.

Recently, he updated his…


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