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Ok, So Many It's the Alice (in Wonderland) in Me...But I Spy Some Amazingly Colorful Furniture By Chromo Lab!

Just some fun and funky furniture in some bright colors. Love how these pictures are displayed - in unexpected but appropriate settings. Who said furniture had to be boring?

From their website: Chroma Lab is Alicia Cornwell and Tony Bevilacqua, two people who love producing and… Continue

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Who's Going to Sort Through 10+ Milion Images to Find You That Eye Popping Picture?: Idee

Just a cool website called Idee where they extract the colors from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. (They use their visual similarity technology so you can navigate the collection by color.) Add up to 10 colors. Of course, if you like searching by topic,… Continue

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VIP James Perse Sale - Up to 80% Off Dec 5th Friday 3p-8p

There aren't a lot of shopping sales I get this excited about. James Perse has some of the softest clothes around. A VIP sale is set for next Friday. It's a biannual sale that's definitely worth the trip! Call or RSVP to get on the list. You can also check out the private online sale!

VIP Invitation

Holiday Sample Sale - Up to 80%…

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Two Snaps Up in Z Formation! A Fashion Blog That Inspires Us to Strut Our Stuff.

What do you get when you combine some of the funkiest fashion blogs around? Well, my friends, you get Combining all the street style fashions from around the world, you'll be flipping through page after page thinking about how great it is that people are expressing their own individuality.… Continue

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A Little Daring and Quite Naughty: The 2009 French Vogue Calendar

You know it's a little risque if the front cover of your calendar has a naked boob on it. And instead of thinking it's sexy you think it's crazy! (So call me a prude.) It's in the December/January issue of French Vogue if you must indulge yourself. The calendar features fourteen models wearing Louis Vuitton lingerie and shoes, styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot by Terry Richardson. Personally I'll settle for the Victoria's Secrets catalogue. Give me Miranda Kerr in a bathing suit over these…


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Dookie-Poo Needs a Home!

If you're looking for a gift this Christmas, and you want to give your friend something unique and interesting, why not give them some poo! Not just any poo, gosh dang it, give them Dookie Poo!

From the website: "Dookie-Poo is not the smartest of all the Poos in Pooville but he tries real hard and he has good intentions. Dookie never quits because he's just too… Continue

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Just Wishing You a Merry Christmas, From RoRo, I Mean Santa and Macy's!

So I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I couldn't resist. I was looking online for Macy's window displays and saw their cool interactive website. You can make your own Santa (see RoRo above) and send it to your friends. Also, a nifty little thing they are doing - if your kid brings in a stamped letter to Santa, Macy's will donate $1 (up to $1 mill) to the Make a… Continue

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Girls are Trouble!: Artist of the Moment, Camilla d'Errico

Camilla d'Errico is a 28 year old Italian Canadian artist who, along with Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg and Amy Sol, are creating a buzz amongst the lowbrow art scene. What I love most about Camilla's work is that each of the girls she draws has this wide eyed curious look about them, like they've just been caught in a precocious situation.

It was only… Continue

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Everyone Please Welcome to theMET Our First Met Baby!...The Beautiful Gianna Petit!

Welcome into the world, Ms. Gianna Petit! Nice to know you made it here safely. We've gotten to know your papa over the past six months and we just have to tell you that no one is more proud or happy right this moment than him. Don't cause too much much trouble for him later on in… Continue

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Too Cool or Lookin' Like a Fool?: Kate Spade's Envelope Clutch

Called the par avion nikolette, this modern day clutch was inspired by classic American and French stationary. My initial gut reaction is that it's kitschy but cute, however, it's not something I… Continue

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I Hope I'm Not Going to Hell For Saying, "I Like the Look of This Bible!" By Crush Design

Awhile back Vic put up a forum question about modern day bibles that had an unconventional look to them. Whether you think this is sacrilegious or just plain funny, you have to admit that it's… Continue

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An Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwhich That Rocks My World! Meltdown Etc. Reviewed.

First things first. Yes, you can probably make these at home in your kitchen. And yes, these grilled cheese sandwiches are a little bit pricey at about $8.50 each. BUT. Oh yes and there is a but.

These are some damn good grilled cheese sandwiches!

Before heading to the Arc Light to check out the much hyped Slumdog Millionaire, bro and I mosied our… Continue

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Does the Hippest Hollywood Pizza Place Live Up to the Hype? You'll Be Surprised. Pizzeria Mozza Reviewed.

Pizzeria Mozza is one of those places you go to because you've heard that it's the hottest ticket in town (at least that's what Zagat says). It's in Hollywood so you expect a little attitude, especially for a place where if you call in the morning, you won't be able to get a reservation till the late afternoon. You say screw that, "I'm going to chance it and sit at the… Continue

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What Do You Get When You Mix a Sizzling Hot Pop Star With a Hip Fashion Label?

The answer? OK lookin bags but a sweet ad campaign. As the new face of Gucci’s UNICEF campaign, the “Tattoo Heart," Gucci will offer a line of special edition tattoo styled items, with 25% of the proceeds going directly to UNICEF from November 19, 2008 through January 31, 2009.

While I'm not a big fan of hearts on bags (I mean, really, isn't this look a… Continue

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Making a Grand Entrance!: My Modern Mondays Presents the Most Beautiful Stairs You Have Ever Seen (Top 5)

Just a gorgeous set of pictures where stairs become like artwork. Here are just a few of my favorites from this… Continue

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The Secret to Life? Try and Land in the Middle.

Just thought this was funny. By Jim Collins, found on watercooler… Continue

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