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Oh, So This is Why Leo Left Gisele: Bar Refaeli

For quite some time now, I've been calling Leo a fool. Who would leave the biggest supermodel in the world to date a lesser known? But then, I saw these pictures of Bar Refaeli, his current model squeeze, and it all made sense. This 23 year old Israeli model was practically born to grace the pages of fashion magazines. If you didn't catch her in French ELLE magazine,…


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Going, Going, Gone!...Disappearing Dessert Art

Interesting artwork is that which takes everyday objects and makes us think about deep thoughts like human desire and consumption. Either that, or it makes our stomachs start to growl and we we start craving orange popsicles. All Good Things…” is an exhibition of large, glossy, colourful ceramic sculptures by artists Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers. Each piece depicts… Continue

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The Best Short-Rib Stuffed Burger You'll Ever Taste: Blue Dahlia Reviewed.

Big thanks to Charles for leading us to this hidden treasure! Blue Dahlia is one of those beautiful gems in LA - they have a burger that rocks your world, modern decor that makes you feel like you're in a cool ass loft, and an outside patio where you can smoke a… Continue

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Film on the Radar: Adam Elliott's 'Mary and Max'

Mary and Max is a 92-minute clay animation film that opened the 2009 Sundance Festival. Adam Elliot’s film tells the story of a young Australian girl named Mary who begins a pen pal relationship with 44-year old overweight anxiety-ridden New York City resident named Max. Personal stories always have a strong tendency to pull at my heart strings; throw in topics like friendship,… Continue

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CNN T-Shirts Remind of Us of Important Moments in History

I know our site was "Obamafied" yesterday so I promise last past on our President for now. When CNN came out with the idea to put their headlines on t-shirts my gut reaction was "meh." And truth be told most of their headlines really do not belong on shirts. I mean really:

"What will Mrs. Obama Wear to the Balls?" - Who the heck cares? Ok we do but we'll… Continue

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New! Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" Music Video

New video just came out for Coldplay's Life in Technicolor, a single off the album Viva La Vida.

Most of the times dolls in any form scare the crap out of me but when they start crowd surfing I can't help but laugh.

The video takes place at a children’s party, who all sit down to watch a puppet show. But rather than watching a kiddie play, puppet versions of the Coldplay members take the stage and rock out, even smashing the miniature… Continue

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LA Live: The Inauguration of Barack Obama, Our Report

There will only be a few times in my life when I can say that I saw true history in the making. Sure, we weren't shivering amongst millions who braved frigid temperatures to watch the inauguration live at Capitol Hill. In fact, in our t-shirts and jeans, we basked in the sweet California sunlight with a thousand other Angelenos today. One quick sweep of the crowd and… Continue

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Celebrating Obama's Inauguration at LA Live

First pic with more to come!

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I Can Fly! Air Jordon 2009 Coming Feb 09

I'm not one to love sneakers but damn these shoes are fine! The twenty-fourth edition of the world's best basketball shoe, Air Jordan 2009 is set for a Valentine's release date. Its futuristic look comes from the individualized blown glass-inspired detailing that also makes each pair of shoes unique.

For $190 bucks you'll get articulated propulsion technology,… Continue

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Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai and the Lost Moskivvy

One of our very own members, Luke Feldman (aka Skaffs), is coming out with a children's book! Luke joined theMET back when we first started and I can't tell you how thrilled I was that he wanted to be a part of our community.

Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai and the Lost Moskivvy is a limited edition book that Luke co-wrote with Amanda Chin. The book will be available in… Continue

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A Feast for the Eyes: TasteSpotting

Founded in January 2007 by the one and only Sarah of The Delicious Life, TasteSpotting is a clean and easy way to look at the most mouth watering recipes on the web. It's a feast for the eyes; an obsessive, compulsive collection of… Continue

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Warning: Blythe Dolls Could Cause Nightmares. (12 Total)

You can just imagine these Blythe dolls sitting on a rocker in some 10 year old girls room. The Christi Ricci wannabes look up at you innocently but they're ready to pounce and and rip your eyes out the moment the lights go out.

Originally designed by in 1972 Marvin Glass & Associates,… Continue

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theMET's 2009 Festival Guide: ULTRA!

Ultra is the world’s leading two-day electronic music experience held in downtown Miami every March. It's where you go to hear all of your favorite DJs in one place!

Last year over 55,000 dance music enthusiasts coming from the entire United States and over 50 countries around the world were in attendance, marking it as the largest ever UMF event and… Continue

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The Mark: A New York Luxury Hotel That's $1,000 a Night

Set to reopen in Winter '09, The Mark in New York brings to the big city a luxury hotel redesigned by the most famous French designer, Jacques Grange (Yves Saint Laurent, Ronald S. Lauder, Princess Caroline). Jacques is in charge of redesigning the whole hotel which includes 118 rooms and 42 for-purchase apartments, ranging in price from $1,975,000 to… Continue

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Pick Up Some Free Cosmetics at Nordies or Bloomies Starting Tuesday!

Who doesn't like free products? As part of a class action lawsuit several major department stores will be giving away cosmetics beginning Tuesday. The freebies will be available nationwide at Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and several other chains.

The giveaway stems from the 2004 settlement of a suit accusing… Continue

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"Don't Forget"...

It's not that we didn't already know that there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make celebs look beautiful. (If we need to be reminded we just have to find articles about Kate Winslet on this subject matter.) But it's fun to see artists take an ad and turning it into a statement. The project… Continue

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Obama's Inauguration: A Day of Celebration and Food!

Oh baby it's coming! On Tuesday, January 20th, the world welcomes the United States' 44th president into office. I'm sure by now you've heard about the 100 unofficial balls and parties in DC, where headliners will include rapper Jay-Z, Elvis Costello, Sting and hip-hop singer Rihanna.

We had so much fun on… Continue

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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: YaYa Chow's Crazy Creations

Someone get me that gummi bear chandelier! We here at theMET are crazy about finding everyday items that have been somehow reconfigured to make extraordinary pieces of art. This gummi bear chandelier is made of gummi bears, beads, monofilament, plastic, metal and light bulbs by Tiawanese born, mixed-media artis, YaYa Chou. YaYa explores questions about food consumption and… Continue

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Beautiful Photo Shoot of Actress Olivia Wilde in Flaunt Magazine

I absolutely love this photo shoot of Olivia Wilde in Flaunt Magazine. You may have seen Olivia in the FOX drama House or you if you like slasher films, you'll recognize her as Bea in Turistas. An Irish-American actress, Olivia hasn't been branded a sex bomb like Angelina or Alba but we're sure she's right behind Scientology submission.…


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Terror and Joy in Roughly Equal Doses: Coraline

If there is one thing we love here at theMET, it's entertainment that breaks new boundaries. One part horror and one part joy, art or movies that can make us feel a wide range of emotions gets our enthusiastic support. Coraline, which is coming to theatres on February 6, is just one of those movies.

Its storyline is deliciously wicked.

Adapted… Continue

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