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By now I'm sure you all have heard about the sudden death of DJ AM. I've seen him perform live a few times. The last time I saw him was at a Palm Centro/Verizon party my good friend Vic invited us to. The way… Continue

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The Baby Batman Characters

Inspired by CosPlay, these Batman CosBaby mini-figures are the coolest little guys around! The set includes eight characters: Batman (Classic), Batman (Modern), Joker, Robin, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Two Face and Mystery Figure.… Continue

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The Burden of Carrying Our Emotions - Dan May

The Persuasion of Penelope

Step into the mysterious world of Dan May and you'll find yourself amongst a large gathering of monsters. At first they may seem scary, but take a closer look and you'll find lonely creatures looking to find meaning in this world. The question is, are they really there? Or do they only appear when we need to reflect on our own troubled emotions and…


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Experience Fashion's Night Out on Sept 10th!

Alright, so P-Diddy is getting on my nerves in this spot for Fashion's Night Out but I like it anyway. Celebs, designers and models have all gotten together to try and get you to shop. A little shallow perhaps? Yes, but since they're making this an extravaganza (i.e. experience), I had to post on it. Also, doesn't it make you feel a little bit better that everyone (even people in the fashion industry) is hurting for business?

Here's the 411 from their… Continue

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It's Ok, I've Got You

I love this piece of mosaic art by Laura Pattison. This original piece was created out of a photograph that she had been keeping for quite some time. Made of stained glass, tiles, pebbles, shells, sand and more, it magically captures a beautiful moment in time.

"It's for my son's 30th birthday present, it's of him and his daughter Lois. I took the photo… Continue

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Showdown at Mickey D's

Whoa, Nelly. This is totally disturbing and totally cool. I knew you couldn't trust that smiley ping pong face! [Via]

See larger version,… Continue

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It's Alessandra Ambrosio, Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Though this spread of Alessandra Ambrosio by Nino Munoz isn't quite new, we're sure that you'll forgive us. It first debuted in the June 2008 issue of Arena UK. The Brazilian bombshell sexes it up and makes us feel a bit..well, you know...faint.

Does anyone else need a cold shower after that?

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Pic of the Day: That Magical Kind of Love

Isn't it wonderful when love feels like this? [Via]

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The Funniest Trailer I've Seen Recently

The Men Who Stare at Goats looks awesome! The movie is an eye-opening look at the government’s attempts to harness paranormal abilities to combat its enemies. It's a quirky dark comedy inspired by a real life story you will hardly believe is actually true!

A stellar cast (George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges), a hilarious storyline and an awesome trailer. I can't wait for this movie!

It's due out November 6,… Continue

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D&G's New Ad Campaign is So Very Opulent - Fall/Winter '09 (6 pics)

Like Tom Ford's new ads, luxurious, rich colored clothing is coming back into style. In this ad campaign for D&G, one of theMET's favorite photographers, Mario Testino, captures the essence of that new era, or what I like to call new modern luxury. It's a… Continue

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Facebook Break Ups

If you've ever f'ed up on Facebook, you'll love this video. Isn't it interesting that we can now get into so much trouble by doing the wrong things… Continue

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Yippee! Facebook 3.0 iPhone App Is Here

If you're an iPhone and Facebook junkie (like me), make sure you download the newest version of the Facebook app right now from the iPhone store. It's loaded with great new features including:

- See your upcoming Events and RSVP

- See your friends' birthdays

- See Pages and post updates and photos to Pages you administer

- Write Notes and… Continue

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Reduce Your Impact Poster

Though I'd love to be more "green," I'm often left scratching my head trying to figure out what I can do to help Mother Earth. Lucky for me, Citizen Scholar has created this colorful new poster called Reduce Your Impact. It's designed to do just that, remind me of easy activities I can do to reduce my impact on… Continue

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Outside Lands Becomes the First Festival To Stream Live on YouTube‎

If you're not able to make your way to SF's Outside Lands festival at Golden Gate Park, you are still in luck. Our beloved website YouTube is getting together with the organizers of the festival to bring the show live to its users in the U.S. starting this Friday Aug 28th through to Sunday Aug… Continue

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Dan Winters Takes Timeless Celebrity Portraits (16 Favorites)

Take away all the silly props, put away all the flamboyant clothing and create a portrait, a snapshot of a person that will stay with us forever. Dan Winters is a famous photographer who illuminates his subjects to reveal something most of us would often miss. You can read more about his work and his inspirations at the… Continue

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Help! How Do I Find Cool iPhone Apps?

If you've ever felt a bit overwhelmed going through Apple's app store, check out AppStore HQ. Uber-geek Robert Scoble interviews this company that's trying to sort it all out for you. They've hand-picked a set of the most authoritative voices on the topic - from blogs and Twitter to YouTube and beyond - and presented their most recent discussions in a format… Continue

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The Scene-Stealing Squirrel That Inspired an Ad Campaign

Remember this squirrel? He's the precocious little dude who photobombed a Minnesota couple's picture. This summer, Melissa and Jackson Brandts were on vacation at Banff National Park in Canada, snapping photos of themselves when a silly little dude decided he needed to be in the picture.…


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Let's Experience the World's Biggest Tomato Fight

Please Lord, before I die, let me be pelted with thousand of tomatoes. I'll make my way over to Spain to participate in the world famous La Tomatina festival. There, I'll get battered and bruised up, and for an intense hour or two I'll remember why tomatoes belong safely in my stomach and not splattered on my face.

Today, on August 26, 2009, more than 45,000 people from all over the world descended on the small Valencian town of Bunol, Spain to experience the world famous tomato… Continue

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Beijing loves Ikea for the Experience

Head on over to the LA Times to read an interesting article on why people from Beijing love Ikea. Do they go there to shop for their modern day needs? Well, not quite. They go there for the experience.

Here are a few of my favorite… Continue

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The New Modern Man is Dressed in Tom Ford

What does the new modern man look like and how does he dress? If I had it my way, he would dress like Jon Kortajarena, here for Tom Ford. New modern luxury looks like this. Sure the glasses are a bit geeky but the style is just right. Mix and match patterns, add texture to your suits, make it unexpected, give us a show. Be daring, be different, and most of all be…


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