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Jimmy Fallon's Getting Us Used To His Cute Face!

Personally, I'm a big fan of Jimmy Fallon and can't wait for him to have his own talk show! If you haven't heard yet, in March, Jimmy Fallon will officially take over hosting duties of Late Night With Conan O'Brien. In order to ease us into the transition, Jimmy's debuting webisodes every night at 12:30a to get us used to his cute face. As it turns out, Jay Leno is… Continue

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Chandelier Trees That Sparkle In the Night By Landscape Artist Andy Cao

Andy Cao is a Vietnamese born artist who came to the United States where he studied and earned a degree in landscape architecture from California Polytechnical University, Pomona in 1984. In 1998, he embarked on an experimental project that would launch his career: the Glass Gardens in Los… Continue

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For Your Friend Who Loves Their Cup of Tea: 3 Vintage Inspired Teapots

I thought I would start today's posts with a few gift ideas for your friend who loves his/her cup of tea! Love this vintage inspired teapot from Esther Derkx screenprints! Retro photos of flirty gymnasts, dancers & divers give old teapots a fresh upgrade. Interestingly it's one-of-a-kind, so styles will vary. Of course, you could also email them your preferences and… Continue

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Too Cool or Lookin' Like a Fool: Microsoft Gets Into the T-Shirt Biz

As part of Microsoft's $300 million comeback strategy, Microsoft's agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky has come up with a line of retro-style graphic t-shirts, called "Softwear by Microsoft." Set to debut on December 15th, the idea of "softwear" is that its going to tap into the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives. With retro logos,… Continue

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Want to Know Some Hot Spots? Introducing UrbanDaddy and the Morgan Hotel Group's THE LIST.

If you're looking to travel and you want a quick list of some of the hottest places in a big city where do you start? You can throw a forum question up on theMET and get some great answers (ex. San Francisco,… Continue

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For Your Friend with a Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Cupcakes in Laser-Cut Wrappers!

For the next few weeks, I pledge to search high and low to find you the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family! I'm starting with this set of laser cut cupcake wrappers from shopmodi that's sure to delight all of your coworkers or friends! Just bake your cupcakes… Continue

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Barbara Picks This Year's 10 Most Fascinating People. Who Makes the Cut?

Barbara Walters picks the 10 most fascinating people in 2008. So what do we think? Let's go through it in pictures.

#10 Will Smith - Hubba hubba, we dig the fresh prince for making the jump from the little screen to the big one but wasn't I Am Legend in 2007? What did we do exactly in 2008...Hancock? I see..each of your last eight movies… Continue

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Another Holiday Dinner Deal...From Morton's!

Just passing it along. Thanks Charles for the tip!

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The Standard Hotel Comes to the Big Apple! Opening Soonish.

The New York Standard Hotel is having its soft launch opening on Dec 10th.

Via HotelChatter:

"The Standard, New York is opening its doors to a select group of friends and family on December 10th,… Continue

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Why is the Father's Office Burger So Damn Good? The Trio Investigate.

The reason why the Father's Office burger is worth jumping over? Because it's one of the best damn burgers in town. But why? What makes their signature Office burger so damn good?

You check their website and though it's pretty in Flash and the sounds are cool, you… Continue

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Something a Little Personal for the Pic of the Day....Go Bruins!

Famed cross town match up today against USC...UCLA Bruins are the severe underdogs...but we still have hope. Good luck., Bruins!

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Ready, Set, Launch! (4 Pics)

Just a little teaser...Where Was Eugene So Excited About Eating at After the Masquerade Ball?

More to… Continue

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A Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles? Oh What Interesting Characters Come Out to Play!

Last night, Sam, Eugene and I spent the evening at Royal/T attending Zippercut's Rococo Rendezvous ball. Some of our very own Met members helped put on the event that was filled with great music from bands like The Hanks! BoxViolet! Go West Young Man to a photobooth set up by by guest photogs Derek Gomez and Andrew Joon (Suicide Girls). The real stars, however, were the… Continue

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Louis Vuitton's New Muse? Who Else Can Strike a Pose Like There's Nothing to It?

She may have split up with Guy but don't ever think Madonna still doesn't have it. When Marc Jacobs, creative director to Louis Vuitton, was racking his brain thinking about the new face of Louis who did he think but old Madge herself? Got to give it to the 80s pop icon for constantly reinventing herself and giving the girl everyone loves to hate then love then hate, Ms. Britney Spears, someone to look up to.

This ad campaign was shot by… Continue

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Holiday Gift Idea for Your Die Hard Apple Friend: iPhone Coasters

Yeah baby how cool are these? From Brazil’s Meninos design, these icon coasters are a great gift for any iPhone addict. All your favorite applications are there, from Maps to Calculator, from iPod to Settings. $60 bucks gets you the set. At the very least, they're great conversation starters! Perfect for your company gift exchange or white elephant gift… Continue

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Pic of the Day: May You Treasure Your Friends and Keep Them Close

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one” - CS Lewis

Pic Source

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How's this for a Christmas Present? A Meal You'll Never Forget at the Famous Providence.

Many thanks to SiMonster for passing this delicious piece of information along. Providence, one of LA's most famous restaurants, is serving up their holiday tasting menu.

Before you close out this post because of the price let me just tell you a bit about… Continue

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What Does an Online Magazine Rack Look Like? Check Out Guy Kawasaki's Alltop

Let's say you've read through all of your news sites of the day - CNN, NY Times, etc. You come on over to theMET and check out what's shakin in this neighborhood. Then you look around, decide no one is looking, and check out and Perez. You feel a little guilty but that's've had a hard day at work and you deserve this time for… Continue

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A Little Holiday Gift For You: VS' Adriana Lima in the Holiday Wish Book Photoshoot

Just a gorgeous set of pictures of one of our favorite Victoria Secret models, Adriana Lima. Behind the scenes action at Victoria Secret’s “Holiday Wish Book” photoshoot. Personally this 27 year old Brazilian beauty doesn't really light my fire but ain't no denying that she looks smokin in these set of pictures. Happy Holidays!

Source: the phun



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Who Has the Most Rockin Bikini Body?

It's time to vote people! While my sorry old ass may never look as good as theirs, I am going to make myself better by thinking it takes a lot of effort to get these rockin bodies.

So courtesy of Pop Sugar:

Bar Refaeli — She puts the hot in hot pink.

Rihanna — Who needs a… Continue

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