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Flatiron Building in NY Will Become a World Class Hotel

New York City is turning one of their most treasured buildings into a luxury hotel! The Daily News exclusively reported Monday that Italian real estate conglomerate The Sorgente Group bought a majority stake in the… Continue

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If Movie Posters Were Honest (7 Pics)

Sure these doctored up movie posters are from a macho man's point of view but that doesn't take away from how funny these are.…


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Urban Street Art: "Eye" See You...(6 Pics)

From the wonderful photographer who brought us those cute-as-heck street bubbles, comes another set that has laughing with glee. Katie Sokoler explains her project, "All… Continue

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John Galliano Rocks Christian Dior's 2009 Spring Collection (14 Pics)

Oh flight of fancy! John Galliano took the fashion world by storm by showing us his outstanding (though outlandish) point of view through Christian Dior's 2009 Spring Couture Collection at Haute Couture Fashion Week. We expected nothing less from this outrageous designer who blew us away with billowing layers of silk taffeta, high and low hemlines, Chinese porcelain… Continue

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Mayhem and Chaos in Snow Globes and On Islands (15 Pics)

The Well

Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz are geniuses at creating beautiful but tragic stories. What you once thought was playful and innocent is actually a world of chaos; lone wanderers survey the frigid landscape, people and creatures exhibit unnatural tendencies and ill-defined crimes are committed. These imaginary worlds and events will shock you into… Continue

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KAWS' "A Long Way Home" Exhibition in LA!

New York artist KAWS is bringing his work on over to LA! Honor Fraser will host “A Long Way Home,” a new collection of work by KAWS beginning on February 21, 2009. The exhibition will include paintings and sculpture. “A Long Way Home” is KAWS’ first solo show in LA.

As the press… Continue

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Gossip Girls' Blake Lively in January's Vogue (5 Pics)

Tonight I present to you a super gorgeous photo shoot of teen queen Blake Lively in this month's Vogue. Each week Blake and Leighton light up the small screen with their out-of-this-world designer outfits that would make Kelly from 90210 look like she's wearing rags from K-Mart's sale rack.

Now in its second season, Gossip Girl will go down in… Continue

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My Beautiful Modern Office - One Day! (3 Pics)

Sitting in my makeshift home office, I long for the day when I can create an office as beautiful as this! By Molly Luetkemeyer's M. Design Interiors, this office is modern and hip without being stuffy and boring. You can tell that Molly's worked with the one and only Kelly Wearstler (of the Viceroy, Avalon Hotel and Maison 140) because she has a similar point of view.… Continue

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"The Horror Forest" is Full of Dark Secrets (8 Pics)

Argentinian artist Patricio Oliver is best known for his creepy, cool vinyl toys and his futuristic designs but one of my favorite sets is "The Horror Forest." My favorite pieces of art are ones where there is a hidden story - where you can take a subtle detail from a painting and let your imagination run wild. In this set, Patricio takes us into a mystical forest, a… Continue

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Spoiler Alert! 2009 Superbowl Commercials

Oh the Superbowl. A time when the best of the best go head to head in one of the grittiest matches of the year. Am I talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals? Heck no! I'm talking about the Superbowl ads! Ta Ta Ta TAAAAA!

Yes, this self-professed advertising geek is looking forward to seeing the best of the ad world duke it out!… Continue

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Most Spectacular Water Drop Photos

This post is sponsored by Kraft MiO.

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The Sexiest Lips (13 Pics)

What's sexier than a juicy pair of lips? Cool Flickr set by Florry one that shows us how lips can be gorgeous symbols of art. My favorites are the candy coated ones. Kiss kiss!…


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Cute Baby Birdies With Personalities to Boot! (10 Pics)

Just about the cutest thing I've seen all day are these photos from Lauren Alane. Lauren lives in Winter Park, Florida with her photographer husband Joey. In her own unique way, she needle felts these birds, even sprinkling them with adorable personalities at the end! Each picture has its own sweet… Continue

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Gorgeous Windswept Fashion Photography By Yuri Tsai (7 Pics)

The name Yu Tsai might not be as commonplace as names like Annie Leibovitz or Steven Meisel but you can bet you've seen his work in familiar ad campaigns like Guess? or BCBG. Having shot everyone from drop dead gorgeous, Alessandra Ambrosio, to our favorite quirky singer Zooey Deschanel, Yu Tsai has also made a name for himself by working with famous models and… Continue

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theMET Minute: Entertainment

Hello to you my friends! Hope you had a pleasant weekend. Here today is your MET Minute!

Kate Sparkled! Last night's SAG Award winners included Tina Fey and Mad Men, Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire. Complete list at BuzzSugar

Radiohead's Performing at the… Continue

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theMET's 2009 Festival Guide: South by Southwest (SXSW)!

South By Southwest (SXSW) is best described as the Sundance for music. Austin transforms and becomes the hopes and dreams of every musician lucky enough to showcase their music. Though originally started as a way to push local bands into the limelight, SXSW has now turned into a music, movie and tech industry event that no one wants to miss.

The SXSW… Continue

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The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)

Have you seen the original Snuggie infomercial? Did it make you want to pull out your hair? Well, apparently you are not alone.

Maybe I'm still bitter about that Sham Wow but when I saw the parody of the Snuggie I just couldn't help but laugh. Someone did a genius job on this voice over.

In case you haven't seen the original, here it… Continue

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Shiatsu Me Baby!

This may look like an f-up game of Operation but look again. If you wanted to experience a shiatsu massage but didn’t know where to begin, we have the perfect starter set for you. The Tsubo Towel Set includes two colorful towels marked with key “tsubo,” the Japanese word for pressure point, along the back to make sure you get it right. Also included are spiky wooden tsubo balls… Continue

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Neat-o Outdoor Art Exhibitions Inspired by Ice Fishing Houses

If there is one thing we love here at theMET, it's outdoor art exhibitions. Throw in some freezing temperatures and some old school board games and now you have something even better, an awesome experience.

The Art Shanty project is a six-week exhibition of performance, architecture, science, art, video, literature, survivalism and karaoke inspired by… Continue

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5 Pop Culture Obama Items

With Obama finally in office, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Let's celebrate with five items that show just how much he became a part of American pop culture.

#5 The Barack Obama Cabbage Patch Doll - Sold on eBay

#4… Continue

Added by alice on January 24, 2009 at 12:00pm — 6 Comments

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