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Gorgeous Photo of Saturn Taken 1.8 Million Miles Away

So perfect it almost looks unreal, doesn't it? It's actually a newly released photo of the second largest planet in our solar system, Saturn, taken by NASA's Casssini spacecraft wide-angle camera that was stationed an astounding 1.8 million miles away from it. Love the view of the rings and the shadows they cast from its sunlit side. Look closely and you can even see its moon Enceladus as a…


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Intricate Yarn Drawings Use Shadows to Give 3D Illusion

Since 2008, Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz has been creating intriguing works which are composed of yarn wound around thousands of tiny pins. For Derek Eller Gallery in New York, she created Sine (above), a monumental wave that moved across two gallery walls. Though the lines themselves were meticulously created using yarn and pins, the shadows created the…


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Sweet Sluggo Chalk Art by David Zinn

If you happen to live in Ann Arbor, you may already be familiar with a sweet little resident there that seems to randomly pop up on the streets. His name is Sluggo and he's the work of David Zinn, an artist that just so happens to love placing Sluggo in some highly imaginative scenes. The happy green fellow has appeared on sidewalks, walls and ledges since 2008,…


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Man-Made Rainbow Delights Cape Town

"As the earth spins you're given a window period in each day where it'll allow you the possibility to orchestrate nature to do its little dance." Artist Michael Elion has created a gorgeous, man-made rainbow in front of Commune1 Gallery in Cape Town.…


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Bike Chain Links Typography

Graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister and multidisciplinary designer Jessica Walsh have collaborated to create a cool bike poster that's made up of 4,209 bike chain links. You almost can't believe it until you look at the detailed shots. The poster was created for PUBLIC, a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company…


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Ridiculously Amazing Miniature Model of Katz's Famous Deli

Master miniature sculptor Alan Wolfson just wrote to us to tell us about his latest project, "Katz's Deli/Closing Time." The first major piece he's done since Canal St. Cross-Section, the miniature model is based on the famous deli that's known for its killer pastrami sandwich on New…


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10 Fantastic Photographers to Follow on

Ask any amateur or professional photographer who promotes their work online and most will tell you that in the past few years, they’ve jumped off other photo sites and are instead using 500px. The Toronto-based company has been on a roll lately, gaining a strong following within the photography community because it attracts high quality photos. In addition, it allows…


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Mind-Boggling Celebrity Portraits Made of Hole-Punch Dots

It's almost too crazy to believe. Artist Nikki Douthwaite collects unwanted paper - hole-punch dots - sorts them by color and then painstakingly arranges them using a pair of tweezers into incredible portraits. Over the past three years she's created these modern pointillism portraits of some very famous celebrities. John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe are each composed of…


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Expressive Body Part Drawings Leap from Paper to Walls

It was while she was undertaking a Masters of Fine Art at the University of Dundee in Scotland, that Kim Anderson decided she wanted to take her ordinary drawings on paper and turn them into extraordinary spatial installations. These early works were experimental, meaning she wanted to explore and bring together a number of different ideas some of which she explains to us…


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Living Cardboard Cutouts of Orphaned Children in Asia

We first came across artist Michael Aaron Williams' street art back in December 2010, his cardboard cutouts of the homeless touched us on an emotional level, especially when we learned about why he decided to start down this creative path. He told us then, "If I…


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My Modern Met Featured on Flipboard's Infographic

Early on, we were a fan of Flipboard because we knew it would give you, our visitors, an easy and beautiful way to see our content on your iPad (and now on your iPhone or Android). If you haven't downloaded their app yet, we still highly recommend that you…


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3D Pavement Art Shows Hidden Worlds Underneath Our Feet

When Russian-born artist Nikolaj Arndt is in a city, he doesn't just walk on the hard pavement, he imagines what kinds of worlds could exist right beneath it. Using chalk and pigment, he brings his creative ideas to life, whether that means creating gaping holes with a rickety looking bridge or a winter wonderland where wolves are seeking warmer weather.…


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Absolutely Breathtaking African Wildlife Photography

German-born Klaus Tiedge had traveled the world, working as a commercial photographer for 20 years when, one day in 2001, an assignment brought him to South Africa. He liked it so much that he decided to move there with his wife, settling in Cape Town where he would be a photographer for the thriving fashion industry. After taking a trip to Namibia, that all changed. He knew he had another…


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Sweet Star Wars x Dr. Seuss Mash-ups

Former Disney animator and character artist Jason Peltz combines his love for Star Wars and Dr. Seuss' books in this sweet, ongoing series. While for one he's replaced the famous cat in the hat with a happily grinning Yoda (borrowing a line from Mr. Ed), in still others he's made Chewbacca and droids the stars! As he tells us, "I had been seeing a lot of artwork all over the…


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400-Year-Old Korean Palace Reveals its History

A 400-year old Korean palace, rich with history, comes alive again through nine works by 12 contemporary artists. The Deoksugung Project Exhibition is taking place from now till December 2nd throughout the Deoksugung Palace grounds and the National Museum of Art, Deoksugung. Organized by the National Museum of Modern Art, Korea and Deoksugung Office…


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Beautiful Painterly Pictures by Josh Adamski

Tel Aviv-born and based professional photographer Josh Adamski takes regular photos and digitally manipulated them to create gorgeous, painterly pictures. Using beautiful washes of colors, he makes unique, abstract art that feels stunningly sublime. He's referred to his work as photo impressionism. You can find more of his work at…


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Stunning Photos of Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Flight

If you were like us, last week your Facebook feed was inundated with photos of people capturing space shuttle Endeavour as it soared right above our heads. Piggybacking on top of a modified 747, it was an incredible sight and, without a doubt, one that most people will remember forever. In Southern California, Endeavour cross-crossed the skies, flying just 1,500 feet above some of…


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Exclusive Interview: Photographer of World's Cutest Kitten

Remember Daisy? Silly question, right? How could you forget her! It was just yesterday that we introduced you to, who we named, the cutest little kitten in the world. If you were like us, you weren't satisfied with just those pictures, you were left wanting to learn more.…


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Smooth Minimalist Superheroes by Grégoire Guillemin

French artist Grégoire Guillemin must have a thing for superheroes. How else could you explain his past two sets? He first caught our attention with his remarkable retro series (which he calls "Exercices de Style") and then he intrigued us when he used Illustrator and…


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Fantastic Red Fox Photos Captured in the Wild

Like Nikolai Zinoviev, Roeselien Raimond is a photographer whose love of nature and animals is evident through her amazing wildlife photos. While she's able to capture everything from…


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