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Retro-Modern Superhero Illustrations

Currently making its way around the web are these incredibly cool superhero illustrations by French artist Grégoire Guillemin. Though we've all seen our fair share of superhero posters before, Guillemin's stand out for their distinct retro-modern style. Created as part of his "exercises in style" series, they were made to help remind us of the golden age of superheroes. (Did anyone… Continue

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New Watercolor Paintings of a Heartbroken King Kong

Yesterday, Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York debuted an exhibition of nine new, large-scale watercolor paintings by artist Walton Ford. Viewed for the first time, these monumental works of art include three startling portraits of King Kong, the character based on the 1933 hit movie. The artist wanted to show a different side of the giant ape, one that showed his… Continue

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Shimmering Sequins Street Art

Using sequins, plastic and plywood, artist Theresa Himmer creates shimmering street art that takes on the form of glaciers, lava, and waterfalls. Her art, which is as pretty as can be, is strung out over old, dilapidated buildings. Interested in the intersection between art and architecture, Himmer believes her work is best displayed in an urban environment, even preferring bare concrete… Continue

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Lying in a Lovely Blue Lake

There's something about installations like this that make my heart warm. Stay Levy created transparent blue vinyl discs and planted them with copper coated steel onto a floor. Made in memory of a particular lake, Blue Lake is meant to evoke a sense of water. As light passes through the discs, it casts a beautiful blue shadow onto the floor. Viewers were encouraged to walk in and around… Continue

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10,000 Pound Bunny Sculpture

Though this 56-foot-long, 10,000-pound aluminum rabbit may seem like something out of Alice in Wonderland, it's actually the work of Denver artist Lawrence Argent who's known for his gargantuan pieces of art like the 40-foot-tall big blue bear outside the Colorado Convention Center in… Continue

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Geometric Tape Art Invades Facebook

Famous tape artist and friend Aakash Nihalani just sent word about his latest new project at, where else, but Facebook! Nihalani was recently commissioned by the social networking giant for some tape installations in their new offices in New York. Using his bright neon-colored tape, he's created some pretty cool illusions that we're sure Facebook's workers are having fun… Continue

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Dark Superhero Grandpa Befriends Darth Vader

About a year ago, over half a million of you came in and fell in love with a superhero grandma named Mamika. Then, when we learned that found she had found love in an equally courageous suitor named… Continue

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Cade Martin's Fairy Tale Wedding

Washington, D.C.-based photographer Cade Martin dazzles us once again with this gorgeous editorial for the summer/fall issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom. You might recall that we featured Martin's dreamy photography… Continue

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A United Identity for Occupy Wall Street

While the Occupy Movement is still going strong in major cities all around the world, there seems to be a general lack of central unity among the groups. Sure, designers have converged to create… Continue

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Most Adorable Baby Animal Prints

If you love charming animal photography, you probably have already heard of Sharon Montrose. Known for her quintessential unique style that captures the simple essence of animals, the photographer has a beautiful style that's unmistakable. All of her photographs are of real, live animals who are shot either in her studio or where they live. Using the magic of Photoshop, she then just places… Continue

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Heartwarming Photo Series That Will Make You Cry

One of the most startling effects of photography is its ability to touch a person's heart. Just looking at a photo can bring back fond memories or it can remind us of things we wanted to forgot. Today, we take a look at six photographers who have created powerful photo series that speak to the heart. They're photos you can't help but want to share, stories that bind us as human beings. In essence, they're images that will be forever burned in our memories.

1. Echolilia by…


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Massive Art Nouveau-Inspired Mural in Montreal

For 16 days straight, from dawn to dusk, five highly determined Montreal-based artists (who make up the artist run collective A'shop) worked on a graffiti mural of a Mother Nature-esque Madonna or a modern-day version of "Our Lady of Grace." Inspired by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, the crew created this…


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Chaotic Brushstrokes Signify Movement

Mixed media artist Andre Petterson makes us believe in the beauty of chaos. His photography-based pieces captures the essence of time and movement all by his carefully placed brushstrokes. Influenced by music, Petterson creates works that seem to have a natural rhythm about them. It's almost as if you can hear the various sounds emanating from his pieces.

The Vancouver, Canada-based… Continue

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Wild Stainless Steel Tree Sculptures

New York-based artist Roxy Paine bends, twists and turns stainless steel until he creates life-like trees that seem to have a mind of their own. Temporarily installed in 2009 on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of his creations, called "Maelstrom" (immediately below), was a wild structure that resembled a forest savaged by a tornado or some other cataclysm. It was… Continue

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