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Interactive Street Art Asks People to Kickflip

Even if you're not a skateboarder you've probably heard of the term kickflip, one of the hardest but most basic skateboarding tricks where the rider flicks the board with a foot to make it spin 360 degrees underneath him or her before catching it in the air and landing on it. Invented in the early 1980s by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen, the trick is one of the most impressive and…


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Gorgeous Golden Paper Hummingbirds

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera takes her hummingbird series to a new level by using shimmering golden paper. As she told us previously about the series, Herrera chose the hummingbird and placed it next to flowers to show how a "dynamic element" looks in…


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More Incredibly Surreal 3D Street Art Illusions

Eduardo Relero is one of those artists who never seems to run out of ideas. His strange and surreal 3D street art scenes only seem to get more interesting and elaborate. One of his most recent pieces was for the Sarasota Chalk Festival where this year's theme was "Circus City,…


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New Mystical Foggy Scenes by Mikko Lagerstedt

Recently, Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt has put out some of his finest work to date. Called Infinity, the series shows a beautiful layer of fog sweeping through majestic landscapes both during the day and at night. "Most of the photos were taken this month in just two days time," he tells us. "There is something about fog that gives you the sense of infinity and mood.…


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15 Stunning Standouts in National Geographic's Photo Contest

My, how time flies! It's been over two months since we first wrote about National Geographic's 2012 Photography Contest and, now, it's coming to a close! Photographers, you…


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Sneak Peek: Glamorous New Valentino Exhibition in London

If you love fashion or can at least appreciate the artistry involved in haute couture, you don't want to miss this new show which opens tomorrow at Somerset House in London. Valentino: Master of Couture celebrates the illustrious 50-year career of Valentino, the legendary Italian designer…


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Concealed Identities of Salarymen in Japan

After 20 years as a recording engineer in France, Bruno Quinquet left his career to start a new one in Japan. As soon as he graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts photography college, he began making a name for himself in street photography with interesting series like this called the Salaryman Project. The six year long project is an honest look inside the lives of Japanese office…


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Alexa Meade Submerges Her Subject in a Pool of Milk

Always one to push her creative boundaries, artist Alexa Meade recently experimented by painting on her subject and then submerging her into a pool of milk. After connecting with performance artist Sheila Vand through the internet, Alexa used her signature portraiture style of painting but decided that, this time, her canvas would be the white liquid we all grew up with. The incredible…


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Beautiful and Otherworldly Light Installations on Land

Perth, Australia-born artist James Tapscott creates beautiful and otherworldly outdoor installations using various types of light. For the image immediately above and below, he used fiber optic cable to shine lights on various fields, filling a large space of approximately 70ft x 70xft. Called Transference, it leaves the viewer with that strange and uneasy feeling that we…


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Incredible Rooftop Shots of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty is used to shooting New York City intersections from high above, it just so happens that this past Thursday he didn't take shots of taxi cabs whizzing by but instead caught a bird's eye view of one of the most iconic parades in the…


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Surreal Photos of the Submerged New Jersey Roller Coaster

Though there were many unforgettable images that were taken after superstorm Sandy, one of the most surreal was of the Seaside Heights, New Jersey roller…


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Spilled Wine and Acid Create Spellbinding Scenes

While we've featured the dreamy photos of 22-year-old film photographer Alison Scarpulla's before, we focused on her double exposures and were not yet aware of some of her incredibly unusual techniques. Foregoing Photoshop or other digital post processing, she…


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Magical Miniature Clouds by Sarah Ann Wright

London-based photographer Sarah Ann Wright says she shoots "fun and dreams." Though she's skilled at capturing everything from landscapes to portraits, it's her quirky conceptual photos of clouds that caught our attention. The miniature white masses seem to magically float over a glass cup and a pair of hands as they send down…


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New Color Wheels of Popular Music and Songs

Creative house Dorothy just tipped us off to two new prints they releasing today. Called The Colour of Popular Music and Song, the two lithograph prints cleverly take the names of popular music artists and songs and assign corresponding colors to them.

The Colour of Popular Music includes the names of 154 bands (and artists), from the obvious Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Red Hot…


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A Fantastic Photo-a-Day Project in China

While on a recent trip to Hong Kong and China, instead of flooding Flickr with a countless number of photos, Ed McGowan, director of design at PlainJoe Studios, decided to release just one photo per day. Starting off at the Hong Kong airport, where he stitched together three separate shots, he takes us on a wonderful photographic journey throughout China from its majestic mountains and rivers to its…


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New Calendar from the Viral Hit "World's Best Father"

Remember Dave Engledow, aka the self-professed World's Best Father? The hilarious dad just released a limited edition 2013 calendar he created along with his cute little daughter Alice Bee. He sent us the front and back covers of the calendar, as well as some never-before-seen,…


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My Modern Shop: Our New Online Art Store is Now Open!

We have some very exciting news to share with you today! After a lot of behind-the-scenes work, we're finally ready to unveil our latest project - My Modern Shop! After receiving countless emails from you asking us where you can buy a print of a piece of art or photo you fell in love with on My Modern Met, we knew we had to do something. Your…


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Alex Stoddard's New Dark and Eerie Photo

The ever talented Alex Stoddard recently created this powerful photo. Called A Destructive Force, it shows a a tall, thin man in a suit covering the eyes of a young girl, while a plume of smoke rises in the background.

Alex shared with us some behind-the-scenes info, as well as a few of his own interpretations:

"I shot A Destructive Force on a whim, as I…


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Giant Raindrop Rests on Sculpture's Face

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created this stunning 6-foot tall sculpture called "Rain" using bronze and glass. A huge raindrop stands suspended on the figure's face as he looks up toward the sky. The work has several meanings including representing man's delicate relationship with nature.

As Bilyk explains to us, "The name of the work is 'Rain,' which seems clear and obvious at first…


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Emotionally Charged Surreal Art by Aegis

It surprises me that we've never featured the incredible digital art of Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife) here on My Modern Met. The illustrator and art director from Murcia, Spain creates larger than life surreal illustrations that all pack a strong emotional punch. His style lies somewhere between dark and surreal art and he often layers his work with serious messages that come through in both the…


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