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Light and Mirror Infinity Illusion

Art Miami kicked off last night with their VIP preview. We were lucky enough to attend and wanted to report back on a few key pieces that blew our minds. First up is Korean-born artist Chul Hyun Ahn's Visual Echo Experiment. This amazing work is made up of four equal cubes, each lit up in a different color. Using just three materials - plywood, lights and mirrors - Ahn creates…


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Church Made of Guns and Ammo

A shockingly cool piece of art we spotted at Art Miami's VIP opening night was this church made of guns and gun parts by American artist Al Farrow. Called Skull of Santa Guerro III, this new work stood out because of its interesting use of materials. Farrow is known to make models of churches, temples and mosques from bullets and gun parts to highlight the relationship between war…


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Gorgeous Light Tapestry

Another highlight at Design Miami this year is this gorgeous light tapestry by Denmark-born designer Astrid Krogh. Her works are a fusion of old and new - while they're technologically advanced, they still connect with textiles' long history. Krogh is pioneering a new genre of light-infused art showing how optic fiber strands can be weaved into iridescent tapestries. The fibers are connected to…


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Huge Steel Skull Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

Art is popping up everywhere in Miami this week! Case in point, Whitewall and Delano hotel just unveiled "Die to Live" by Belgium-born artist Michael Benisty. The 8 ft tall stainless steel sculpture features 345,798 golden black Swarovski crystals. What a sight!

In early 2009, Benisty struck up a conversation with Swarovski heiress Nadja Swarovkski while…


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Amazing Interactive Audi Exhibit Uses 2000 LEDs

We're in Miami this week to report on Art Basel! While here, we were able to attend a few different press preview events including Design Miami and Art Miami. Easily one of the highlights of Design Miami was seeing this incredible exhibit put on by their exclusive car sponsor, Audi.

Audi teamed up with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to bring a "digital street" to life. Called…


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Top 6 Food Sites to Make You a Better Cook

In our next post for Intel's My Life Scoop we take a look at a group of websites that do an excellent job at curating these recipes. Not only that, they'll also guide you with step-by-step instructions on how to actually make these dishes. So whether you're craving a perfectly cooked steak or some sweet pecan pie, check out…


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Rich Watercolor Paintings

I stumbled onto the work of Anders Romare and was immediately taken aback by his rich watercolor paintings. Romare has the ability to create wonderfully crafted stories that seem to pop off the screen. Always filled with an air of mystery, these stunning pieces of urban-themed art make watercolor feel fresh and current.

Romare received his Masters of Fine Art at The Royal Institute of Art…


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Designer's Advent Calendar for Grown-Ups

If you thought advent calendars were only meant for kids, then you haven't seen this one for grown-ups. Designer Laura Väinölä and her friends Kaarle Hurtig and Linda Bergroth decided to challenge the traditions of an advent calendar by coming up with this fun idea. It turns a rather bland space into a creative haven! Open the doors and you'll find gorgeously lit Christmas trees…


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Animals Photoshopped into Sacred Indian Places

Photographer Karen Knorr asks you to see India in a whole new light. After a life-changing journey Rajashthan, India back in 2008, Knorr decided she would explore its rich culture heritage in a series called India Song. These carefully crafted photographs plant live animals into sacred and secular sites so that can celebrate the visual richness found in northern…


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World's Best Sand Sculptures 2011

What do the best sand sculptures in the world look like? Canadian Damon Langlois just won the title, best sculpture for a solo, at the World Championship of Sand Sculpting on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Out of 24 international sculptures, his magnificent carving, called "Fallen Empire," was chosen as…


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Sexy Transparent Speakers

As a big fan of creative and cool music accessories, we were pretty excited to come across these transparent speakers by People People. They naturally blend into any background and the size is big enough that it offers high quality sound. The designers created this speaker so that cables aren't…


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Bergdorf Goodman's Wild Holiday Window Displays

It's that time of year again when New York's biggest department stores bring out the big guns with their holiday window displays. Bergdorf Goodman decided to up the fantasy and drama quotient with their 2011 windows entitled “Carnival of the Animals." Taking inspiration from…


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The Traveling Crystal Ball

Lighthouse The Horse of Marken, Marken – The Netherlands

One day, medical analyst and photo hobbyist Kees Straver picked up a crystal ball he had lying around and thought he would start using it in his photography. He would not only travel through his home country of Amsterdam with it, exploring old churches and iconic windmills, he would take it with him when…


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Happy Material Chairs

See if these don't make you smile. Happy Material are chairs by Israili designer Pini Leibovich that are created using, what else, but thousands of balloons! With a nod to surrealism, these furniture pieces are guaranteed to brighten up any room and make it come alive. Happy Material was recently seen at the just…


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Creative Links of the Week #21

Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with fun, family and food? We sure did. Now it's time to sit back and relax while reading another edition of Creative Links of the Week! Next week, some of us will be on the road to experience Art Basel firsthand in sunny Miami. Can't wait to report from there so watch for those posts. Until then, my friends.…


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Green Army Men x Skateboarders Mashup

Jim Alfaro just wrote to us to tell us about Toy Boarders, essentially a mashed up version of plastic green army men and skateboarders he's created. Like the Kidrobot breakdanders, these figurines are reminiscent of those iconic plastic toys that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s.…


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Oscar Wilde's Face Made of His Own Words

One day, artist Erika Iris Simmons decided to tackle a unique project. Taking nothing but pages from Oscar Wilde's book The Picture of Dorian Gray and glue, she would create a portrait of the Irish poet and author. Every few days, she documented the process as she "sculpted" his features. Using scissors, she'd cut strips of the book and then with an X-acto knife she'd create contours of the face. As a guide, she made a "map" which she placed underneath tracing paper.…


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Impressive Spider Eye Collage

Wow, check out the level of detail in this Spiderman eye collage! Created by Mr. Garcin, the piece asks you to come a little closer to notice all of the the different characters inside the eye. Of course, love how Garcin only used images of Spiderman for the the rest of the mask or the areas in red. The impressive piece is called Spider…


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The Inspirational Story Behind the High Line

If you're looking for a modern-day tale about people who overcame the odds to do something great, then do we have a book for you. High Line: The Inside Story of New York City’s Park in the Sky was co-written by Joshua David and Robert Hammond, two ordinary citizens with no prior experience in planning and development who are the ones behind the now famous public works…


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Beethoven Made of His Own Musical Notes

What better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest composers of all time than with a portrait using his own music? Earlier last year, Erika Iris Simmons embarked on a neat project. She would carefully cut up two full pages of second-hand sheet music with an X-acto knife, keeping all the bits of music as intact as possible. Then, she aligned the remainder of the two pages over…


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