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Made in Polaroid Exhibit

Ready for a Polaroid-inspired art show? Polaroid is honoring its founder Dr. Edwin Land’s passion for the arts with the launch of the Made in Polaroid exhibit. The show will feature more than 50 pieces created by a mix of artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians who are united in their passion for creativity, all pieces will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting Free Arts NYC, a… Continue

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Fantastically Funny Illustrations

Trail Mix Tragedy

If your sense of humor leans more towards things that are silly and slightly disturbing, then check out these illustrations by Aaron Jay (or otherwise known as Randyotter). The 23-year-old illustrator has a knack for finding humor in the mundane, and for making us see a world filled with everyday objects that have surreptitiously come alive.… Continue

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Subtle Sexiness

If you believe that sexiness has more to do with what you don't see than what you do, then you'll appreciate the photography of Patricio Suarez. The New York-based photographer works as a director of photography, mostly shooting commercials. "I love what I do and photography is just an extension of that," he says. "I carry my camera wherever I go. Most of my work derives from… Continue

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Joyful New Bicycle Print

Thomas Yang just sent us word about his new limited edition print called Joy Ride. "This time, I've base it on a family theme," he tells us. "To represent family happiness in riding, I thought of a carousel, replacing bikes for horses." Whimsical and fun!…


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Fantastic Farm Animal Portraits - Part II

Do you remember Rob MacInnis' fantastic farm animal portraits? To help raise funds for his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Rob MacInnis is now offering a limited edition of 50 portfolios, available through Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. Each portfolio… Continue

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I'm Going to Be a Dad

Harwin (he hates children).

When English photographer Tom Robinson found out that he was going to have his very first child with his wife Verity, he knew it was going to be a life changing experience. Sharing the exciting news with their family and friends was a moment he wanted to treasure forever.

So what did he do?

"I decided to photograph the… Continue

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Viral Video Celebrates 100 Years of London Style

How much fun is this video? Doesn't it make you want to get up and dance? The Viral Company just sent us word about 100 Years.

“This film is a 100 year countdown to the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City on September 13th 2011, and celebrates a century of East London fashion, dance and music.

"Directed by Jake Lunt with The Viral Factory, the film was shot over 4 days in east London locations with hundreds of costume changes. The music was… Continue

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Ghostbusters Take on the Pac-Man Ghost

Sometimes all we want is art that makes us smile. Today we've got artist RYCA (aka Ryan Callanan) to thank for creating a piece that does just that.

Don't we love it when different worlds collide?

You can see these prints and more over at… Continue

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Enchanting Children's Book Illustrations

James and the Giant Peach

Primarily self-taught, Karen Watson recently quit her day job as a VFX compositor for film and television in order to pursue her dream of being a childen’s book illustrator. Recently, Watson put on an art show called "Drawn from Words," where all of her works were inspired by, well, words. "My goal has been to find that special story,… Continue

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Superheroes' Cities and Pop Culture Cars

If you love the look of retro posters, check out these by Justin Van Genderen. The Chicago-based illustrator has created a set he calls Comic Travel Locations that show places like Gotham and Metropolis in stunning style.

“If superheroes really existed in this world we might see a poster like these in some old travel agency, all tattered hanging on the wall,” Van… Continue

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Artist Turns Pictures into Paintings

Have you ever thought about turning one of your memorable pictures into a work of art? If so, you'll want to know the name Paul Ferney. He's the artist behind Commission Project; it's where Paul creates limited-edition paintings from a picture you provide.

I caught up with Paul to ask him a few questions about this interesting project.

Please tell us about… Continue

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Reality Gets Distorted

Did you notice something strange up in the sky? Are you eyes trying to deceive you? Could you still be dreaming? German art photographer Ralf Brueck shifts our sense of reality in this gripping series he called Distortion. Using Photoshop, he digitally manipulates pictures until he creates horizontal or vertical lines that appear like barcodes. "My interest is the point at which a photo… Continue

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Standing 20 Minutes Under a Cold Shower

While this photo series reminds us of Manjari Sharma's stunning shower photos, we still can't help but enjoy it. It just makes us feel all chilly inside.

"I invited some friends into my kitchen to have their picture taken under a cold shower," says Nicolas Dumont. "I asked them… Continue

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Creative Links of the Week #8

Can you believe it? Yes, we all survived another week. It's Friday, so you know what that means! I used to call it Inspirational Links but I decided to shorten it up a bit and call it what it really is...Creative Links! We start it all off with a wonderful quote from the one and only Nelson Mandela, ""It always seems impossible until its done."

Now, let's spread some… Continue

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Surreal Light Illustrations

We've been huge fans of Yau Hoong Tang ever since we laid eyes on his clever negative space illustrations. Recently, he put together a set of surreal light illustrations that are equally, if not more inspiring, for their thoughtful execution.

"Light is responsible for the sense of sight," he… Continue

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Exclusive On-Site Interview: Pixar Story Artist Josh Cooley

We were first introduced to the very talented Josh Cooley through a member's post back in June 2010. As luck would have it, when we contacted him for a follow up interview, he invited us up to Pixar! Of course, we jumped at the chance to meet the Pixar story artist and tour his… Continue

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The Incredible Making of Climbing Sculptures

Groups are engaged in activities that require cooperation and teamwork to achieve goals. What better way to bring this important idea to life than with some incredible art?

After writing about Bill Starke's incredible climbing sculptures, I knew I… Continue

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Top 6 Bookmarking Sites for Visual Inspiration

If you've ever come across amazing images that made you stop and stare, you've probably tried to find ways to save them. Bookmarking sites are not only a great place to collect these images, they're also places to find visual inspiration - which can be of enormous help, specifically, to artists and designers.

Today, we've collected six excellent sites that… Continue

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Mind-Bending Brand Logos

Viktor Hertz made us laugh with his Honest Logos which he described as "revealing the actual content of the company." Graham Smith made us scratch our heads with Brand Reversion, where a a creative change was made based on… Continue

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Food Frozen in Mid-Air

Technically it's not still life if it's flying in mid-air, is it? Photographer Michael Crichton makes us believe in the magic of photography through his Flying Food series. Using professional lighting equipment and with a little help from Photoshop, he fantastically freezes everyday food - like a bologna sandwich.

"I personally couldn't imagine creating a flowing stream of mustard… Continue

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