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Creative Links of the Week #13

Well, it's almost October. Can you believe it? Before we say goodbye to September here's this week's edition of Creative Links of the Week.

Around the Web:

This creeptastic LEGO masterpiece took 600 hours to… Continue

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Polar Ice

Cute, clever and making a political/environmental statement? Yes, it's Polar Ice designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi. Two silicon cups make unique ice cubes that show either a polar bear or two penguins standing on a glacier. How sad is it that they'll eventually melt away? Monos is selling them (set of 2) for 1,575 yen (or about $20 US).

Talk… Continue

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Disney AppMATes: Toys Spring to Life On Your iPad

If you just love it when new technology makes life more fun and enjoyable, then you'll get a kick out of this. Disney AppMATes is a a new line of toys that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad. (This is mostly for kids but don't we all have a kid still living inside of us?)

Your iPad can now be turned into a virtual play mat! First up is Disney/Pixar's Cars 2. Each vehicle has sensors that are recognized as a unique footprint by the app which… Continue

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Creeptastic X-Ray Embroidery

Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox layers embroidery on top of medical x-rays to create these wonderfully weird pieces. The clash of two such divergent materials, cloth and plastic, already seems strange enough but add in the fact that one is quick and technical while the other is labor intensive and you have something that's quite thought-provoking.

"For me, stitching has a nurturing aspect… Continue

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Movie on the Radar: Anonymous

Ready for a must watch movie of the year? Released nationwide on October 28, 2011 is Anonymous which asks the riveting question: Who actually created the body of work credited to William Shakespeare?

Set in Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on this issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds such as Mark Twain,… Continue

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Multidirectional Face Illusions

Using his Samsung L100 digital camera and Photoshop, Venezuela-based student Jesús González Rodríguez mixed layers to create some of the trippiest face illusions we've seen in a very long time. In fact, not since Ulric Colette's Genetic Portraits have we been this taken aback by photo manipulated faces.… Continue

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Hidden Foam Figures

Austria-born artist Mario D. Fischer has created an intriguing set of work, called Temporal Mimesis, using rigid foam, resin and patina. The beautiful twists and turns suddenly give way to hidden human forms.

"I was always fascinated by the interference of volume, shape and time with regard to its sculptural possibilities," Fischer tells us, when we asked him why he chose to work with… Continue

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Cloud Cities Inspired by Soap Bubbles and Spider Webs

Head on over to Berlin's Hamburger Bahnhof (a former railway station) from now till January 15, 2012, and get ready to feel like you've stepped into a strange and surreal dream. Artist Tomás Saraceno has created a massive installation consisting of 20 large balloons, some of which you can actually enter. Bounce on the transparent floors and then look through the spheres… Continue

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Awesome LEGO Harry Potter Scenes

Love Harry Potter? Can't get enough of LEGOs? For a video game print ad campaign, Albert Co created these amazing Harry Potter images! "I accompanied the 3D final renderings with early concepts sketched in Photoshop," he says. Just magical.

via [… Continue

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Impressive Wooden Sculptures

Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking

If you head to the Power of Making exhibit inside the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, you'll get a chance to see some exquisitely crafted objects including Michael T. Rea's Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking. (The… Continue

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Preview of Pulse: Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles

We're so excited about this! Starting this Friday, September 30, Los Angeles will be the place to be for contemporary art as PULSE LA makes its big debut! The art world will descend upon Los Angeles’ spectacular rooftop venue, The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE, where its more than 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space will be transformed into a place to see… Continue

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Trippy Ceiling to Floor Installation Coming to Guggenheim

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York just released some sketches of an exciting new installation coming there on October 11. Brooklyn-based artist Nicola López's Landscape X will be a sculptural collage environment in the museum's Frank Lloyd Wright–designed rotunda. López will utilize three levels of the rotunda using everything from… Continue

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Artist Rudi Mantofani's Awesome Mutant Guitars

Here's something you don't see every day. Indonesia born and based artist Rudi Mantofani has created a set of mutant guitars that are entirely hand-crafted, as in not transformed from ready-made guitars. These unique pieces were shown in the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art at the…


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Clever Red Cross Ads

Don't you just love it when advertising is as clever yet effective as this? Red Cross worked with agency ONIRIA/TBWA in Paraguay to create these meaningful ads. What do our donations go towards? How about a roof or a helping hand? Great use of illustrations mixed with photography. Ace.

Advertising Agency: ONIRIA / TBWA, Paraguay

Creative Director: Camilo… Continue

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Being Elmo Trailer

How could you not want to see this movie? As one of the most beloved characters around the world, Elmo captured our hearts with his infectious personality. Now we get to see who the person is behind the character. His name is Kevin Clash and he's got his own inspiring story.

BEING ELMO chronicles the life story of puppeteer Kevin Clash – the multiple award-winning persona behind the furry red monster Elmo of television’s Sesame Street. As a teenager…

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Imaginary Road to Nowhere

If you're in Sydney from now till October 23, 2011, make sure to walk around town and take in all the art! Art & About Sydney is the city's annual public arts festival that's basically like one big, open-air art gallery. Projects by Australian and international artists are creatively re-imagining the streets, turning the city into a… Continue

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Modern Celebrities Photoshopped into Old Russian Generals

UK artist Steve Payne has created an awesome set of celebrity portraits by photoshopping their heads, quite seamlessly, onto the bodies of old Russian generals. The original paintings, by English portraits artist George Dawe, show Russian generals who had successfully fought Napoleon in the… Continue

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Incredible Action Sports Photography

After seeing Marcel Lammerhirt's amazing diving shot for Red Bull's 2010 photography contest, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Though he started shooting professionally in 2005, this photographer broke into the business a year before, in a very creative way.

In order to… Continue

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Layered Wood Pop Art

Mitch McGee calls what he does "somewhere between painting and sculpture." First, he illustrates an idea and then he cuts, sands and stains individual wood pieces by hand. Then, he starts building - from top to bottom - assembling the final pop art piece, sanding and staining the exposed edges.

"The most challenging part of the process is figuring out the layering," he tells us. "The piece… Continue

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Cute and Quirky Conceptual Photography

Failed opportunities

Finland-based photographer Jenni Holma has a gift for creating cute and quirky scenes. The 22-year-old photography student says that her "heart lies in conceptual photography" but that she's in awe by anything that makes her feel something.

"I see things through child filtered glasses which sometimes seems to be against me and on… Continue

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