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Life is But a Dream - Siebe Warmoeskerken (10 pics)

Looking through Siebe Warmoeskerken's Flickr stream, you can't help but think that life is but a dream. The way he brings objects in focus and takes objects out of focus is amazing. Not only does this add depth to the picture, it reminds us to stop and enjoy the little things in life and it reminds us to keep the right things in focus.

"I'm an 21 year old…


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My Love is in Pieces - Juan Felipe Rubio (9 total)

In these photo collages, photographer Juan Felipe Rubio creates love stories. In and of itself, each polaroid is a momentary snap in time. When assembled together, however, they explain a beautiful love story.

I contacted Rubio to find out what his inspiration was behind this series.

Here is what he wrote:

Hi Alice!

Wow,… Continue

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Finding Beauty in the Gray - Max Ash (10 pics)


In this photo set, titled Echoes, Photographer Mike Ash, from Latvia, shows us that life isn't always experienced in black and white. In fact, life's most important decisions are made in times when things are gray. It's in these times that we reflect on our life and decide on what's important. Ultimately, we try and remember that there is beauty in the…


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Experiencing Incredible Heists - Brian Gossett (23 total)

Need a little excitement in your life? Looking for that next great adventure? Then check out Brian Gossett's Heist Series. In June of 2009, Gossett decided to devote his blog purely to his personal hand-picked mixes, one of his obsessive passions in hopes of landing his dream job as a music supervisor for film. Crafting mixes into more specific narratives, he hopes…


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VIP: Very Important Pixels - Kristof Saelen (7 Fun Sets)

World Leaders

I love how, each week, artist Kristof Saelen takes on a theme and then creates these mini-pixel characters to fit within it. Such a simple yet fun concept.

I reached out to Kristof to ask him a few questions about this project:

What's your background?

I have been working as a designer since 2001. Mainly… Continue

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Awesome Star Trek A-Team Mash-Up

Ahh..just pure awesomeness. Here's the original A-Team intro for those unfamiliar with that classic show.

Via… Continue

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12 Joker Inspired Art and Photo Manipulations


It can be said that Heath Ledger's Joker performance was one of the greatest of all time. His untimely death is an undeniable factor as to why our hearts get heavy when we see Heath's face painted behind that make-up. Putting everything he had into that role, Heath told reporters he "slept an…


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Art of the Day: Dreaming Hair by Art & Ghosts

Hauntingly beautiful. By Art & Ghosts.

I liker her bio:

"Up until the age of seven, Art&Ghosts rather fancied that she was actually a small sycamore tree instead of real person. Upon discovering that this was not so, Art&Ghosts could not be consoled, however much her family… Continue

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Inside Lonely Planet's New Book : 1000 Ultimate Experiences (6 pages)

My husband, Sam, LOVES to travel. In fact, for one of his Christmas presents, I bought him a map of the world and push pins so we could track all of the places we've been to together and separately. (Needless to say, his pins far outnumber mine.) Our pins are stuck in Costa Rica, France, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand..the list goes on and… Continue

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours, today I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone in this community who has joined and contributed, you have made it what it is today. Thank you visitors from around the world who, despite all of the millions of sites out there, choose to spend time with us.

Words cannot describe how lucky Eugene and I feel. The fact that we… Continue

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30+ Behind the Scenes, Magical Movie Moments

Steven Spielberg. Quentin Tarantino. Martin Scorsese. George Lucas. Modern-day movie directors who's names are somehow stored in our memory. At the very top of their game, these directors have that rare ability to transport us into a different time and place, albeit for just a few hours. They're artists who can see something most of cannot - imaginary worlds we never…


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Why MJ's Movie Knocked My Socks Off (5 pics)

Last night, my future sister-in-law, my good friend Vic, and I went to the Paramount Studios lot to watch This is It, the Michael Jackson movie/concert experience. After battling 2 1/2 hours of traffic, I made it there and begged my way through (the guys at the main gate said the movie was full but my sad, traffic sob story sold them and they let me in). I… Continue

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Even Superheroes Get Emo - J. Salvador (12 total)

Who knew that superheroes and their villainous counterparts could get emo? Apparently J. Salvador did. His Super Emo Friends were on sale for $20 each at Etsy. They've since sold out but you can enjoy them all here.…


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Where's My Focus? - Ryan Robinson (5 pics)

In an ever-cluttered world, photographer Ryan Robinson simplifies it down for us with these interesting pictures. Whether he's just using simple props or bringing one thing in focus, he elicits an emotion in us we didn't expect to feel - sadness, despair, or a sudden loss of control. More than anything, however, he makes us think about what our focus is or is not.…


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A President's Candid Moment - Harry Benson (12 pics)

President John F. Kennedy, Paris, 1961

Much can be said about Harry Benson. He's taken some of the most recognizable and iconic portraits of the 20th century. He has rubbed elbows with royalty. He is a master of the shiny celebrity portrait.

With a body of work covering more than fifty years, he's shot everyone from Princess Di and the Beatles to… Continue

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ABOVE's First Loves (3 Different Editions)

Normal Edition

As a testament to his ever-growing popularity, artist ABOVE just released three new prints (1 normal and 2 special editions) and one of his special editions has already sold out. He's releasing only a limited number of prints (60 normal edition, 11 special arrow edition, and 10 very special hand finish arrow edition), so make sure you pick… Continue

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A Poem Comes to Life Through Type - Taylor Mali

Easily one of the coolest videos I've seen in a long time. Ronnie Bruce creates this Typography Animation project using Taylor Mali's poem. The lesson? Speak with conviction. Got to love that.

Via… Continue

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Tiny Fey Goes Rogue at the Ad Council Dinner

The always witty and hilarious Tina Fey emceed the Ad Council's annual dinner last Wednesday. Watch for her stabs at Sarah Palin. Skip to the middle and end for those priceless moments.

Via… Continue

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Dieter Rams “Less and More” Exhibition at Design Museum, London

As the director at the German electronics manufacturer Braun for over 30 years, Dieter Rams is known in the modern design world as a legend. Coining the term, "Less, but better," Rams is known for his simple designs that take the superfluous out and leave only the necessary in. It's even believed that Rams has been very influential on Jonathan Ive, the head designer at Apple or a…


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Moving Target - Cabracega

I must have this umbrella! Called You are Here, this moving target is just one of many cool products Cabrecega was commissioned to create for the Coca-Cola Light Exhibition within ExperimentaDesign Biennale’s 2009 programme. The challenge consisted of re-inventing 2nd hand objects… Continue

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