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Uprooted Walking Trees

An uprooted tree typically has roots at the bottom, but sculptor Yoan Capote's bronze renditions change that convention. Instead of roots, there are boots in the Havana-based artist's large-scale sculptures. The long metallic trees lay beside each other, extending human legs and feet in the work entitled Migrant. The installation is a metaphoric representation of migrating one's…


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Three-Dimensional Geometric Light Paintings

Photographer and expert light painter Trevor Williams blows our minds with his three-dimensional light graffiti. Williams, who is originally from Canada, founded the group Fiz-iks, which is based in Japan. The group explores fascinating locations throughout the architecturally rich country, redefining its surroundings. Equipped with various LED and xenon flashlights, the…


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Reused Portraits are Uniquely Textured

For painter David Agenjo, a palette and a canvas are interchangeable. While he works on an older canvas, already covered in splotches of layered paints, the Madrid-based artist uses new canvases as palettes. His artistic cycle continues in this pattern of creating a new painting on a used canvas, while simultaneously preparing the next used canvas.



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Soaking Up Nature Photography

Long Island-based photographer Laina Briedis' seasonal images emanate a naturally Earthy beauty. A common tactic in her work is to isolate limbs or hide the subject's face within a frame and incorporate an element of nature (leaves or flowers) against an open backdrop. It's difficult to tell whether the female form or the natural environment is the main subject. It actually seems like they are…


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Beautiful Streaking Ink Paintings

How often do you sit around doodling while in class or at work? Artist Shane McAdams takes his doodling to the next level in his Ballpoint Pen Paintings series. The Brooklyn-based artist dismembers pens to get to the liquid nectar within - the ink. The abstract patterns that the multihued inks create are the root of the artist's work.…


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Unconventional Portraits in Bizarre Worlds

France-based artist Vanessa Dakinsky combines a realistic aesthetic with surreal undertones in her series Fantasmagories and Unportrait. A common technique employed in Dakinsky's work is producing realistic cores that appear to disintegrate at the edges. There is an intriguing pixelated effect along the contours of the subjects in her paintings that make the…


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Surreally Manipulated Portraits

Lithuania-based mixed media artist Natalie Shau combines her expertise in photography and illustration to produce wildly surreal portraits. The multifaceted artist, who finds inspiration from religious motifs and fairy tales, manipulates her photos to offer more than the average fashion photograph. She digitally paints and illustrates aspects of each image to add a bizarre element. Her…


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Hauntingly Dreamy Portraits

In 2010, we first introduced photographer Helen Warner's enchanting series of works and, since then, she has produced a fantastic new selection of photos. The Ireland-based photographer, also known as Airgarten, continues to bewitch us with her dreamy and haunting imagery. It's difficult not to…


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Massively Beautiful Floral Murals

London-based artist Paul Morrison creates large-scale landscapes like no other. Focusing on floral motifs, the contemporary artist incorporates gigantic compositions of flowers and botanical elements into architectural environments. While most landscape portraits reflect the enormity of man-built structures or the vastness of a natural land, Morrison fills the frame…


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Powerfully Documenting Cultural Borders

Photographer Vanessa Winship has spent the last decade traveling between Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, and the Balkan Peninsula, capturing culturally distinct images. Each of these areas offer a sampling of their traditional customs, as well as their modern adaptations. Through a series of photographs documenting cultural events, exhibiting everyday life, and presenting simple…


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Sparkling Chain Link Fence Installation

In collaboration with sound artist Spencer Topel, sculptor Soo Sunny Park has created a radiant interactive installation that audibly responds to movement. The large-scale piece, entitled Capturing Resonance, hangs from the third floor ceiling of deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Massachusetts,…


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3D Origami Illustrations of Wild Animals

Origami is the art of folding paper, so what's it called when one creates a digital representation of the meticulous paper art? Whatever it is, artist Jeremy Kool has mastered it in his series entitled The Paper Fox. Kool brilliantly displays paper sculptures of all types of wildlife. The Australia-based graphic designer's digital illustrations range…


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Surreal Paintings Offer Dual Perspectives

Taking surrealistic cues from Dali and Magritte, painter Mihai Criste expands on the unusually expressive art form in his illusionary images. The Romania-based artist boasts a vast portfolio of imaginative works that tackle the cunning abilities of visual elements. Each image offers dual perspectives. It's a matter of what the spectator sees first and their ability to…


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Vivid Pop Culture Thumbtack Art

Artist Andrew Woolery utilizes everyday objects like thumbtacks to produce meticulous renditions of black icons in pop culture. Using thousands of thumbtacks for each large-scale piece, Woolery says he was inspired by the bright colors of Fruit Loops, the breakfast cereal. The artist does a spot-on job of recreating portraits of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jimi Hendrix, and President…


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Stunning Figurative Watercolor Paintings

Blurring the lines between figurative and abstract paintings, artist Silvia Pelissero concocts these stunning watercolor illustrations. The Italy-based artist, also known as agnes-cecile, drips and splatters multihued pigments with such astounding precision that it results in breathtakingly vivid imagery. This is an artist that knows how to use a…


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Nature-Infused Wood Portraits

Artist Cil Laurens combines the old and the new in her graphic illustrations. Though her subjects depict a contemporary style, she chooses to etch the characters into blocks of wood, which add an antique-like element to the collection. The modern character stylings coupled with the nature-infused imagery on wood make for an interesting visual. The Amsterdam-based artist's…


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Redesigning Old Military Airplanes

In Spring 2010, the idea of The Boneyard Project was first devised by Eric Firestone and organized by curator Carlo McCormick. What the project entailed was the revival of "nose art" which was popularized during the World War II era. It involves reinterpreting the body of an aircraft - a sort of airplane graffiti. Firestone's concept has since evolved into a larger goal in…


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Humorous "Oh Sh**!" Posters

What words come to mind those precious seconds before you're being attacked? Oh Sh**! is graphic designer Safwat Saleem's quirky take on those moments when catastrophe is imminent and all that you can manage to spit out are four-letter words. The Phoenix-based artist's series displays silhouettes of lions, sharks, unicorns and dinosaurs about to pounce on their single…


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Remarkable Oil Paintings Made with Rippling Drops

At first glance, from a distance, I thought I was looking at an image that incorporated a form of Pointillism. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that artist Matthew Davis' paintings display more than just a multitude of dots. The works require far more attention and patience to construct. (Keep in mind: Pointillism is not quick and easy.)



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Electrifying Streaking Trains

Photographer Aaron Durand's captured images of trains give new meaning to the term "faster than the speed of light." The San Francisco-based artist, who also goes by everydaydude, takes long exposure light paintings of trains whizzing by in his series with the simple, fitting title of Trains. The extended streaks of color…


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