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Gorgeous Windswept Fashion Photography By Yuri Tsai (7 Pics)

The name Yu Tsai might not be as commonplace as names like Annie Leibovitz or Steven Meisel but you can bet you've seen his work in familiar ad campaigns like Guess? or BCBG. Having shot everyone from drop dead gorgeous, Alessandra Ambrosio, to our favorite quirky singer Zooey Deschanel, Yu Tsai has also made a name for himself by working with famous models and… Continue

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theMET Minute: Entertainment

Hello to you my friends! Hope you had a pleasant weekend. Here today is your MET Minute!

Kate Sparkled! Last night's SAG Award winners included Tina Fey and Mad Men, Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire. Complete list at BuzzSugar

Radiohead's Performing at the… Continue

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theMET's 2009 Festival Guide: South by Southwest (SXSW)!

South By Southwest (SXSW) is best described as the Sundance for music. Austin transforms and becomes the hopes and dreams of every musician lucky enough to showcase their music. Though originally started as a way to push local bands into the limelight, SXSW has now turned into a music, movie and tech industry event that no one wants to miss.

The SXSW… Continue

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The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)

Have you seen the original Snuggie infomercial? Did it make you want to pull out your hair? Well, apparently you are not alone.

Maybe I'm still bitter about that Sham Wow but when I saw the parody of the Snuggie I just couldn't help but laugh. Someone did a genius job on this voice over.

In case you haven't seen the original, here it… Continue

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Shiatsu Me Baby!

This may look like an f-up game of Operation but look again. If you wanted to experience a shiatsu massage but didn’t know where to begin, we have the perfect starter set for you. The Tsubo Towel Set includes two colorful towels marked with key “tsubo,” the Japanese word for pressure point, along the back to make sure you get it right. Also included are spiky wooden tsubo balls… Continue

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Neat-o Outdoor Art Exhibitions Inspired by Ice Fishing Houses

If there is one thing we love here at theMET, it's outdoor art exhibitions. Throw in some freezing temperatures and some old school board games and now you have something even better, an awesome experience.

The Art Shanty project is a six-week exhibition of performance, architecture, science, art, video, literature, survivalism and karaoke inspired by… Continue

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5 Pop Culture Obama Items

With Obama finally in office, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Let's celebrate with five items that show just how much he became a part of American pop culture.

#5 The Barack Obama Cabbage Patch Doll - Sold on eBay

#4… Continue

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Aretha's Hat Goes Viral! (9 Pics)

Aretha Franklin's bow hat is causing quite a stir on the internet. You can get your very own hat image here. After a little photoshopping, voila, you've got your very own creation! Here are our top 8 pictures from those at… Continue

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Modern Design: 8 Colorful Homes I Absolutely Love

melia mardern and frank sisti jr. aka kid america

I must admit to something. I am selfishly writing this post so that when I get the time and energy to redesign my house, I'll have this post for reference. For each of these rooms moves me in a way that I cannot explain. Perhaps it's the beautiful clash of colors or maybe it's because I love getting an idea of… Continue

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La Perla - The Valentine's Day Collection (5 Pics)

It's never too early to shop for Valentine's Day gifts, boys! What better to spoil your lovely lady than to buy her a beautiful lingerie set from La Perla? Sophisticated, luxurious and expensive, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been worn by actresses (Rachel Bilson) and models (like Top Chef's own… Continue

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One in a Million, A Personal Story

What would I have given to have joined the million or so Americans in Washington D.C. this past Tuesday! To see the complete joy in everyone's faces, to feel the excitement and energy in the air. A thrilling moment to see and feel history in the making!

Interestingly, the next best thing happened. A personal email made its way to my inbox. It came from a… Continue

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'The September Issue' - Who's the Real Anna Wintour?

A new film debuts at Sundance called "The September Issue," which refers to the largest issue of any magazine that's ever been published. The Vogue issue is edited by famed Fashion Editor Anna Wintour and Anna's right hand woman, Creator Director Grace Coddington.

Why would this film be interesting to watch? Because Anna is an icon. Movies like the… Continue

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Starbuck's, I'm In!: Pledge 5 Hours, Get a Free Cup of Joe

How can we do our part? Starbucks and Hands On Network are supporting the President's call for national service. Go into your local Starbucks till January 25, 2009 and tell your barista that you'll pledge five hours this year to help others. (Code words are "I'm In!") In return they'll hook you up with a free tall brewed cup of coffee. Check out their website You can enter… Continue

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Oh, So This is Why Leo Left Gisele: Bar Refaeli

For quite some time now, I've been calling Leo a fool. Who would leave the biggest supermodel in the world to date a lesser known? But then, I saw these pictures of Bar Refaeli, his current model squeeze, and it all made sense. This 23 year old Israeli model was practically born to grace the pages of fashion magazines. If you didn't catch her in French ELLE magazine,…


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Going, Going, Gone!...Disappearing Dessert Art

Interesting artwork is that which takes everyday objects and makes us think about deep thoughts like human desire and consumption. Either that, or it makes our stomachs start to growl and we we start craving orange popsicles. All Good Things…” is an exhibition of large, glossy, colourful ceramic sculptures by artists Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers. Each piece depicts… Continue

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The Best Short-Rib Stuffed Burger You'll Ever Taste: Blue Dahlia Reviewed.

Big thanks to Charles for leading us to this hidden treasure! Blue Dahlia is one of those beautiful gems in LA - they have a burger that rocks your world, modern decor that makes you feel like you're in a cool ass loft, and an outside patio where you can smoke a… Continue

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Film on the Radar: Adam Elliott's 'Mary and Max'

Mary and Max is a 92-minute clay animation film that opened the 2009 Sundance Festival. Adam Elliot’s film tells the story of a young Australian girl named Mary who begins a pen pal relationship with 44-year old overweight anxiety-ridden New York City resident named Max. Personal stories always have a strong tendency to pull at my heart strings; throw in topics like friendship,… Continue

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CNN T-Shirts Remind of Us of Important Moments in History

I know our site was "Obamafied" yesterday so I promise last past on our President for now. When CNN came out with the idea to put their headlines on t-shirts my gut reaction was "meh." And truth be told most of their headlines really do not belong on shirts. I mean really:

"What will Mrs. Obama Wear to the Balls?" - Who the heck cares? Ok we do but we'll… Continue

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New! Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" Music Video

New video just came out for Coldplay's Life in Technicolor, a single off the album Viva La Vida.

Most of the times dolls in any form scare the crap out of me but when they start crowd surfing I can't help but laugh.

The video takes place at a children’s party, who all sit down to watch a puppet show. But rather than watching a kiddie play, puppet versions of the Coldplay members take the stage and rock out, even smashing the miniature… Continue

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LA Live: The Inauguration of Barack Obama, Our Report

There will only be a few times in my life when I can say that I saw true history in the making. Sure, we weren't shivering amongst millions who braved frigid temperatures to watch the inauguration live at Capitol Hill. In fact, in our t-shirts and jeans, we basked in the sweet California sunlight with a thousand other Angelenos today. One quick sweep of the crowd and… Continue

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