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Achingly Beautiful Cemetery Sculptures (20 photos)

While cemeteries are often only visited after a loved one has passed, they also serve as important places to mourn. One very famous cemetery that is frequently visited for completely different reasons is the Staglieno in Genoa, Italy. Opened in 1851, the cemetery is filled with artistic sculptures that leave us with questions about our own mortality and our relationship with… Continue

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Epic Halloween Light Show

Forget Christmas. What better time to put on a light show than during Halloween? Just make sure it's to an epic song like Thriller. Can't believe how well synchronized this is. Fantastic.

via [The… Continue

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Movie to Watch: Vik Muniz's Waste Land

Vik Muniz is a New York based visual artist who takes ordinary materials and turns them into extraordinary pieces of art. His work has been exhibited in museums around the world and he even has a book called Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer. Muniz is now the subject of a new documentary called Waste Land which follows him as he travels to the world's largest garbage dump, Jardim… Continue

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Damián Ortega's News Inspired Installations (6 pics)

Acclaimed contemporary artist Damián Ortega is back with a new set of works for The Curve in the Barbican Art Gallery, London. Known for his incredible, suspended sculptures, this time Ortega challenged himself by creating different pieces inspired by the daily news. Called The… Continue

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Clever Blog: Paris vs New York (10 total)

Paris vs New York is a clever blog that visually matches the subtle, cultural differences of two major cities. Cliché as they may be, the comparisons are a treat for anyone who has visited either metropolis or has been lucky enough to have lived in them. Love the tagline: A Tally of Two Cities. With the quick and viral success of this blog, I'm sure other city… Continue

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Sneak Peek into the Surreal Pop Art Show of the Year

Yosuke Ueno

If you're looking for one art show to attend this year, I'd like to suggest Thinkspace's upcoming 5 Year Anniversary blow out. Established in 2005, Thinkspace is one of the few galleries who doesn't follow trends, they start them. They've been a part of the contemporary art movement for years now, showcasing groundbreaking… Continue

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10 Photographers Who Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to get into the spooky spirit than by checking out some creative photography? These ten have been chosen because they don't just bust out costumes on Halloween, rather, they make them a part of their everyday life. So whether you need a last minute idea on what to wear or just need some fresh photography… Continue

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Beautiful and Tragic Fashion Stories (21 photos)

Born in Afghanistan, Azim Haidaryan has an envious job - he gets to travel the world as a fashion photographer. His gorgeous photos have graced the pages of Italian and Vogue China as well as Vanity Fair and GQ magazine. With a client list that includes Bergdorf Goodman, Ferragamo, Lanvin, and Christian Dior among others, Haidaryan is also credited with helping to… Continue

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10 Apps to Enhance Your Offline Experience

Happy Friday to you all! Just wanted to share an exciting piece of news. Recently, we were asked by Intel to give people useful tips on ways to improve their lives with technology. In the first of four posts, we present… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Crying Woman Illusion

Just why is this woman crying in the window? Don't worry, she's not. What you're actually looking at is an advertisement on the street! Photographer Pat Padua took this photo in New York on one rainy day. His amazing illusion is achieved by his thoughtful composition and his ability to see a story where most of us wouldn't look.

"I keep my eyes open and look… Continue

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Nook Color: A Beautiful and Clever E-Book Reader

The e-book reader is just getting more and more beautiful. Barnes and Noble recently debuted NOOK Color. Of course, they had me at this line. "Displaying more than 16 million colors in unsurpassed high-resolution, NOOKcolor delivers incredibly rich images and clear, crisp text, making your reading come to life in ways you've never experienced before." Based on Android and offering access to a store library of over two million digital titles, the new… Continue

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Magical Webs Found in the Forest (12 pics)

What would you do if you came across these beautiful webs in the forest? Would you wonder who could have left you such a sweet surprise...these magical webs placed where there's no one in sight?

Based on the idea of lines, Seb Preschoux has created this incredible string art. What began as paintings and then drawings soon turned into amazing art installations.… Continue

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Life Turned Upside Down (15 photos)

If you don't believe in happy accidents, you haven't met Stephen Morris. Armed with his camera and his cute dog Button, Stephen headed out to his garden to take a personal portrait of him and his pooch. He turned his self timer on and stood in frame next to his dog but when he looked at the finished shot it was so boring that he decided he had to try it again...but this… Continue

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More Soft-Spoken Stories and Interview with Shout

This past weekend, we shared with you some sweet and surreal illustrations by Alessandro Gottardo or Shout. We were able to get in touch with this young, award-winning illustrator to ask him more about his work. How did his alias Shout come about? What tips could he give aspiring illustrators?

But first,…


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Whimsical Sculpture of Flying Bees (4 pics)

Out of all the creative art I've seen in the past 2 1/2 years since running My Modern Met, one of the most standout pieces has got to be Los Angeles-based artist Bumblebee's phone booths. By taking abandoned phone booths and turning them into beehives, Bumblebee made us remember why we… Continue

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Beautiful Ballpoint Pen Illustrations (10 total)

Using just black ballpoint pen and watercolors on white paper, Los Angeles-based illustrator Nicole Guice creates illustrations of beautiful women we'd all love to meet. Having graduated from the Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in fashion design, Guice openly shares that she hasn't yet "fully embraced the idea of digitally enhancing or completing work" because… Continue

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Mysterious Shadows Running Through the Park

A beautiful and haunting art installation just went up in Manhattan's Madison Square Park. Created by Jim Campbell, an M.I.T. grad who majored in electrical engineering and mathematics, the installation consists of 1,600 sawed off lightbulbs whose coils have been replaced with energy efficient LEDS. The engineer-turned-artist designed the electronics so that the LEDs… Continue

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The Precariously Balancing Bookcase (4 pics)

Are our eyes playing tricks on us or is this bookcase really balancing boxes? Columbia-based Malagana Design has created the Equilibrium Bookcase, modules stacked on top of each other that are anchored at a single point. Made of natural walnut veneer, the bookcase can magically hold up to 120 lbs of weight. Now that's what I call a conversation piece!…


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12 Retro Illustrations and 7 Tongue Twisting Limericks

American illustrator, designer and author Lou Brooks creates retro comic art that touches upon today's relevant topics. His polished pop art has been featured on the front covers of Time and Newsweek. Brooks learned to draw mostly by copying newspaper comics and cites comic books and television shows as some of his earliest sources of inspiration. Self-taught, Brooks… Continue

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22 Sweet and Surreal Illustrations

Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo's beautiful, open and inviting illustrations have been featured in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Economist and Newsweek among others. He's won numerous awards including the gold medal from The Society of Illustrators New…


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